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Recent Ministry

Three brothers in Christ and members of Japan Bible Mission came from Singapore last month. They passed out over one-thousand tracts and flyers to the local neighbors.  They were a blessing to us and an answer to prayer. We are praying for our direct neighbors, those within a five-minute drive, to come to the church. So far we have not yet had any visitors, but we continue to pray and trust the Lord.

“Put out into the deep water” is our theme for this year, so we went outside of Yokote city to pass out tracts and visit the local homes. We went to Kakumagawamachi of Daisen city, about a twenty-minute drive, and Misato town hall, about a half-hour away. I gave out some New Testaments to the people I met there.

  • Pray for those who receive a track to be open to reading and understanding the message.
  • Pray for the people who received a New Testament Bible that they would be eager to read and learn more.
  • Pray for the workers who are reaching out to the non-believers, for their courage and perseverance in continuing to share the gospel.

We had four children, and three mothers come to the YY kids. We are hoping for this program to be an effective channel of outreach to the community. The mothers were interested in Christianity along with the children. We had fun playing the handbells, and the guests enjoyed the picture story show presenting the gospel.

  • Pray for the YY kids program to draw more children and their mothers.

Yumiko came for the welcoming service. She is still shy around people and usually leaves immediately after the service. She is in her thirties. Our prayer is for her to come to an understanding of salvation and make a profession of faith.

  • Pray for Yumiko to continue to attend and to be saved.

We have a board we post scripture verses on so the people passing by on the street can read the verses. We just purchased a new and bigger board. We are hoping more people will be able to read it from further away. We have a rack of tracts that says, “free to take,” and I think the local people are reading the copies. We also started a blog and are praying for it to be an effective way to reach out to people.

  • Pray for the outreach efforts of Pastor Saito to be effective in drawing people closer to God.

Yukiko had been away from the church community for about fifteen years. She is now in her forties, single, and has restored her faith. She comes to our worship service and mid-week prayer meeting. I understand that she attends a Sunday worship service in her area. We would like to remember Yukiko and support her in growing in her faith.

  • Pray for Yukiko to stand firm and grow in her faith.

My wife joined the Civic Symphony orchestra, and I have joined the City Chorus group. We are praying for the members in this groups to be saved. Because of the fall season, we have regular concerts and recitals which means we interact with the other members quite often. Pray especially for Ms. Takahashi and Ms. Oumi; they are both members of the Symphony group.

  • Pray for Pastor Saito and Emiko as they engage people in their community and for their witness in the two music groups.
  • Pray for Pastor Saito’s health and healing, after an episode of food poisoning, he had some left shoulder pain and is praying for a full recovery before the snowy winter.
  • Pray for Emiko, Pastor Saito’s wife, she is doing better health-wise but is still sleeping only a few hours at night as she cares for her son Yuki.

My son, Yuki’s health, is improving, he senses that he is over the hump. My wife and I feel the same for we are less involved in caring for him and he can do more on his own. He is praying for God’s wisdom for the future and complete healing by next spring. He is writing a blog to share about God’s love and striving to reach out to the unsaved through this blog.

  • Pray for Yuki’s health to continue to improve.
  • Pray for the blog to reach others with the gospel message and for people to be saved.

Masato, my younger son, is a first-year graduate level seminary students at Tokyo Christian University. He is facing academic challenges as he works hard to keep up with the pace of the courses he is taking. He is getting discouraged, but his friends see his academic growth despite also seeing his stress. He is continuing his ministry training at a local church and will be dispatched from this church to serve at another church in the Aisu area in Fukushima as a leader. He is going to be visiting each local neighbor in the community.

  • Pray for Masato’s health as he studies hard and for him to persist in his academics.
  • Pray for Masato’s ministries in the church to be blessed and to refresh his spirit.

Pastor Kazuhiko Saito’s Testimony

My name is Kazuhiko Saito, and I was raised on a farm in northern Japan. In the spring of 1980 when I was a freshman in college, I was searching for truth. I came to attend Ikuta Okanoue Christ Church as a seeker and studied the Bible.

In a study group, I examined two Bible passages. One was John 8:32 “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” and Matt 21:22 “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” The Lord captured my heart with these two passages of scripture. One Sunday afternoon I believed and prayed to accept Jesus Christ in my life. I professed my faith in Jesus through baptism on the 28th of June 1981.

I pursued knowing God, and he impressed upon me the need for Pastors in my country. After studying and applying myself through God’s grace, I was appointed as a pastor. I am church planting in the city of Yakote in the Akita Prefecture. I am grateful to White Fields for giving my the prayer and financial resources to get started in this community.

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