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I have previously mentioned our church hosting a monthly open-church event for the community that translates to “Happy Nice Group.” Fukuko has coordinated getting us connected to the city officials. God is using this particular group as a way for us to meet more people in the surrounding neighborhood, and our church is becoming more well-known among the community. The most recent event was on the same day as our Kimchee bazaar. Many people stopped by both celebrations.

Fukoko came for the community event last month and the Kimchee bazaar, she seemed to enjoy eating a lot of kimchee. She returned during the week for another church activity and brought her husband. We put on jazz music during their visit as we knew it was a favorite of Fukuko’s husband. My wife came too, and the four of us had a wonderful conversation. The couple said it was a pleasant time for them, and they would like to get together again. They commented that “we know our families have different beliefs, but the time we spent together was very joyful.” We praise God for blessing our fellowship.

  • Pray that our relationship with Fukoko and her husband would grow and that someday God would open the door to share the gospel with them.

Risa’s attendance at church was altered due to the extensive care her grandmother needed, as I mentioned in the last report. Recently, Risa has been able to attend the worship service on consecutive Sundays. She expressed that being unable to participate in the worship service was negatively affecting her daily life. Risa was struggling to keep herself healthy in all aspects, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Risa talked to her other family members, and they were able to coordinate a way that she could come on Sundays as she had been able to do so. It was great to see Risa joyfully worshiping God with her fellow church members. I regret that I underestimated the effect it would have on Risa to be away from the church fellowship and should have given her different advice beforehand.

  • Pray for Risa to be able to attend the church consistently and for her fellowship with other believers.

Sangmin is a single man, twenty-nine, who is an administrator at the university. We are keeping in touch with him regularly. Recently, he seems to be using his busyness at work as an excuse for being absent from church. Sangmin was raised in a Christian home and had a straightforward faith walk until middle school. At that point, it seems he had a conflict with his parents and turned away from God. Sangmin wanted to be a soccer player, but his parents were not supportive of his desire and future career choice. He seems dissatisfied about losing his dream as pursuing a career a soccer player did not work out. He seems distant to his parents and to God and loves the worldly activities.

  • Pray for Sangmin to repent and turn back to his faith in God. We desire that he will become close again to God and genuinely worship the Lord from his heart.

Thank you for your prayers for my wife. The doctor said she was exhausted and stressed but has almost fully recovered now. God sustained her throughout the busy Christmas season, and we survived the numerous events. Praise God.

I had a three-day prayer focused time through fasting, reflecting back on last year and anticipating the upcoming year. I acknowledge we had countless blessings, the most commemorative was adding new members to our church. Our vision for this next year is to utilize the Olympic events in Tokyo to reach more people for the Lord.

Pastor Jean Pillan Testimony

Greetings, my name is Jeon, and I am a church planter in the suburb of Edogawa, Tokyo. In my early years, I grew up in South Korea. When I was an elementary school junior, I knew about God from the Catholic Church. All I knew was God was very great, and he created the earth, I knew God with knowledge, but I didn’t know God’s truth.

In my second year of senior high school, I started attending Chuuan Presbyterian Church; it was here I was able to learn about the Lord. I was taught about creation, the old testament, why Jesus needed to come to earth and his eventual death and resurrection on a cross for my sins.

I still did not place my faith and trust in Jesus though. I applied for admission to a local university, shortly after that I received a letter stating that my application was rejected, here at my lowest point I encountered the God of the universe. I attended a summer camp through a youth association, while there I placed my faith and trust in Jesus Christ. I am so glad that I did!

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