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Recent Ministry

Choi has been super alert and concerned about the coronavirus. She and her husband have not stopped attending the church, but are limiting their going-out activities, even for daily things such as grocery shopping. I understand that they are afraid as they have a young baby, but I am also encouraging them not to panic. Choi says she is not sure why she is so fearful. The church members are praying for this family to emotionally freed from their panic.

  • Pray for Choi and her husband as they adjust to being new parents.

Chou spent her vacation visiting her home in China for the Chinese New Year Holidays. While there, she stayed at her parents’ house for most of the time. There was a report that five people in Dalian where affected by the coronavirus. When she returned, her Japanese office asked her to stay home for over fourteen days until she was cleared from potential infection.

  • Pray for Chou to catch up quickly on her work and for her health.

My son, Yong Taek, decided to return to our church next month. He has been serving at the Nerima Baptist Church till this month. He will be applying for our group what he has learned this past year while serving at the Sunday school.

  • Pray for his junior year at school and our church to be fruitful.

We are praying for Yong Taek to pray and be guided by God in how he can service the Lord this coming year. Yong Taek was baptized as a baby, but we are planning for his baptism in April.

Thank you for your prayers for my wife. The test results came, and we learned that my wife does not have cancer. With the recent medical-related incidents, we have been spending more time thinking about our health. My wife decided to do this test after hearing of so many friends with cancer. I intend to take the same test sometime. I am determined to pay attention to my physical health.

We have our fifth-anniversary service this month; we plan to spend a longer than usual time praying for the Lord’s protection over everyone.
I plan to join other pastors from our denomination in Israel for a study tour. I heard there is the potential for the trip to be postponed or canceled due to the coronavirus effect. I was hoping to go on this trip and have been saving the funds for over two years. I desire to be obedient to God’s leading in this decision.

Pastor Jean Pillan Testimony

Greetings, my name is Jeon, and I am a church planter in the suburb of Edogawa, Tokyo. In my early years, I grew up in South Korea. When I was an elementary school junior, I knew about God from the Catholic Church. All I knew was God was very great, and he created the earth, I knew God with knowledge, but I didn’t know God’s truth.

In my second year of senior high school, I started attending Chuuan Presbyterian Church; it was here I was able to learn about the Lord. I was taught about creation, the old testament, why Jesus needed to come to earth and his eventual death and resurrection on a cross for my sins.

I still did not place my faith and trust in Jesus though. I applied for admission to a local university, shortly after that I received a letter stating that my application was rejected, here at my lowest point I encountered the God of the universe. I attended a summer camp through a youth association, while there I placed my faith and trust in Jesus Christ. I am so glad that I did!

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