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Sumiko has been attending the Korean language class and joined my wife to travel to Korea last June. She is in her sixties, married and works part-time. At this time, she is still showing interest in Christ but has not yet made a confession of faith. We were pleasantly surprised that she attended the Christmas worship. We welcomed her with joy and had a fantastic time worshiping with her. We had been wondering if something was going on in her life recently. She used to attend with Fumiko Minesaki but this time she came alone. We asked Sumiko how she had been, and she shared that she had an incident where she lost consciousness. Medical tests were done, but the doctor could not find anything wrong. We sensed this experience caused her to feel alone and that she wanted someone to pray for her. We are praying that God will use this opportunity to draw her closer to Him as we know Sumiko believes in God’s healing.

  • Pray for Sumiko to completely surrender her life to God and pray for her physical health.

Kazuhiko started his new job, and we helped him move into his home. He is working as a driver for a facility for disabled individuals. He spent a month in training. As this change in work caused him to move further away, he has not been able to attend the regular Bible study or early morning prayer meeting and is not expecting to be able to come any time soon. He is wishing that once he is more settled that he will be able to attend the Bible study again.

  • Pray for Kazuhiko to settle into his new work and join us again for Bible study and prayer. Pray for his desire to be married in the future, he is currently single.

My son Yongtaek is desiring to gain a wide variety of experiences as a church intern. He is in college and would like to do his internship at a different church for the next term. He interviewed at a church where we attend in his youth.

  • Pray for Yongtaek to be placed by God in a position where he will learn and grow in his faith and to gain a wide range of experiences.

My wife and I spent three days fasting and praying for the church. We thanked God for the events of the past year. Our most intensive prayer is for increased financial self-reliance of the church as our support from our mother church in Japan will end this next year.  Each new year, we typically spend much time in prayer and fasting as we remember the past and plan for the future, but this year was infinitely more challenging.

  • Pray for the church to become financially self-reliant and for God to open doors and bless the community around them.
  • Pray for peace, comfort, and wisdom for the pastor and his family as the church works towards becoming more self-sufficient.

Pray for my father who is recovering from his successful surgery. See previous reports for more details. He still needs to be careful in his daily life and might have another surgery in eighteen months.

  • Pray for my father and mother to help each other at home and for my father to regain strength.
  • Pray for the outreach to the family of Aoki.

Pastor Jean Pillan’s Testimony 

Greetings, my name is Jeon, and I am a church planter in the suburb of Edogawa, Tokyo. In my early years, I grew up in South Korea. When I was an elementary school junior, I knew about God from the Catholic Church. All I knew was God was very great, and he created the earth, I knew God with knowledge, but I didn’t know God’s truth.

In my second year of senior high school, I started attending Chuuan Presbyterian Church; it was here I was able to learn about the Lord. I was taught about creation, the old testament, why Jesus needed to come to earth and his eventual death and resurrection on a cross for my sins.

I still did not place my faith and trust in Jesus though. I applied for admission to a local university, shortly after that I received a letter stating that my application was rejected, here at my lowest point I encountered the God of the universe. I attended a summer camp through a youth association, while there I placed my faith and trust in Jesus Christ. I am so glad that I did!

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