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Recent Ministry

Fumiko is one of the Korean language students. She is in her late-sixties and working part-time. She traveled to Korea with my wife June earlier this year. Through an accident at work, Fumiko recently broke her ankle. As she lives by herself, we offered to visit her and help with household tasks. She politely said no thank you, and we sensed it was because she did not want to trouble us. We were praying that this would be an opportunity to show God’s love to Fumiko and are praying for her to change her mind about us visiting.

  • Pray for Fumiko’s ankle to heal quickly and completely.

Sumiko is also in her late sixties and is working part-time. She is interested in the Bible and Christianity but is not yet a believer. We thought she had committed to attend service once a month, but this seems to not be easy for her. She came to the Korean cooking class and assisted in the preparations. While they were eating, Sumiko introduced my wife and our church to her friends with admiration. We know that God has a plan and timing for her to be saved.

  • Pray for Sumiko to be eager to know God and all her doubts to be dispelled.
  • Pray for Sumiko to come to a complete understanding of salvation and make the decision to become a Christian.

Kasuhiko is in his fifties and is a believer. Atsuko is his only sister and a living relative. She works for World Vision. She has been unable to attend the church for various health reasons and is searching for a church fellowship closer to her house.  Atsuko visited our group multiple times, so we decided to visit her. My wife and I went with Kasuhiko to gather at Astuko’s home. We stayed for quite a while and had a wonderful time fellowshipping. We offered to take her trash out since she seemed to have not gotten to it in a while. We took out quite a bit of stuff including a butsudan, a small Buddhist family altar, which their father used.

  • Pray for Atsuko to find a church home where she feels safe soon.
  • Pray for the protection of her faith, and the passion for God. 
  • Pray for the Kimchi bazar and for my wife to have the strength to prepare for the event. Also, pray for it to be an event filled with joy for all who attend.

Thank you for praying for my father, he is recovering and is no longer in the hospital.

  • Continue to pray for our family to stay healthy.

Pastor Jean Pillan’s Testimony 

Greetings, my name is Jeon, and I am a church planter in the suburb of Edogawa, Tokyo. In my early years, I grew up in South Korea. When I was an elementary school junior, I knew about God from the Catholic Church. All I knew was God was very great, and he created the earth, I knew God with knowledge, but I didn’t know God’s truth.

In my second year of senior high school, I started attending Chuuan Presbyterian Church; it was here I was able to learn about the Lord. I was taught about creation, the old testament, why Jesus needed to come to earth and his eventual death and resurrection on a cross for my sins.

I still did not place my faith and trust in Jesus though. I applied for admission to a local university, shortly after that I received a letter stating that my application was rejected, here at my lowest point I encountered the God of the universe. I attended a summer camp through a youth association, while there I placed my faith and trust in Jesus Christ. I am so glad that I did!

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