Jeon Pillan

Recent Ministry

Fumiko has been coming to the Korean language class once a month with her friend Sumiko. Fumiko is in her late sixties, married, and works part-time. She is not yet a believer but has shown an interest in the gospel message. At a recent session of the Korean Language class, my wife was led by the Holy Spirit to share the gospel with Fumiko and Sumiko, more boldly than ever before. They were eagerly listening and comprehended what she was explaining to them. Both ladies expressed the desire to attend the Sunday worship but admitted it might be challenging because of their family responsibilities. Fumiko did promise to come once a month. Pray for Fumiko and Sumiko to follow through on attending the worship service on the set day they said and for them to come to faith in Jesus Christ.

  • Pray for Fumiko and Sumiko to understand their need for a Savior and proclaim faith in God.

Oh and Choi is a married couple from Korea. They are in their thirties and are believers who have been attending our church for just over a month. Oh works for an IT company in Japan and they recently were married. Choi is eight-months pregnant. She did not understand any Japanese at all and assumed our service would be held in Korean since we have a Korean preacher at our church. So we presumed that they would not return after their first visit. However, they have regularly been attending. They expressed their desire to attend a local church as this would help their adjustment to everyday local life in Japan. I give Choi a copy of my script for preaching with both the Japanese translation and my native tongue of Korean to help her understand. Oh plays the guitar and Choi is a piano accompanist. They were both active in their worship team at their home church in Korea. I dream of forming a worship team at our church.

  • Pay for Oh and Choi to adjust to life in Japan.
  • Pray for a safe delivery and a healthy baby.
  • Pray for them to continue to attend our church if this is the Lord’s will.

We intentionally developed a relationship with Risa over the past two months and have gotten to know her better. She shared parts of her story, some of it was shocking to us. A long time ago, Risa was a psychic fortune teller but ended up becoming paranoid and attacked by evil spirits for an extended period. Through these experiences, Risa started to seek the truth and light and wanted to go to a Christian church. At the church she first joined, she participated in the baptism prep course from the first day. After six months, she was baptized. We have observed that Risa is a ‘do-er’ in her faith walk and sometimes appears to be a perfectionist. She is concerned with doing kind things for others and trying to make all things right. I could imagine that Risa has been emotionally and physically strained and burnt out before. Risa stated that she blames herself for not being good enough and has been disappointed with herself for being selfish. We appreciate your prayers for Risa to find comfort and peace in God. We are advising her to trust in God and relax. She is eager to participate in many church activities, but we have encouraged her to do one slow step at a time.

  • Pray for Risa to rest in her assurance of salvation by faith alone in God.
  • Pray for her to understand the difference between ministry done from love for God and good works done from the desire to earn salvation.
  • Pray for peace and comfort from God as she navigates her role at this time in the church.

Four years have passed since the start of our group as a church plant. The financial support from our mother church was terminated earlier this year, according to the prior agreement. We are not fully self-reliant yet, but God has led quite a few people to give generously. We are thankful for God leading our church. I feel that I can focus on ministry and not be stressed. My wife recently stopped working outside the church and is focusing on her roles in the church. She enjoys entertaining people as she has a gift for hospitality. We spend more time together serving at the church, and we pray for each member in our group and discuss our projects.

  • Pray for my wife and me to grow in Christ and for wisdom and guidance from God through our devotion and early morning prayer time.

Pastor Jean Pillan Testimony

Greetings, my name is Jeon, and I am a church planter in the suburb of Edogawa, Tokyo. In my early years, I grew up in South Korea. When I was an elementary school junior, I knew about God from the Catholic Church. All I knew was God was very great, and he created the earth, I knew God with knowledge, but I didn’t know God’s truth.

In my second year of senior high school, I started attending Chuuan Presbyterian Church; it was here I was able to learn about the Lord. I was taught about creation, the old testament, why Jesus needed to come to earth and his eventual death and resurrection on a cross for my sins.

I still did not place my faith and trust in Jesus though. I applied for admission to a local university, shortly after that I received a letter stating that my application was rejected, here at my lowest point I encountered the God of the universe. I attended a summer camp through a youth association, while there I placed my faith and trust in Jesus Christ. I am so glad that I did!

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