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November 2019

God is working in the lives of a family in the community. Shivan is in her early thirties, and despite being married, she was adulterous. For this reason, she would often fight with her husband, Samuel. When we visited their home, we shared the Word of God with Shivan and Samuel. After some time, they agreed to come to church. Now they have changed, and their neighbors are wondering why they are no longer fighting.

Plexder is married to John, and they have four children. They live in a temporary house in Kahenda cell, Ruteete. Plexder is a peasant farmer, and John works in Kampala as a casual laborer. Plexder is a good singer at the church, and her children are also good singers. She testifies that her child, Yonnah, was born with an impairment. As we prayed for the family, Yonnah has improved and is now able to feed himself, which was impossible before. Their prayer request is that God may bless their work so they can support their children in school.

We praise God for providing for our needs and helping us to purchase sound equipment for the church. We have also been able to complete more construction on the church building.  We are praying that God will enable us to add more space as we are now squeezed due to the number of people who are attending.

I have been going through a challenge in my personal life, as my house is not yet finished. The windows are not installed, and so my children have been suffering from malaria due to mosquito bites.

  • Pray for the pastor to finish his house and for his children to be healthy.
  • Pray for the desire to expand the church.

Praise the Lord for the blessing of sound equipment so everyone can hear the message.

Honest is eighteen years old and a blessing to the church congregation. She is gifted in singing, is in the choir, and is also an intercessor. Honest has good character and is an excellent example to her peers. She will be helpful in youth leadership.

Jovia is seventy-years old and a widow with a child. She lives in Kahenda cell, Ruteete village. Her parents worship demons and spirits, and they wanted her to inherit these spirits after their death. Jovia refused to do so and has been tormented by them for the past forty years. We visited her house and shared the gospel with her. The night after we prayed with her, Jovia slept well and was free from torment, so she decided to attend our services. Eventually, she gave her life to Christ. She had tried to find freedom through many witch doctors, but it was all in vain. She had used alcohol to forget the torment, and now she has stopped drinking, and her life has changed for good.

We reach the community for the gospel by showing films, fellowships, overnights, and home visits. Recently, we visited eighteen homes and spoke with fifty-nine people. Tyson is twenty-five and being drawn to Christ. He likes the way we share the gospel and has been coming to church since our first visit to his home, but he has not yet confessed Jesus Christ as his Savior. We are praying that he will open his heart to the Lord.

  • Pray for Tyson to surrender his life to God.
  • Pray for the outreach events to continue to bring people to salvation.

October 2019

We have seen God at work in the life of Enoch. He is in his fifties and has been at our church for some time but was still drinking alcohol. Through continuous prayers with him, he has been sober for over two months now. Everyone is amazed at how he has changed, in the past he was aggressive towards everyone, including his family. The Lord is slowing changing Enoch from the inside out.

Locye is a widow, she has three sons and one daughter. They are staying in a temporary house in Kahenda cell. Loyce survives by selling her labor, and her children have gone to the capital city, Kampala, to work as day-laborers. Loyce has the gift of singing and sharing the gospel. She testifies that she used to be a drunkard and was adulterous. Still, after Loyce accepted the Lord as her Savior she stopped those bad habits and is now communicating with her children.

  • Pray for Enoch and Loyce to grow in their faith.
  • Pray for their testimony to their family and neighbors.
  • Pray for Loyce’s children to find the truth in God and to surrender their lives to Him.

We praise God that through the combined efforts of the church members, we have been able to acquire our own machines for the church. We are praying that we may be able to obtain more land for cultivation.

We are training the congregation to participate in ministry by giving them opportunities to serve in the fellowships and to lead some services.

Kato is one of our deacons, he is thirty and still single. He is a teacher in the primary school and a leader of the men’s association. Sometimes Kato preaches in the second service at the church and is an excellent teacher. He was once a drunkard as he attempted to dull his pain of being despised by his relatives. When we met Kato, we shared the gospel with him. He accepted Jesus Christ, and gradually the Lord has set him free from those thoughts, and he is a happy man serving the Lord. He is no longer being attacked by demons.

  • Pray for Kato to find a job near the ministry and for his desire to marry a believer.

Molly is married to Gelevaz, and they have five children. When her husband went to work, Molly would spend most of her time in bars. When he sent money for the family’s needs, she spent it on alcohol and sleeping with other men. But, when Molly accepted the Lord as her Savior, she stopped drinking and is now taking care of her children. Gelevaz also accepted Jesus Christ since he saw the transformation of Molly after she gave her life to Christ. They are now living a life of hope as a family. Praise the Lord.

Samuel is being drawn to Christ. He visits us on Sundays and has been sending his wife to fellowship with us. Their children are already in the Young Ambassadors choir.

  • Pray that Samuel will give his life to the Lord.

The church is reaching the community through door-to-door evangelism and overnight prayers. At these events, many people gather to fellowship, even those who do not share our faith, but they hear the Word of God preached in truth. This month we visited sixteen homes and spoke with twenty-two men and twenty-seven women.

September 2019

Thank you to our partners for your continuous support. May God bless you. Apophia is twenty-eight and is living in Kahenda cell in Ruteete with her husband. They came from the Kanungu district. They fled her parents, who worship spirits and would torment Apophia every night. When we met Apophia during our home visits, we shared the Word of God and prayed with her. We encouraged her to be strong in the Lord and in His Word, through which she can overcome any demonic attack. The very next Sunday, Apophia came to church, testifying that she had been set free and was no longer fearful.

  • Pray for Apophia and her husband to grow in their faith.

Loyce is forty-seven. Her husband died and left her with four children. Two still live at home, and the other two went to look for jobs in the capital city. Loyce’s family lives in a three-bedroom temporary house. She survives by selling her labor and has a small piece of land where she grows food. Her strengths are praying and interceding for the church; she also is an usher. Loyce used to consume a lot of alcohol and was a prostitute. When she came to the church and accepted Jesus Christ, her life was changed and since then has become a decent woman. Her prayer request is for her children to come to know Jesus Christ.

  • Pray for the salvation of Loyce’s children.

We had a three-day seminar and a crusade. At its conclusion, fourteen people gave their lives to Christ. Praise God. We pray that God will strengthen them in their new walk of faith.

Three Day Seminar!

Silvia is forty-five. After her husband died, Silvia became desperate, causing her to drink alcohol and become a prostitute. She left her home and got another man. Silvia produced a child with this man, and then he left her. We visited Silvia after she had returned to her home, and we shared the Word of God. We counseled and prayed with her. She came to church, and her life has changed. Silvia is now a responsible, nice-looking lady. She has even started working and caring for the land her late husband left her.

Praise the Lord for transforming the life of Silvia through His grace and mercy.

  • Pray for her to grow in her faith and understanding of God’s Word.

Agnes is seventeen years old and an excellent singer. She is an influential leader for the services and sometimes leads the choir in praise and worship.

Ustine is twenty-years and appears close to coming to faith in God. She attends our fellowships and Sunday services. We see her interest in the gospel message.

  • Pray with us for Ustine to make the decision to give her life to Christ.

We reach the community through home visits, fellowships, and overnight events. This month we visited eighteen homes and spoke with fourteen men and nineteen women.

  • Pray for those who hear the gospel to come to faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for protection and wisdom for the evangelists as they visit homes.

July/August 2019

We have seen God working in the life of Morin, who is nineteen. She had been living in the capital city of Kampala and was possessed by demons from the false prophet Kakende. Morin started living with her mother, who was in fellowship with us. We began to pray for Morin and continued to pray for three weeks. At one of our overnight prayer meetings, she became mad and ran away. Still, we managed to hold her and prayed for her until she was delivered from the demons. Morin is now well and praises God. She has joined the choir in our church.

Praise the Lord for saving and delivering Morin (wearing blue/red sweater)

  • Pray for her to grow in her knowledge and understanding of God’s Word.

One of the families in our fellowship is Kyomugisha and Katushabe, who have two teenagers, Mujuni and Agnes. They live in a three-bedroom, semi-permanent home and survive by selling their labor. Katushabe came to the church when she was suffering from painful legs and was hardly able to sleep since strange things would come at night and bang on the roof of their house. We prayed with them; the Lord healed Katushabe and the banging ceased. She is now an usher in our church, and Agnes is in the church choir. They pray for Kyomugisha to be saved soon.

Pray for the father of this family, Kyomugisha, to come to understand his need for a Savior and to come to faith.

Katusha praises the Lord and asks for prayer for the salvation of the other family members.

Seven more people have joined the church and been baptized. We are praying for God to make it possible to add another structure for our children’s Sunday school classes and for solar power for the church. Praise the Lord for bringing more people to faith in Him.

We see God changing the lives of people in the community. Provia is fifty-six and married to Keleb, who is seventy-four. They have twelve children, but three already died, and the rest are married. The man practices demon worship, and his wife frequently suffered from different sicknesses. The spirits that the husband worship did not want Provia to attend the church and would attack her whenever she tried. They convulsed her and caused her to be unable to eat so that she became weak and anemic. While we prayed and fasted as a church, we prayed with her, and God delivered her. She is now happy, and her body is healing. We give God the glory!

Continue to pray for Provia as she continues to heal and seek the Lord!

Maria is a leader in our church and is responsible for training the choir and Young Ambassadors. She is twenty-four and has cancer in her neck. She does not have money to pay for the operation. We are praying for God to provide the funds for her to have the necessary surgery.

  • Pray for healing for Maria and for the financial ability to get the medical care that she needs.

The church reaches the community through door-to-door evangelism. We visit people in their homes, sharing the gospel, and encouraging them to visit the church. This month we visited thirty homes and spoke with forty-eight men and fifty-six women. We had an overnight event, and over one-hundred people attended. Pastor Jackson preached the Word of God.

Enid is fifty years old and is showing an interest in the gospel. We visited her several times and invited her to come to church. When she went to the church service, she promised to keep coming and to make our church her home. She pledged some money for the future crusades.

  • Pray for Enid to fully surrender her life to God and to declare faith in Jesus Christ.

Many of our members are also members of the village groups. At time they run into conflict during the meetings because they are held on Sundays, but if they do not attend the village group meetings, they are fined money, which is hard for them to pay. The village meetings causes our church attendance to be low during this time.  The reason for meeting in the villages is to for pooling money for development, or for covering the cost of burials.

  • Pray for the church to have wisdom when discussing this issue with the church members.
  • Pray for the believers to discern the groups that will produce positive results and those that will only cause them to lose money.
  • Pray for their focus to be on their hard work rather than shortcuts.

The men in the church are organizing themselves to help each other purchase goats. The women are doing the same in purchasing home utensils.

We have seen God at work in Ruteete through our organization of the conference and the Bible studies at God’s Embassy in Katobo. We are grateful for those who attended the meeting. Edith, eighteen years old, was saved, and at the end of the conference, she publicly declared her faith in God through baptism. We give God the glory.

In our fellowship is the family of Patrick and Rossett; they have two children. They live in a rented house and survive by selling labor and burning charcoal. Patrick reads the Bible in church, and Rossett is an usher. Their testimony is that Patrick was a drunkard, and his wife was addicted to chewing tobacco. Still, after they came to Christ, they were able to overcome these habits.

  • Pray for Patrick and his family.
  • Pray that they would be able to buy their own piece of land.

Praise the Lord for helping them overcome their habits.

Our elders and deacons are helpful to the church in many ways.  Morin T. recently organized a group to refinish the floor of the church with mud so that it is smooth. She is good at mobilizing the members and coordinating activities in the church. Her testimony is that she had a sick child, who for two years, was attacked by demons and unable to stand up. We prayed for him, and he was able to stand up and later started walking. Then his parents had the courage to come and become a part of our congregation.

Praise the Lord for our members who love to serve!

Sharon is fourteen and used to be tormented by demons and spirits of her grandfather, who had died. She came, and we prayed with her. She was delivered, and this caused her whole family to attend the church and give glory to God.

Praise the Lord for delivering this child and bringing their families to faith in God.

Dinah is fifty years old and showing an interest in the gospel. We visited her home and shared the Word of God with her. She promised to visit us at the church and kept her promise to come. She intends to make our church her home church.

  • Pray for Dinah to come to understand her need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

May/June 2019

We held an overnight prayer. When Brother Bob preached, three people gave their lives to Christ, including a man named Richard who I had been visiting and had been hearing the gospel message for some time. It was a great night as he finally gave his life to Christ. Praise the Lord!

  • Pray for these three new believers to grow in their faith.

The women are working together to buy each other household utensils. The men contribute money together to purchase goats. The youth are also working together in digging projects over the holidays.

Pray for the friendships and teamwork that occurs in these ministries to grow and flourish.

Praise the Lord for the ability to work together to supply each individual with these necessary items.

In one of our fellowships, there is the family of Mr. Rwankuba, whose daughter is Donanta. She is thirty-four and was at one time married but separated from her husband. She was saved while attending the home fellowship that meets in her uncle’s home, Geresem’s, home. This family is living in temporary housing and sells their labor to earn enough to survive.

  • Pray for Donanta as she struggles to keep up with her children’s school fees and for wisdom as she leads others.

Donanta helps lead the fellowships when the leaders are absent as she is gifted in teaching.

Hope is one of the elders and deacons who support and assist us in the work of God. She is fifty and the treasurer for the building committee. Her husband was at first resistant to her attending the fellowship, but after she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior, he saw the hope she received from the church and allowed her to attend and be involved in ministry. Recently, her husband also made a confession of faith in Jesus Christ. We pray that the Lord will grow his faith and deliver him from alcoholism.

Hope a servant to the Lord, and His Church!

  • Pray for Donanta and her family to grow in their faith and for Donanta to be able to provide for her family.
  • Pray for Hope and her husband to grow in their faith.
  • Pray for freedom from the addiction of alcohol.

Honest is nineteen years old and used to be tormented by demons, especially at night. She shared this with us, and we started to teach her the Word of God and prayed with her. After five months, she testified that God had delivered her, and she no longer is tormented or struggles with demons. Praise the Lord.

Honest testifies that she has been set Free!

Rusigazi is fifty and close to receiving Christ. He sends his children to the church and sometimes invites us to pray with him. Recently, he was sick in the hospital and asked us to come to pray with him. He is interested in the way we teach the Word of God but has not yet confessed Christ.

  • Pray for Honest to grow in her faith and praise the Lord for delivering her.
  • Pray for Rusigazi to come to an understanding of salvation and declare faith in God.
  • Pray for a structure for the children’s Sunday school classes and for church lighting.

Praise God for White Fields supporting us and making it possible to reach the hard places.

April 2019

We thank you for your support, financially and in prayer. Your support has helped us to minister more effectively. This month we have seen God at work in Ruteete in the way he is making people’s hearts receptive to the gospel. Three people have given their lives to Christ.

Steven is twenty-three and used to stay in the bushes because every time he slept in a house he would feel tormented by demons and was unable to get any sleep. For this reason, he started drinking a lot of alcohol and was living a hopeless life of alcoholism. We met Steven through our home visits and shared the gospel with him. He agreed to stay with me for a while instead of living in the bush, and we persisted in praying and sharing the Word of God with him. Eventually, he gave his life to Christ and was delivered from alcoholism. He is grateful to God for saving him. He is now well and able to work and sleep in a house.

  • Pray for Steven to grow in his new faith. Praise the Lord for his salvation and for delivering Steven from the addiction of alcohol and the torment of demons.

In our fellowship, there is a family, the mother’s name is Winnie and she is thirty-five. She was saved after being invited to a prayer meeting. She is the mother of five children from different men. When she lost her husband after her first two children, she was so desperate that she became a drunkard and ended up with three more children. She is now a part of the congregation and is considering serving in the ushering department. Her eldest daughter, Maureen, is twenty and has given her life to Christ. She has the gift of singing. The family survives by selling their labor, but as a single parent, Winnie does not make enough to support her children’s education.

Praise the Lord for transforming her life and bringing her daughter, Maureen, to faith in Jesus Christ.

  • Pray for the family of Winnie to grow in their faith and Winnie to be able to keep her children in school.

We thank God for the motorcycle. We are praying for the ability to use solar lighting to have lights during our overnight services. We are facing some trials as a church as most of our youth have no jobs, and while searching for jobs, they move far away, this impacts the family unit.

  • Pray for more employment opportunities to be created in our community.

Every Sunday before the main service, we teach the foundations class to the ministers going verse-by-verse through the Bible. We allow them to ask questions when they do not understand the information. Then during the fellowships, they can take leading roles.

  • Pray for the ministers to study hard to understand God’s Word.
  • Pray for wisdom as they teach others from the scriptures.

We are grateful to see how God is changing lives. Justine was a witchdoctor for a long time. During her time in witchcraft, she lives a stressful life because of her master being the demons who had many boundaries set for her, even her children abandoned her. When Justine gave her life to Christ, she became a free woman. She now attends her gardens and has food in her home. Her children have started communicating with her again, and sometimes they send her money; they are planning to return home.

Praise the Lord for bringing Justine to faith in Jesus Christ! Praise God for the powerful testimony she has that shows God’s love and grace for everyone.

Christine is being drawn to Christ, she has been coming to the fellowship and to church; however, her husband does not like it when she comes to the church. We have prayed with her and shared the Word of God. She has changed and is no longer a drunkard, but has not yet committed her life to Christ or become an active member of the church.

  • Pray for Christine to fully surrender her life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The church visited thirty homes and spoke with one-hundred and ninety-five men and women. We continue to evangelize, follow-up with those who show an interest and invite these people to attend the home fellowships.

March 2019

Elias had left the village a long time ago and migrated to Bunyoro district. He failed to cope with the situation there and returned. We met him and prayed with him, he accepted Christ as his personal Savior and is now in attending the church. His challenges are getting better with the help of the church.

Winnie is forty years old and is married with four children, Adrienne, Agrey, Nixon, and Jaron, between sixteen to ten years old. They live in a semi-permanent house; the husband left home in search of jobs in the Kagadi district and has not returned. Winnie is caring for her family by selling her labor to the neighbors and is not able to earn enough to sustain her family. Her children attend school off and on depending on when she can pay the school fees. Winnie praises God that they are currently in school. The children are in the church choir and kingdom steppers. The family is praying for their husband and father to return and be at home.

  • Pray for the daily needs of Winnie’s family to be met and for the children to be able to remain in school.
  • Pray for Winnie’s husband to return home.

Praise God for His Word and how it is changing us.

  • Pray for our people to learn God’s Word and apply its principles to their lives.
  • Pray for a larger church structure and a room for the children’ Sunday school.

We are training the church members through our foundations class. On Sundays, they arrive early, and we teach the Bible, verse by verse, with many details. We choose leaders who provide guidance in the fellowships. The elders and deacons in the church help the work of God move forward. Maureen is a deacon who is fifty years old and is our chief usher. She cleans and mobilizes others to participate in church activities. Maureen counsels others and has a gift of singing and reading the Bible. She testifies that her son Elias, who is thirteen years old, was possessed by demons. When we prayed for him, he was delivered, and she was convinced that God was real and decided to come to church. We pray that she continues to serve God as she brings many people to join the church.

  • Pray for the leaders to have wisdom as they study God’s Word and guide others to learn from the Bible and apply it to their lives.
  • Pray for health and protection for each member of the church.

  • Pray for Maureen to grow in her own faith and reliance on God as she draws others to trust God.

Twongirwe is forty-two years old with three children who would roam around and live on handouts. Through our teaching, Twongirwe has settled down to caring for a garden to grow food for herself and her children. She is an usher and teaches the Young Ambassadors to sing for the Lord.

We travel door-to-door forming relationships with people and invited them to the church to hear the Word of God. We held an overnight event at Gleesome’s home with sixty people. Pastor Jackson preached on “renewing your faith” from Isaiah 41, and three people were saved. We visited ten homes with thirteen men and sixteen women who had shown an interest in the gospel and invited them to the home fellowships.

Teddy is being drawn to Christ. She has joined the home Bible study and Sunday service. She has a gift of singing and can talk in public.

  • Pray for the new believers to grow in their faith. 
  • Pray for those who are showing interest to be saved.
  • Pray Teddy to proclaim a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

February 2019

Praise and Worship During Church Service!

Greetings! We are thankful for the support of our prayer partners. We have seen God working in our community. Justine used to worship evil spirits and was not associating with people, including her own children. When she accepted Christ into her heart, we saw a change in her behavior.  Now  Justine cooperates with everyone, and even her children are taking care of her and buying her clothes. She has shared with the church how blessed she has been.

Rwobwemi is married to Jeska. They are peasant farmers and live in a temporary house with three rooms. Rwobwemi is an excellent Bible reader in the church, and their children are members of the church choir. They were struggling to earn enough income to keep their children in school. They have incurred a significant debt from the money lenders as they are trying to keep their children in school. We prayed with them about this situation and one of their children, Dan, received a scholarship. The entire family is grateful to God for this blessing. Praise the Lord!

  • Pray for the family of Rwobwemi and Jeska, for them to be able to earn money to pay off their debts and send their children to school consistently.

Every Sunday morning, we teach the Word of God, specifically how to read and understand the Bible. Regular class attendees are given the opportunity to lead church programs and share the Word of God in the home fellowships. Edson is an elder and the chairman of our building committee. Deus is our treasurer, and Dan leads the youth in addition to serving as an usher.

We desire to teach the truth from the Word of God so that the saints may be firmly rooted in their faith. Especially as there are many hostilities to their faith including threats from false teachers, relatives, friends, and other religious leaders. We had one member of our community who came back after a long absence and started misleading people to follow him with his prophecy and prayer.

  • Pray for the congregation to grow in their understanding of the Word of God and be able to withstand the threats and discern the lies of false teachers.

Vastina was married to a Muslim man and had two children with him, but they are separated. She now lives with her parents. Her father is a worshipper of spirits, and so she also started worshipping them and practicing witchcraft. At one of our home visits, we went to her house, and she was willing to listen to our sharing about Jesus Christ. She accepted the Lord as her Savior and prayed with us. She is no longer practicing witchcraft and is living a life full of hope in Jesus Christ. She has joined the church and sings in the choir. She is so happy to have a church in her community. We are praying for her to stand firm despite opposition from her relatives and to keep growing in the Lord.

  • Pray for Vastina to grow in her faith and to be firmly rooted in the Word of God.

Hope is getting close to salvation, she met us on the road while returning from visiting a neighbor. We talked to her, and she promised to visit us at the church. When Hope came to the service, she told us that her burdens lifted when she was at the church with the congregation. She is still attending services with us, and we pray for her to confess Christ as her Lord and Savior. We visited thirty homes this month and shared the love of Christ with thirty-nine males and fifty females. They were happy to have us visit them to encourage and pray with them.

  • Pray for Tumwesigye to come to understand the salvation of Jesus Christ and be saved.

January 2019

Deus and Enock were enemies for a long time. Now they are friends and work well together due to the transforming power of the gospel. The eight youth who are in the Kingdom Steppers are also working together in unity to complete projects at each other’s home.

Osbert is eighteen and lives alone with his father since his mother died. They live in a permanent house, but his father is a drunk who does not care at all and sometimes does not even come home at night. Osbert is in the choir, and we have been giving him more opportunities to minister in the fellowship. He is doing excellent, and he is gifted in evangelism. He cares for his needs through casual labor, and we are praying that he may get a job so he can adequately care for himself.

  • Pray for Osbert to stand firm in his faith and to get a job that provides for his daily needs.

We added seventeen more people to the church, and now we have one-hundred and thirty-two people total. We believe that God will enable us to complete our church structure soon. We desire to have a separate building for the Sunday school. The people are learning and growing in their faith. The foundations class is teaching how to read and understand the Bible. They also learn how to live an exemplary life as a Christian.

Daniel had no hope and was a drunkard after losing his wife. When we preached the gospel of Christ and the promise of hope in the future, he listened carefully and decided to give his life to Christ. He is now living a responsible life and is prayerfully looking for a godly woman to marry.

  • Pray for Daniel to continue to grow in his faith.

We reach the community through home visits, radio programs, and fellowships. We hold overnight events inviting people to spend the night in prayer and hear the Word of God. At the last overnight event, we saw forty people accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Henry is showing interest in the gospel and has been visiting the church. He informed us that he likes the way we share the Word of God. His daughter, Monica, is already a member of the church.

  • Pray for the new believers to grow in their faith.
  • Pray for Henry to surrender his life to God and be saved.

December 2018

We thank God for the prayers and support of White Fields Ministry partners that have enabled us to be used effectively for the work of the Master. We have seen God heal Jovia, who is sixty-seven. Demons attacked her for so long that they caused a chronic headache. When we prayed with her, the Lord set her free, and she testifies that she is completely healed.

  • Pray for Jovia to be utterly free from demon attacks and to grow in her trust in the Lord God.

The youth are preparing for the football (soccer) tournament inter-fellowship competition where the winning team gets a cow. We had a youth conference with brother Bob as the main speaker. Many of the youth were encouraged in their walk of faith.

  • Pray the youth to work together as they prepare for the tournament and to grow in their faith through this event.

Mr. Richard is married to Monica; they have two children. Travis is eleven and Rebecca is eight. They live in a semi-permanent house. The wife is a teacher and the husband used to buy and sell cows. The husband was a drunkard, and he wasted all they earned on alcohol, but after giving his life to Christ, he no longer drinks alcohol and testifies that by God’s grace he has been set free. His parents declare that Richard has changed and are grateful to God for the role of God’s Embassy church in delivering their son from alcoholism. Richard purchased a cow and is selling its milk to provide for his children’s school fees.

  • Pray for Richard and Monica to get steady jobs so they can improve their income.

Our leaders are excellent examples of Godly conduct. Mr. Bakesigaki Christoper is twenty-two and serves by reading the Bible. He helps to control the youth during choir practice and guides them in many ways. His testimony describes a disobedient young man, but his character has changed since he was saved. Pray for him to grow into a knowledgeable man of God so he can lead a fellowship in the future.

  • Pray for Christopher to be a Godly example to the youth and to continue studying the Bible and grow in his faith.

Luis was an alcoholic but now has been transformed by the grace of God. The people in her village are surprised that she no longer drinks alcohol. She used to steal things, especially food from other people’s gardens, but since she was saved, she no longer steals.

  • Pray for Luis’ testimony to her village to be compelling and full of God’s grace.
  • Pray for her to grow in her faith and to trust God to provide for her needs.

The church reaches out to the community through door-to-door evangelism. We visited twenty-five homes and shared the gospel with one-hundred people. We follow-up with those we see to encourage them to keep their faith or to pray with them. Seven people came to join the church this past month. We are praying for a large building so we can fit everyone inside.  Daniel is being drawn to faith in Christ. He and his wife recently graduated but have not yet gotten jobs. When we visit and pray for them, God provides for them, and they have started showing interest in our fellowships.

  • Pray for the home visits to draw people to faith in God. Pray for safe travels for the evangelists.
  • Pray for Daniel and his wife to come to an understanding of God’s grace and to be saved.

It is the season for harvest, especially millet. As this is a tiresome crop to harvest, the women are helping each other.

  • Pray for the harvest to go smoothly and for abundant crops.

November 2018

We have seen God at work in Ruteete, the number of people who are visiting our church and community fellowships is growing. For instance, this month we had an overnight service and over thirty people came to visit. Of this group, six gave their lives to Christ and are learning the Word of God.

  • Pray for the new believers to grow in their faith and knowledge of the Bible.

One of the families in the fellowship is Robert and Allen. They have three married children. Mr. Karenshera is a police officer, and his wife stays at home to care for the animals and tend the garden that produces their food. His wife had been sick for more than two years with chronic stomach pain; she says the Lord healed her. Allen started bringing her children to the church, and we believe she will be the one to draw her family to know Christ. She says her character has changed since she accepted Christ and she now treats her daughters-in-law with respect which has brought peace to the family.

  • Pray for Robert to come to faith; he is still hesitant about the gospel. Pray for their adult children to be saved.

Our elders love their duties and are blessed to serve the Lord. Mr. Kagoha Edson lives near the church and is the head of the building and construction department. He cares for the church compound to keep it clean. He testifies that God has helped him find his son who was lost in Kampala and now is back home safe and settled.

  • Pray for the house of Mr. Kagoha, the house is old and needs renovation.

God is changing the lives of people through His salvation and freeing them from demon attacks. Sarah is twenty-six and lived away from home in Kampala. She states she would hear voices telling her to move and she would be forced by those voices to walk to strange places and would find herself lost. When her parents searched for her and encouraged her to come home, she would escape and move to another location until her family found her again. Her parents asked us to visit and pray with her. We did so, and now Sarah is doing better and settled at home.

  • Pray for Sarah to be free from the oppression of these voices and to live with her family.

The church is reaching out to the community through home visits. We shared the gospel last month to a total of ninety people. Jane is starting to draw back to Christ. We have been visiting her, and she promises to come to the church.  We are training future fellowship leaders to read the Bible and ask questions about their studies. They are attending Bible and leadership classes in Katobo.

  • Pray for the people we visit to be open to hearing the good news and to come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for the ability to build a larger church structure.

October 2018

We thank God for his goodness. His hand has been upon us in Ruteete, and we have seen him working in the lives of the people in the community. People who did not know Him before are now accepting the gospel of Jesus Christ and have a relationship with the Lord. Some who were thieves and witch doctors have come to know God and have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We visited the family of Maureen and prayed for her. She was saved and is now an active participant in the church and fellowship. She asked us to pray for her son, Simon, who had finished senior four and gotten lost in alcoholism and smoking. We believed in God with her as we prayed for her son. Sometime later, he started fellowshipping with us. We are continuing to pray that he will come to the knowledge of Christ as his Lord and Savior.

  • Pray for Simon to come to an understanding and acceptance of the gospel and proclaim faith in Jesus Christ.

Our young people have taken the step to unite and organize themselves as a group. They are helping each other at their homes and blessing their parents through their hard work. We are excited for their witness to the community of how work is essential and has dignity.

We are encouraging the members to be active in their home fellowships, read their Bibles and regularly attend the Sunday morning classes. We are helping them to strive for depth in the Bible study sessions by encouraging them to ask questions.

Elvida is a blessing to our fellowship. She is seventy-six and is alone because her children passed away. She does not have land and so survives by working for others. She is excellent at mobilizing people to come to church. Through her encouragement, many people have started attending the church. She testifies that she used to have sleepless nights because the demons would attack her, but now she is free from the attacks. We are praying for her to have land to cultivate and grow her food.

  • Pray for Elvida to be blessed with land and for her daily food needs to be met.

Movia is twenty-six and married, but her husband stays and works in Kampala city. She assists in training the Young Ambassadors and teaching them gospel songs as a blessing to our ministry.

  • Pray for Movia to have a job that allows her to save some income; she is currently selling her labor.

Haston was living a hopeless life before salvation. Now he works by selling his labor and saving money to buy property. He has been able to buy two goats with his savings and the people in the village testify to the change they witness in his life and character.

Praise the Lord for the transformation of salvation and its witness to the community.

  • Pray for Haston to continue working hard and bless others in the church and community.

Abel is twenty-six and attends the church services. He has a wife and one child. He has not yet proclaimed salvation, but God is drawing him to faith. Annet also has started coming to Sunday services and is interested in the church programs. She has not yet taken the step of salvation.

  • Pray for Abel to come to an understanding of the gospel and be saved; pray for his family to be saved.
  • Pray for Annet to continue attending the church and to come to faith.

We have faced challenges within our community that cause people to not attend the church due to scheduling conflicts. In the village, there are some associations where people meet to pool and save their money. As these groups meet on Sundays, some of the members fail to come to church because they fear being fined for missing the association meetings.

  • Pray for a resolution to these scheduling conflicts and for the church members to be able to attend church services on Sundays regularly.

Praise the Lord for bringing people who contribute to the construction of the church structure.

  • Pray for the completion of the church structure.
  • Pray for the ability to set-up the children’s Bible class.

September 2018

Sixteen people gave their lives to the Lord and were baptized. Suzan comes from a family that is known for spirit worship in the community. She came to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior during our home visits. She is an active member in the church and has shown passion for the Word of God. We believe the Lord has started working and drawing her whole family to Himself.

  • Pray for Suzan and the other new believers to grow in their knowledge of the Word of God.
  • Pray for the family of Suzan to be saved.

Elias is married to Jackline and they have two adult children. Jackline and her children, Mike and Nevious are saved. Jackline serves as an usher and her son Mike is in the Kingdom Steppers. Elias makes a local brew to sell and earn income to sustain his family. Jackline is a day laborer. The main prayer request of the family is for Elias to give his life to the Lord.

  • Pray for Elias to come to an understanding of the gospel and to give his life to God.

Scovia is a leader of much potential in the church. She is a Sunday school teacher and loves serving in the children’s ministry. She is married to Kavia with a three-month baby boy. Scovia had separated from her husband and their marriage was on the verge of ending but we prayed and counseled them. The Lord brought them back together. Scovia is so grateful to God that she was able to reunite with her husband and that her marriage is now stable. Her husband, Kavia, accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and was among the sixteen new believers that were baptized.

Give thanks for the saved marriage of Scovia and Kavia.

  • Pray for their relationship to continue to be stable.

During our recent outreach, we visited thirty homes and shared the gospel with fourteen men and thirty-eight women. We also established a new home fellowship in the village of Kabale in the home of Karyija Gelesemu. The fellowship is led by Nickolas. The group started with six members and has grown during the past month to include eleven members. Thank the Lord!

  • Pray for the new fellowship in the village of Kabale to grow as new believers are added.
  • Pray for Nickolas as he leads and guides the members from the Word of God.

Give thanks for the willingness of Gelesemu to host the fellowship.

Rosette used to be a drunkard and had a bad reputation in the community. Her family had given up on her because she dropped out of school and moved to the city. While she was in the city, she joined a bad company of friends who introduced her to wicked practices including prostitution. While she was away in the city, she conceived and gave birth to a baby girl. Rosettes’ mother, Jovia, lives in Rutetee and accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. She shared with us her prayer request for her daughter to return home and give her life to Jesus Christ. During the summer, Rosette returned home and was surprised to see that her mother was a Christian. Rosette started to attend church services with her mother. In a recent service, she gave her life to Christ.  Jovia was thrilled to have her prayer request answered and to see Rosettes’ life changing for the better.

Give thanks for the salvation of Rosettes and Jovia.

  • Pray for God’s guidance and protection on the life and future of Rosette and her baby girl.

Evas is an Anglican woman who has been fellowshipping with us during the Sunday services and overnight prayers. She testifies that she loves the way we teach the Word of God and especially appreciates the opportunity for people to ask questions after we share the Word of God. We are praying for her to come to a complete understanding of the gospel and to give her life to the Lord.

  • Pray for Evas as she searches for answers, pray for the leaders to have wisdom and guidance by the Holy Spirit as they answer her questions and the questions of the people in the fellowship.
  • Pray for her to make the decision to surrender her life to God.

Give thanks for the new believers and for the many people who are open to listening and accepting the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Pray for the evangelists as they reach out to the communities surrounding Rutetee.
  • Pray for Bibles.

Due to our expanding numbers, we are praying for a larger building to hold our worship services.

August 2018

We greet you and are encouraged by your partnership with us to win souls for Christ in Ruteete. May God bless you. We see God reaching people that were difficult to access and bringing them to faith. Rwankuba was a man who would not allow evangelist going near his compound. Now he allows one of his daughters, Donata to attend our church. She is so committed that she is persuading the rest of her family members to join her.

  • Pray for the family of Rwankuba to come to salvation and each member to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the witness of Donata.

Our women’s ministry is planning to support each other in preparing gardens to grow crops so we can increase the food production in our church, and they will continue to do the handwork they have been working on. The women’s choir also practices every Wednesday; Kagoha Allen leads them.

  • Pray for unity as the women prepare to work together to increase the overall yield of food.
  • Pray for the women’s choir to be a blessing as they encourage the church members through song.

The youth are evangelizing through drama and sports. We are blessed to see many young girls and boys from the community join the drama and soccer team. More youth have joined the church as well. They train every Thursday, and the youth in the main church choir and kingdom steppers do their training every Saturday under the supervision of  Nicholas.

  • Pray for the youth to continue faithfully sharing the gospel with their friends.

Evas is in her forties and has three children, who are sixteen, eighteen and twenty-five years old. Her children did not attend school. She was never married, and each child has a different father. Evas started chewing tobacco and drinking alcohol as a youth.  Her parents died when she was fifteen, and she was unable to make a living except through prostitution. She lives in a two-room house with her children. The first time we met her was during home visits. She welcomed us and listened as we shared the gospel and prayed for her. She was happy and promised to attend church. The first time she came to church, she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and Lord. She attends fellowship and Sunday services. Her life has dramatically changed, and she no longer chews tobacco or drinks alcohol. Evas thanks the Lord for the team at Ruteete for remembering her and keeping her accountable to grow as a Christian. She sells labor to earn a living.

  • Pray for Evas to continue to grow in her understanding of the Word of God.
  • Pray for Evas’ children to have the opportunity to gain an education.

Dan is in his early fifties and a potential leader in the church. He serves as an usher, and since he started ministering to the Lord, he has demonstrated a high degree of steadfastness in prayers and fulfilling his responsibilities in the church. He is a well-behaved person. He was married to Unice, and they have three children together, but they separated a year and a half ago before he was saved. Dan was a drunkard and a thief. It was through home visits that he listened to the Word of God and was moved to give his life to Christ. His family has also joined the church and are a part of the drama team. His prayer and desires for a good job so he can care for his family.

  • Pray for Dan to continue loving and serving the Lord.
  • Pray for his family and for his ability to care for them.

The church continues to do home visits, community fellowships and use church drama to share the good news of Christ. This month we visited forty-five families. In addition to the people whose stories were shared above, a man by the name of Karyija Benon also accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.

  • Pray for Karyija Benon to grow in the understanding of the gospel and to attend the church.
  • Continue praying for the outreach to the community.

God is drawing people to Himself and we ask for your prayers for these individuals who have not yet fully surrendered their lives to Christ. Tumwesigye is in his late twenties and his wife’s name is Honest. She fellowships with us and is a born-again Christian.  Tumwesigye is still an Anglican but has been attending church with his wife. Though he has not yet given his life to Christ, we are praying for his salvation.

  • Pray for Tumwesigye to come to an understanding of the gospel.
  • Pray for the increasing number of people who are coming to faith in Jesus Christ.  

Church attendance has increased in numbers, and we give God the glory!

We are experiencing heavy rainfall that is destroying gardens and the more poorly constructed houses. Our church is not yet covered with a roof and so when it rains we are unable to have a service. Our prayer is to complete the roof by the end of this year.

  • Pray for the iron sheets so we can build the roof of our church.

July 2018

We have witnessed God at work in Ruteete saving people from multiple bondages and demonic oppression. More people have joined the church, and others are curious about the gospel but have not yet made the decision to follow Jesus. Enoch, a local council chairperson, recently joined our church. I shared in my last report that he was saved and baptized. He told us that during his fifty-eight years as an Anglican, he had never heard nor visited a church like God’s Embassy that teaches the Word of God to the core. He has been a blessing to our church.

  • Pray for those who are curious about the gospel to have open hearts and come to an understanding of salvation.
  • Pray for the church to continue teaching solid and accurate Biblical truth and its influence on the community.

Give thanks for Enoch’s re-election to the position of local council chairperson.

I will share the story of one of the families in our fellowship. The family of Mugisha who is married to Natukunda. They have six young children. Mugisha used to be an alcoholic. He would return home and fight with his first wife, leaving her with injuries. This caused his first wife to divorce him and leave the six children behind. The children started to suffer and struggle since their father was an alcoholic. Mugisha then decided to re-marry, he and Natukunda married a year and a half ago. When we first met Mugisha, he was already married to Natunkunda. We started visiting them through our door-to-door evangelism outreach and shared the Word of God. They told us they had heard good testimonies about our church in the community and that it would be an honor to be a part of the congregation. We invited them to attend. When they came the next Sunday, Mugisha realized that there were not enough seats in the church, so he made a bench for the church. He gave his life to the Lord, and his family followed him. Today, Mugisha is a committed leader and the development secretary in the church. His children are in the Kingdom Steppers and Young Ambassador ministries. Mugisha is a carpenter with a workshop in Rukungiri. He is grateful to the Lord for salvation and deliverance from the alcoholism that was destroying his family and life. He now feels free and peaceful in his heart.

  • Pray for the witness of Mugisha to the community of the transformation possible through salvation.
  • Pray for Mugisha to earn enough money to send his children to school.

The biggest challenge we are facing as a church right now is that our church structure has no roof. We hold the church service in an open structure which means that when it rains, all the people run away to find cover and so the service ends.

  • Pray for roofing material for the church; fifty metal sheets will complete the roof.

Speech is a committed member of our church who has demonstrated leadership potential. She is a gifted singer and has been mobilizing the church choir. She composes and teaches gospel songs to the church. She first came to the church to visit, but later became a permanent member after confessing Christ as her Lord and Savior. She is married to Giligoli and has two children. She does not have a stable job and works as a day laborer.

Give thanks for the gifts that God has given to Speech and for her blessing to the church.

Bernard is one of the people that the Lord is drawing to himself. He is married to Fausta. Their son was the first to join the church and is a member of the Kingdom Steppers. We visited their home and shared the gospel. Bernard was convicted and wanted to hear more about the Word of God. We invited them to come to the church and to join a home fellowship. He has started attending, and we pray that he will eventually surrender his life to Jesus.

  • Pray for Bernard to come to an understanding of salvation
Spring 2018

God is drawing many people to faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Justine is one such woman. Her father was a witch doctor, and when her father died, she became the successor of those spirits and became the family priestess. She was known in the whole community as a witch doctor. During our home visits, we talked to her, but she did not allow us to speak about Jesus. After some time we revisited her and, this time she welcomed us into her home, and we got a chance to share the gospel. She had many questions and fears about becoming a Christian. She said the spirits would punish or possibly even kill her if she converted. We assured her that Jesus would protect her and told her that Jesus is more powerful than all spirits and gods. She thought about this and a short time later surrendered her life to Christ. She renounced her family spirit worship and rejected the role of being witch doctor. Justine comes to church regularly, and the news about her conversion is spreading like wildfire all over the community. Keep her in your prayers that she grows in the Lord Jesus.

Another person whose life has been changed is Loyce. She is a widow with four children and was involved in witchcraft as a means of making money. People would come to her home for consultations for fortune telling and healing. When we visited and shared the Word of God, she said she desperately needed to find rest in Christ. She gave her life to Christ as her savior and requested that as believers we establish a church in her home. She also burned all the articles she used to communicate with the spirits. Pray that she will be strengthened in her boldness to stand for Jesus.

Our women’s groups meet on Tuesday evening and are led by Gloria. They are focused on skill building in weaving. On Saturdays, they have choir practice. The young people are involved in church choir and others in a dancing group of Kingdom Steppers every Saturday preparing for Sunday service. The children are engaged in training for songs and dancing every Saturday and perform on Sundays.

In our community, some families are still worshipping spirits. Families who are involved in this life can be hard to reach, and if a family member decides to receive Christ, they run the risk of being rejected by the family. The fear of being forced out on their own makes it challenging for individuals to accept the gospel. Please help us pray for the people who have a heart that wants to accept but is afraid.

Pray for Leo and his family. Leo has a wife and four children who are part of the choir, but Leo and his wife have not confessed faith in Jesus Christ. Currently, he sells coffee and alcohol we pray that the Lord will give him another source of income instead of alcohol.

Denis with his father Deus and Pastor Onesimus.

(2) We have witnessed the Lord work mightily through healing and deliverance of His people. Deus is a man who sold us his property for us to build a church. He sold us the land because he needed money to pay the witchdoctor who claimed he could heal Deus’s son Denis. Denis was sick for two years and was unable to sit, crawl or walk; he had been like this since the fourth grade. Denis was bedridden, and his father was desperate for him to be healed. He traveled to different clinics and health centers, but no one could give him any answers. Deus decided to go to a witch doctor, but Denis’s condition only got worse, and Deus started believing that the situation was a curse from God. He thought God was punishing him for his past sins. Deus came to our church and began to pray for his son, after a few weeks his son started to recover by first crawling then by standing up and walking. Deus was so surprised and overjoyed (because he had spent so much money trying to get answers) that he gave his life to Christ after he saw how God healed his child. The child Denis is now preparing to go back to school in the next term.

In ministry among men and women, people have welcomed us into the community. People gave us trees to build a temporary structure for the church, and members are also working together to construct a pit latrine which will improve waste disposal. Our goal is to improve the health of the community.

We see God’s power working through prayer. Adele started attending our church before her husband eventually decided to come as well. At one point he forbid her to go to church, and we a church came together and started praying for her husband. Her husband Mr. Hamson was a notorious thief and had been in prison a dozen times. He lost his property due to the restitution he owed. One day we went to visit both him and his wife in their home. We shared the word of God, and he was convicted and decided to surrender his life to Jesus Christ. Since then he joined the church and has been one of the most active members. Please pray for this family, they work any manual labor job and have a one-year-old daughter. They are trying to purchase a piece of land so they can construct a permanent home.

Royce, a widow in our church, is one of our volunteers and has two children a girl and boy. She is a gifted singer and has been training the choir. Royce loves the Lord and is committed to the church. Royce is the sole provider for her two children and is thankful to the Lord for the opportunity she has to use her gift at church. Her main prayer request is that the Lord will bless her work so that she can continue supporting her children in school.

Justine the former witch doctor, now a disciple of Jesus!

The Lord is changing lives in Ruteete; we see people giving up their devotion to witchcraft and committing their lives to Jesus Christ. A woman by the name of Justine was a witchdoctor in Ruteete and was well known in the surrounding villages. Through constant home visitation and sharing the Word of God, she promised to visit us during one of our Sunday services. When she came, she gave her life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Today, she is a living testimony in Ruteete that Jesus is saving lives from the chains of the evil one.

Leo is an Anglican who lives near our church; he has been visiting us since we started the construction of our latrine. We had several opportunities to share the Word of God with him, and he promised to attend our church even though he has not yet come. For the last three weeks, Leo has sent his children to spend time with us and also made a material contribution to the building. Leo fears the conflict from his Anglican church, and this is the main reason he has not come to our church. We pray that the Lord will help him overcome his fear and finally agree to surrender and accept the Lord as Savior of his life.

Summer 2018

(3) The Lord is healing the sick both spiritually and physically. Geresimu, a 65-year-old man who has two wives and was serving as a deacon in the Anglican church but had been bedridden due to limb paralysis. For ten years the doctors did not know what caused him to be ill. We met Geresimu through a home visit and told him that Jesus is the ultimate healer of our bodies and spirit. We prayed with him for healing for his soul and legs. At the end of our prayer, he began to move and felt strength returning to his legs. As we stayed with him, he tried to get up and started to walk. He professed faith in Jesus and thanked the Lord for healing his legs. He is now a committed member of our church and recently tithed his goat so that the church could sell it and use the money for the construction of our new church structure. He and both his wives and eight children come to church each week.

This month many people have accepted Christ, some through home visits, church services, and open-air evangelism. We shared the Word with Enoch a local council chairperson of this community and 18 people were baptized. Our prayer is that they stay in fellowship and grow anchored in the Word of God.

Domestic violence is quite common, and our community suffers from this permissible act. The main reason for these quarrels is because of the abject poverty and limited resources available in most families. Many times husbands desire to spend the family money on alcohol and when the wife objects problems and fights arise.

We met Hamson during a home visit. He has a wife and child but was previously married to another woman. Hamson was a thief and owed a lot of money. He sold his land to pay his fines and criminal charges. He served time in jail, and when he completed his sentence, he married his current wife. We came to his home several times, and at first, he had no interest in Christianity, even though his background was Anglican. We invited him to church, and he decided to attend. Through our persistence, he eventually came to church and after hearing the Bible gave his life to Christ. Hamson is now an active member and attends the men’s ministry. His wife and child come to church with him each week. Their prayer request is that God may help them work and be able to buy a piece of land to grow food.

The church is reaching people through home visits and evangelism. The Lord helped us visit nine homes ministering to 19 adults and 23 children. Seventeen people have given their lives to Jesus Christ this month. We also had an overnight prayer time at church this month, and about 200 people attended. The preacher that night was Pastor Onesimus, other pastors from the God’s Embassy churches ministered in various activities. Five people accepted Jesus Christ and all were baptized this month.

(4) God is at work drawing people to Himself. During our home visits as we share the word of God three men and eight women accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior this month. Many people are involved in spirit worship which hinders and shuts off their heart to hear the Gospel. The level of ignorance is high, and some believe that traditional herbs treat different diseases like malaria. This ignorance has caused many to die.

Allen is 40 years old, has two children and is a member of our congregation. She left her husband due to domestic violence she received from him. She went to live with her parents and now earns income by doing manual labor. Allen’s prayer request is that the Lord may strengthen her in the faith and allow her to earn an income that generates enough money to support her kids. She also prays that God will touch the heart of her husband and cause them to unite again. We are training people to read the Bible and memorize bible verses. As a church, we are reaching the community through the house to house evangelism. This month we managed to visit 36 homes reaching 36 men, 39 women, and 100 children out of whom 11 people professed faith in Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that those who have accepted Christ may have the boldness to stand in their faith despite the rejection of some family members.

Tushabe Jacqueline has continuously attended our Sunday services but fears to confess Christ because she is one of the religious leaders in the Anglican Church. Pray for her that the Lord may give her the boldness to make that decision of accepting Jesus Christ as her personal Savior.