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Recent Ministry

We thank God for his goodness. His hand has been upon us in Ruteete, and we have seen him working in the lives of the people in the community. People who did not know Him before are now accepting the gospel of Jesus Christ and have a relationship with the Lord. Some who were thieves and witch doctors have come to know God and have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We visited the family of Maureen and prayed for her. She was saved and is now an active participant in the church and fellowship. She asked us to pray for her son, Simon, who had finished senior four and gotten lost in alcoholism and smoking. We believed in God with her as we prayed for her son. Sometime later, he started fellowshipping with us. We are continuing to pray that he will come to the knowledge of Christ as his Lord and Savior.

  • Pray for Simon to come to an understanding and acceptance of the gospel and proclaim faith in Jesus Christ.

Our young people have taken the step to unite and organize themselves as a group. They are helping each other at their homes and blessing their parents through their hard work. We are excited for their witness to the community of how work is essential and has dignity.

We are encouraging the members to be active in their home fellowships, read their Bibles and regularly attend the Sunday morning classes. We are helping them to strive for depth in the Bible study sessions by encouraging them to ask questions.

Elvida is a blessing to our fellowship. She is seventy-six and is alone because her children passed away. She does not have land and so survives by working for others. She is excellent at mobilizing people to come to church. Through her encouragement, many people have started attending the church. She testifies that she used to have sleepless nights because the demons would attack her, but now she is free from the attacks. We are praying for her to have land to cultivate and grow her food.

  • Pray for Elvida to be blessed with land and for her daily food needs to be met.

Movia is twenty-six and married, but her husband stays and works in Kampala city. She assists in training the Young Ambassadors and teaching them gospel songs as a blessing to our ministry.

  • Pray for Movia to have a job that allows her to save some income; she is currently selling her labor.

Haston was living a hopeless life before salvation. Now he works by selling his labor and saving money to buy property. He has been able to buy two goats with his savings and the people in the village testify to the change they witness in his life and character.

Praise the Lord for the transformation of salvation and its witness to the community.

  • Pray for Haston to continue working hard and bless others in the church and community.

Abel is twenty-six and attends the church services. He has a wife and one child. He has not yet proclaimed salvation, but God is drawing him to faith. Annet also has started coming to Sunday services and is interested in the church programs. She has not yet taken the step of salvation.

  • Pray for Abel to come to an understanding of the gospel and be saved; pray for his family to be saved.
  • Pray for Annet to continue attending the church and to come to faith.

We have faced challenges within our community that cause people to not attend the church due to scheduling conflicts. In the village, there are some associations where people meet to pool and save their money. As these groups meet on Sundays, some of the members fail to come to church because they fear being fined for missing the association meetings.

  • Pray for a resolution to these scheduling conflicts and for the church members to be able to attend church services on Sundays regularly.

Praise the Lord for bringing people who contribute to the construction of the church structure.

  • Pray for the completion of the church structure.
  • Pray for the ability to set-up the children’s Bible class.

Pastor Turinawe Jackson’s Story

I am the third born of twelve children from my mother. My father had six wives, and my mother was the youngest and last of all wives. Because of our huge family, there was a scarcity of necessities since we shared resources amongst 37 children total from my father’s wives. For this reason, our father was not able to take us to school because he could not afford school fees for all of us.

Some of my fathers’ wives left and went back to their homes with their children and others died from various causes. Of all thirty-seven children, only ten of us are still alive. My father got so frustrated by the death of many of his children and others being taken by his wives because he could not support them, that he sold a piece of land he had. By the time he died in 2009, we were left with two acres of land which was not enough to grow food and feed all of us.

My mother worked hard and sent me to school when I was 13 years old; I studied for three years reaching the third grade. Unfortunately, because of finances, I was not able to continue studying beyond that point and stopped going to school in 1997 when I was fifteen. When I left, I began working as a farm hand raising livestock.

I worked steadily, and when I was nineteen in 2001, I eloped with a young woman named Gloria who is now my wife. In 2009, we realized that our life was not making any progress because I was a womanizer (like my father) and would spend all my income on women and alcohol and was not helping my family in anyway.

My wife suggested that we visit a church that she had heard about that had started in the neighboring community to which I agreed. Every time I attended that church, the pastor would preach as if someone had told him about me. I felt convicted by every message he shared at the pulpit, and as time went on, I decided to surrender my life to Christ and was baptized in July 2010.

Since I gave my life to Christ, I live a changed life. My wife and I encourage each other in our faith, and I’m grateful to her for taking me to the church where I first heard the Gospel. In my life, I decided to forsake the kind of friends I had before and make new ones in the faith so that I would not be peer pressured to return to my old way of living. My wife and I were young when we ran away together, and we were never married. Because of my faith in Jesus, I went back to her father and made things right by paying the bride price which is customary in our culture. Gloria and I were officially married in December 2013. I now live a rich life in Christ and am grateful to be His child.

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