Turinawe Jackson

Recent Ministry

We thank you for your support, financially and in prayer. Your support has helped us to minister more effectively. This month we have seen God at work in Ruteete in the way he is making people’s hearts receptive to the gospel. Three people have given their lives to Christ.

Steven is twenty-three and used to stay in the bushes because every time he slept in a house he would feel tormented by demons and was unable to get any sleep. For this reason, he started drinking a lot of alcohol and was living a hopeless life of alcoholism. We met Steven through our home visits and shared the gospel with him. He agreed to stay with me for a while instead of living in the bush, and we persisted in praying and sharing the Word of God with him. Eventually, he gave his life to Christ and was delivered from alcoholism. He is grateful to God for saving him. He is now well and able to work and sleep in a house.

  • Pray for Steven to grow in his new faith. Praise the Lord for his salvation and for delivering Steven from the addiction of alcohol and the torment of demons.

In our fellowship, there is a family, the mother’s name is Winnie and she is thirty-five. She was saved after being invited to a prayer meeting. She is the mother of five children from different men. When she lost her husband after her first two children, she was so desperate that she became a drunkard and ended up with three more children. She is now a part of the congregation and is considering serving in the ushering department. Her eldest daughter, Maureen, is twenty and has given her life to Christ. She has the gift of singing. The family survives by selling their labor, but as a single parent, Winnie does not make enough to support her children’s education.

Praise the Lord for transforming her life and bringing her daughter, Maureen, to faith in Jesus Christ.

  • Pray for the family of Winnie to grow in their faith and Winnie to be able to keep her children in school.

We thank God for the motorcycle. We are praying for the ability to use solar lighting to have lights during our overnight services. We are facing some trials as a church as most of our youth have no jobs, and while searching for jobs, they move far away, this impacts the family unit.

  • Pray for more employment opportunities to be created in our community.

Every Sunday before the main service, we teach the foundations class to the ministers going verse-by-verse through the Bible. We allow them to ask questions when they do not understand the information. Then during the fellowships, they can take leading roles.

  • Pray for the ministers to study hard to understand God’s Word.
  • Pray for wisdom as they teach others from the scriptures.

We are grateful to see how God is changing lives. Justine was a witchdoctor for a long time. During her time in witchcraft, she lives a stressful life because of her master being the demons who had many boundaries set for her, even her children abandoned her. When Justine gave her life to Christ, she became a free woman. She now attends her gardens and has food in her home. Her children have started communicating with her again, and sometimes they send her money; they are planning to return home.

Praise the Lord for bringing Justine to faith in Jesus Christ! Praise God for the powerful testimony she has that shows God’s love and grace for everyone.

Christine is being drawn to Christ, she has been coming to the fellowship and to church; however, her husband does not like it when she comes to the church. We have prayed with her and shared the Word of God. She has changed and is no longer a drunkard, but has not yet committed her life to Christ or become an active member of the church.

  • Pray for Christine to fully surrender her life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The church visited thirty homes and spoke with one-hundred and ninety-five men and women. We continue to evangelize, follow-up with those who show an interest and invite these people to attend the home fellowships.

Pastor Turinawe Jackson’s Story

I am the third born of twelve children from my mother. My father had six wives, and my mother was the youngest and last of all wives. Because of our huge family, there was a scarcity of necessities since we shared resources amongst 37 children total from my father’s wives. For this reason, our father was not able to take us to school because he could not afford school fees for all of us.

Some of my fathers’ wives left and went back to their homes with their children and others died from various causes. Of all thirty-seven children, only ten of us are still alive. My father got so frustrated by the death of many of his children and others being taken by his wives because he could not support them, that he sold a piece of land he had. By the time he died in 2009, we were left with two acres of land which was not enough to grow food and feed all of us.

My mother worked hard and sent me to school when I was 13 years old; I studied for three years reaching the third grade. Unfortunately, because of finances, I was not able to continue studying beyond that point and stopped going to school in 1997 when I was fifteen. When I left, I began working as a farm hand raising livestock.

I worked steadily, and when I was nineteen in 2001, I eloped with a young woman named Gloria who is now my wife. In 2009, we realized that our life was not making any progress because I was a womanizer (like my father) and would spend all my income on women and alcohol and was not helping my family in any way.

My wife suggested that we visit a church that she had heard about that had started in the neighboring community to which I agreed. Every time I attended that church, the pastor would preach as if someone had told him about me. I felt convicted by every message he shared at the pulpit, and as time went on, I decided to surrender my life to Christ and was baptized in July 2010.

Since I gave my life to Christ, I live a changed life. My wife and I encourage each other in our faith, and I’m grateful to her for taking me to the church where I first heard the Gospel. In my life, I decided to forsake the kind of friends I had before and make new ones in the faith so that I would not be peer pressured to return to my old way of living. My wife and I were young when we ran away together, and we were never married. Because of my faith in Jesus, I went back to her father and made things right by paying the bride price which is customary in our culture. Gloria and I were officially married in December 2013. I now live a rich life in Christ and am grateful to be His child.

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