Turinawe Jackson

Recent Ministry

We have seen God working in the life of Morin, who is nineteen. She had been living in the capital city of Kampala and was possessed by demons from the false prophet Kakende. Morin started living with her mother, who was in fellowship with us. We began to pray for Morin and continued to pray for three weeks. At one of our overnight prayer meetings, she became mad and ran away. Still, we managed to hold her and prayed for her until she was delivered from the demons. Morin is now well and praises God. She has joined the choir in our church.

Praise the Lord for saving and delivering Morin (wearing blue/red sweater)

  • Pray for her to grow in her knowledge and understanding of God’s Word.

One of the families in our fellowship is Kyomugisha and Katushabe, who have two teenagers, Mujuni and Agnes. They live in a three-bedroom, semi-permanent home and survive by selling their labor. Katushabe came to the church when she was suffering from painful legs and was hardly able to sleep since strange things would come at night and bang on the roof of their house. We prayed with them; the Lord healed Katushabe and the banging ceased. She is now an usher in our church, and Agnes is in the church choir. They pray for Kyomugisha to be saved soon.

Pray for the father of this family, Kyomugisha, to come to understand his need for a Savior and to come to faith.

Katusha praises the Lord and asks for prayer for the salvation of the other family members.

Seven more people have joined the church and been baptized. We are praying for God to make it possible to add another structure for our children’s Sunday school classes and for solar power for the church. Praise the Lord for bringing more people to faith in Him.

We see God changing the lives of people in the community. Provia is fifty-six and married to Keleb, who is seventy-four. They have twelve children, but three already died, and the rest are married. The man practices demon worship, and his wife frequently suffered from different sicknesses. The spirits that the husband worship did not want Provia to attend the church and would attack her whenever she tried. They convulsed her and caused her to be unable to eat so that she became weak and anemic. While we prayed and fasted as a church, we prayed with her, and God delivered her. She is now happy, and her body is healing. We give God the glory!

Continue to pray for Provia as she continues to heal and seek the Lord!

Maria is a leader in our church and is responsible for training the choir and Young Ambassadors. She is twenty-four and has cancer in her neck. She does not have money to pay for the operation. We are praying for God to provide the funds for her to have the necessary surgery.

  • Pray for healing for Maria and for the financial ability to get the medical care that she needs.

The church reaches the community through door-to-door evangelism. We visit people in their homes, sharing the gospel, and encouraging them to visit the church. This month we visited thirty homes and spoke with forty-eight men and fifty-six women. We had an overnight event, and over one-hundred people attended. Pastor Jackson preached the Word of God.

Enid is fifty years old and is showing an interest in the gospel. We visited her several times and invited her to come to church. When she went to the church service, she promised to keep coming and to make our church her home. She pledged some money for the future crusades.

  • Pray for Enid to fully surrender her life to God and to declare faith in Jesus Christ.

Many of our members are also members of the village groups. At time they run into conflict during the meetings because they are held on Sundays, but if they do not attend the village group meetings, they are fined money, which is hard for them to pay. The village meetings causes our church attendance to be low during this time.  The reason for meeting in the villages is to for pooling money for development, or for covering the cost of burials.

  • Pray for the church to have wisdom when discussing this issue with the church members.
  • Pray for the believers to discern the groups that will produce positive results and those that will only cause them to lose money.
  • Pray for their focus to be on their hard work rather than shortcuts.

The men in the church are organizing themselves to help each other purchase goats. The women are doing the same in purchasing home utensils.

We have seen God at work in Ruteete through our organization of the conference and the Bible studies at God’s Embassy in Katobo. We are grateful for those who attended the meeting. Edith, eighteen years old, was saved, and at the end of the conference, she publicly declared her faith in God through baptism. We give God the glory.

In our fellowship is the family of Patrick and Rossett; they have two children. They live in a rented house and survive by selling labor and burning charcoal. Patrick reads the Bible in church, and Rossett is an usher. Their testimony is that Patrick was a drunkard, and his wife was addicted to chewing tobacco. Still, after they came to Christ, they were able to overcome these habits.

  • Pray for Patrick and his family.
  • Pray that they would be able to buy their own piece of land.

Praise the Lord for helping them overcome their habits.

Our elders and deacons are helpful to the church in many ways.  Morin T. recently organized a group to refinish the floor of the church with mud so that it is smooth. She is good at mobilizing the members and coordinating activities in the church. Her testimony is that she had a sick child, who for two years, was attacked by demons and unable to stand up. We prayed for him, and he was able to stand up and later started walking. Then his parents had the courage to come and become a part of our congregation.

Praise the Lord for our members who love to serve!

Sharon is fourteen and used to be tormented by demons and spirits of her grandfather, who had died. She came, and we prayed with her. She was delivered, and this caused her whole family to attend the church and give glory to God.

Praise the Lord for delivering this child and bringing their families to faith in God.

Dinah is fifty years old and showing an interest in the gospel. We visited her home and shared the Word of God with her. She promised to visit us at the church and kept her promise to come. She intends to make our church her home church.

  • Pray for Dinah to come to understand her need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Pastor Turinawe Jackson’s Story

I am the third born of twelve children from my mother. My father had six wives, and my mother was the youngest and last of all wives. Because of our huge family, there was a scarcity of necessities since we shared resources amongst 37 children total from my father’s wives. For this reason, our father was not able to take us to school because he could not afford school fees for all of us.

Some of my fathers’ wives left and went back to their homes with their children and others died from various causes. Of all thirty-seven children, only ten of us are still alive. My father got so frustrated by the death of many of his children and others being taken by his wives because he could not support them, that he sold a piece of land he had. By the time he died in 2009, we were left with two acres of land which was not enough to grow food and feed all of us.

My mother worked hard and sent me to school when I was 13 years old; I studied for three years reaching the third grade. Unfortunately, because of finances, I was not able to continue studying beyond that point and stopped going to school in 1997 when I was fifteen. When I left, I began working as a farm hand raising livestock.

I worked steadily, and when I was nineteen in 2001, I eloped with a young woman named Gloria who is now my wife. In 2009, we realized that our life was not making any progress because I was a womanizer (like my father) and would spend all my income on women and alcohol and was not helping my family in any way.

My wife suggested that we visit a church that she had heard about that had started in the neighboring community to which I agreed. Every time I attended that church, the pastor would preach as if someone had told him about me. I felt convicted by every message he shared at the pulpit, and as time went on, I decided to surrender my life to Christ and was baptized in July 2010.

Since I gave my life to Christ, I live a changed life. My wife and I encourage each other in our faith, and I’m grateful to her for taking me to the church where I first heard the Gospel. In my life, I decided to forsake the kind of friends I had before and make new ones in the faith so that I would not be peer pressured to return to my old way of living. My wife and I were young when we ran away together, and we were never married. Because of my faith in Jesus, I went back to her father and made things right by paying the bride price which is customary in our culture. Gloria and I were officially married in December 2013. I now live a rich life in Christ and am grateful to be His child.

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