Pastor Able

Recent Ministry

The New Church Plant in Garuka is just a short walk from this bridge. We want to cross this bridge with the gospel
and bring a church to the next village!

We have seen God working through the life of Pastor Able. It was such a blessing to see him marry Brighton. The journey to get to this point was not easy because of the burdens placed by the culture and government. But, God answered many prayers, and the wedding ceremony was successful, and we give God the glory.

As Pastor Able plants his new church he and all the supporting leaders are helping him spread God’s word by gathering the community.

Pastor Able received a new motorbike so that he can travel to this new area. The distance from his home to the church on foot is 2 hours, now with the motorbike, he will be able to travel to and from more efficiently. Many more homes can be visited and the gospel shared to families. Additionally, Pastor Able and Brighton minister to the extremely poor families and give them assistance, teaching them how to care for their babies and children.

Pastor Able’s Testimony

I come from a family that worships spirits. My sister came home as a Christian after living in Kampala, the capital city in Uganda. My sister and the church continued to pray for the family. Eventually, my family was freed from the spirits, and I came to Christ through these prayers.

I visited Katobo Church in Rukungiri and started helping the church leaders. I eventually partnered with Pastor Bryan and began ministering to Kikarara, the people welcomed the gospel message, and a church was planted. Pastor Bryan moved to Kikarara, and I joined him and moved too. I continued visiting the area and evangelizing in the community. I traveled to a village named Garuka, which is 2 hours from Kikarara on foot. The people are so desolated, but once they started listening to God’s word, the people began gathering to hear more of the good news of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Able, Brighton his wife and their children. Ricky 7 years old, Prosper 3 years old and Destiny 9 months old.