Onesimus Ngoboka

Onesimus Ngoboka

Recent Ministry

This last month we saw God at work in a powerful way. We were blessed with the visit of Pastor Steve and his wife, who did home visits with us and crusades that led many to come to Christ. We held three crusades in the areas of Muramba, Rushasha, and Kyatoko with Pastor Steve preaching. Six people gave their lives to Christ in Kyatoka, ten in Muramba, and eight in Rushasha. We thank the Lord for saving people and growing the church.

Pastor Steve taught classes for three days. The ministers of the God’s Embassy churches attended these classes and learned more about the atonement and the knowledge of God. They had the opportunity to ask questions, and all of these questions were answered.

  • Pray for the ministers of the churches to grow deeper in their understanding of God’s Word and to be encouraged in ministering to their fellow believers and evangelizing the lost.

Ruth is married to Philip. Their eldest, Junior, is fifteen and attended school up to primary seven, he was unable to continue his education since they could not afford it. Brea is thirteen and in senior two. Linate is eight and in primary two. Simon does not attend school. Ruth has been the force of influence behind our newly established fellowship in Kebisoni were we are hoping to develop a church plant in the future. She is a committed member of the church and is part of the Kagorogoro fellowship. Her husband left the family to go work in Kampala and has been gone for five years without a visit. He stopped sending support and school fees for the children and so Ruth is caring for the children alone. She sells labor in the community to earn some income. Her main prayer request is for her husband to return home and care for his family.

  • Pray for Ruth to have the courage to continue pressing forward; pray for her husband to return home and to come to salvation.
  • Pray for the children to study hard and continue school.

Richard, Hosanna, and Jonathon were in a road accident while fetching water in our newly bought tricycle. They were getting the water to mix with sand for the construction of the Bible college classrooms and office. The sustained minor injuries and were taken to the hospital. We thank the Lord that despite their pain, no one was seriously injured. The tricycle was damaged and taken to the garage for repair.

  • Pray for these men to recover fully from their injuries.

We encourage all of our church members to be a part of a home fellowship. We believe that this enables them to identify with fellow Christians in the community and encourage each other in Christ. We use these groups as training for the members to exercise their leadership skills and share the Word of God. We have seventeen home fellowships, each with an individual leader who organizes all the activities. Every Tuesday, we have classes for the fellowship leaders where we learn the Word of God and share the challenges and joys of each group. We work together to find solutions. These groups are the beginning training grounds for future leaders in the church.

Moses is one of our rising potential leaders in the church. He is committed to studying God’s Word and has been consistent in attending the Sunday morning Bible class. He is working with God’s Embassy construction department. He was appointed this past month to lead the fellowship of Kabura. He is also the chief Sunday service programmer in the church at Katobo. We believe and pray that he continues growing in Christ to be a better leader.

  • Pray for the fellowship leaders to have wisdom in their guidance and compassion for their people.
  • Pray for those teaching to study God’s Word to encourage others and to grow in their own relationship with God.

  • Pray for Moses to continue learning and growing in Christlike character.

Emily is one of the ladies in Katobo village who used to hate God’s Embassy church. She never thought for a moment that she would enter the church. But unexpectedly, Emily started attending our services and demonstrates a more positive attitude towards the church. Though she is an Anglican by religion, we believe that the Lord is drawing her to salvation. Our prayer is that she may eventually surrender her life to Christ.

  • Pray for Emily to fully understand her need for a Savior and to surrender her life to God.

This past month, we planted fruit trees to benefit the community. Pastor Steve and Coral selected the best varieties. Coral and Jubilee Fazio were a part of the planting team who supplied fruit trees to thirty homes in the church, each person received four seedlings. The members who received the trees were excited to grow them as they will become sources of food and income for their families.

  • Pray for the growth of the fruit trees and for an abundant harvest.
  • Pray for the people to learn how to best care for the trees and be diligent in their work

Irene is married to Kyarimba, and they have eight children. The family lives in a wooden house. Irene is an usher in the church, and the whole family is part of the Kagorogoro home fellowship. Irene sells labor in the community to earn an income, and Kyarimba is a nightguard at a private house. The family’s prayer request is that they may grow in the Lord and someday own a piece of land and build a house large enough for their entire family.

  • Pray for the family of Kyarimba and Irene to grow in their relationship with God.
  • Pray for their dream of owning land and adequate home to be fulfilled.

We thank the Lord for the completion of the construction of two buildings, the Uganda School of Bible and The Healing Grace Medical Center. This past month, the Uganda School of Bible began to operate. Professor James Fazio and Professor Jeremiah Mutie lectured in our beginning classes for five days. We had twenty-four students who attended, and it was exciting for them to be a part of the first class. At the end of the week, they sat for their exams, and the results were excellent.

Praise the Lord for the completion of the Uganda School of Bible and The Healing Grace Medical Center.

We held a Bible Conference for five days. We had teachings through the book of First Corinthians, and the students asked many questions during the sessions. The main speakers were Pastor Steve, James, and Jeremiah. Praise the Lord for the teaching from God’s Word.

Eight people gave their lives to Christ at the overnight crusade in Kebisoni. We had a worship night at the end of our conference, and during the prayers, Pastor Steve proclaimed the gospel and twenty-three people gave their lives to Christ. The next day we had a baptism, and forty-six members were baptized.

  • Pray for the new believers to grow in their faith.
  • Pray for their connection to the local churches to be formed and strengthened by their decision.
  • Pray for their life transformation through the gospel to be visible to everyone in their community.

Ronald is one of the young men we are seeing as a future leader in ministry. He has a passion to serve young children and is committed to studying and reading the Word of God. Ronald is in the Kyamurari home fellowship and is an assistant trainer of the Young Ambassadors. He thanks the Lord for changing his life. Ronald prays that he will become a better minister with time as he continues serving in ministry and through the Bible school.

John is a man in the community whose life has been changed. He came from a family that worshiped ancestral spirits. The spirits tormented him and his children; one of his brothers had become mad. During one of our home visits, we met John and shared the Word of God with him. He started attending our home fellowship in Kagarogoro. He then started coming to church and gave his life to the Lord. We thank the Lord for saving him and that he is a new creation in Jesus Christ.

  • Pray for Ronald and John to grow in their faith and knowledge of God’s Word.

Sarongo is a man in the community who is being drawn in Christ. He has been attending our church services and allowing his family to come to church. His wife is a believer. Still, when she first believed, Sarongo would refuse to allow her to attend the church but would insist that she accompany him to consult with witchdoctors. After several times of being treated by these witchdoctors, Sarongo realized that his life was not getting better. Instead, things were getting worse, so he started to attend church himself and allows his wife to participate freely for services and prayers. We believe the Lord is drawing Sarongo to faith, and we are praying for his salvation.

  • Pray for Sarongo to completely understand his need for a Savior and to surrender his life to the Lord.

Pastor Onesimus

Pastor Onesimus Testimony 

Pastor Onesimus ministers in the southwest corner of Uganda. Growing up in an agricultural community he and his family attended the local Anglican Church and visited a witchdoctor. As a youth, Onesimus began to have many questions regarding his faith. He desired to follow the Lord, but in his heart, he felt emptiness. He asked God how he could have this void when he attended the Anglican church and did everything the priest said. Onesimus asked the Lord to reveal himself to him, and the Lord did. Onesimus began attending an evangelical church and became a believer in Jesus. After his conversion, Onesimus refused to participate in visits to the witchdoctor. He was faithful to Jesus alone.

After his father discovered Onesimus’ faith in Jesus and the rejection of their family’s religious ways he chased him out of his house and Onesimus fled to Kampala. While there he attended University, managed several businesses, and worked on the staff of a parliament member. In the midst of this, the Lord pressed upon Onesimus’s heart the desire to become a pastor and plant a church in his home community in southwestern Uganda. As the Lord would have it one day, Onesimus met James Fazio the Dean of Students at Southern California Seminary in San Diego, California. Through their friendship, Onesimus was able to attend SoCal Seminary and earned a Masters of Divinity in pastoral ministry. Receiving several job offers from churches in the USA Onesimus rejected them all because of the calling the Lord had placed upon him to return to his hometown and raise up pastors to reach their people with the Gospel. Onesimus is the Field Director for White Fields in Africa and pastor of the church — God’s Embassy Katobo.

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Onesimus daily and weekly ministry includes:

  • Embassy Leadership Academy meetings every Monday and Friday.
  • Door to door evangelism.
  • Oversight of the local Christian school.
  • Outreach projects to the community.
  • Seed Distribution.
  • Relief projects to starving communities.
  • Pastoral network oversight.
  • Baptisms.
  • Friday night prayer meeting. (From 6 pm to 2 am Saturday.)