Onesimus Ngoboka

Recent Ministry

We are committed to effective and accurate teaching of the Word of God, especially to those who are teaching others, including the pastors, home fellowship leaders, and Sunday school teachers. Tuesday is our day to focus on Bible classes, and we usually have between twenty-five to thirty students. This month, our focus was on leadership and how we can best demonstrate spiritual leadership in our respective callings as servants of God.

During the Sunday morning Bible study classes, the men have been studying manhood, and the women have been studying the book of Ruth. We challenge the women to live a life that shows Christ to others, just as Ruth saw God through Naomi’s life and chose to claim Naomi’s God as her own God. The aim of the classes is to equip the men and women with knowledge and understanding of how they can best serve their communities and families by exercising their full potential as Christians.

Recently, we have visitors from the USA including Pastor Steve, Pastor Todd, Ray, and Buddy. These visitors were a blessing to us. Pastor Todd taught Bible classes about the topics of Theology Proper, Dynamics of Teamwork, and Servant Leadership. Each member received two books to read. We thank God for using Pastor Todd to equip ministers for the Lord’s work by preaching the gospel and serving in the church, and by teaching from the book of James.

Praise the Lord for the excellent teaching our members are receiving.

  • Pray for participants to apply these principles, so their actions and attitudes display their love of God.

Moses is forty-five and married to Jackline, who is thirty-four. They have three children, two girls, and one boy. Joan is thirteen, Anita is ten and Joab is six and is at the top of his class. Moses is a regular attendee of the men’s class. He joined the church after our constant visits and invitations to fellowship with us. One day, the pastor gave an altar call, and Moses surrendered his life to the Lord. When he made this decision, his wife also started attending the church and gave her life to God. This family who once was Catholics are no born-again believers. Now the children are a part of the children’s Sunday school. Moses and Jackline earn their income by selling labor. Their prayer request is that they may make enough money to send their children to a better school so they can have a better future.

Cosma is one of the rising young men in our church with excellent leadership potential, twenty-two, and still single. Cosma is a born-again Christian and has been in the church from childhood. He was a Young Ambassador and then joined the choir. Now he is a part of the construction team and leads their morning fellowship. Cosma loves the Lord and is a regular attendee of the Bible class. He has a passion for music, dance, and drama, and is a gifted actor. He studied up to senior three, and his main prayer request is to be able to continue his education.

  • Pray for Moses and Jackline to find work and care for their children.
  • Pray for Cosma to pursue further education.

Edson left home due to the overwhelming amount of debts he had accumulated from his alcoholism. He abandoned his wife and three children. His family started suffering. While Edson was away in hiding, his wife joined the church and gave her life to the Lord. She requested our prayers and believed that God would bring her husband home and transform his life. We praise God that He answered her prayers. Edson returned home and started attending church with his wife. Edson eventually gave his life to the Lord, now is sober and a committed home fellowship member. He has worked hard and paid off all his debts. His family is happy, praising the Lord for the change in Edson’s life. Edson is a builder by profession.

We thank God, who enables us to continue the work of evangelism through home visits and crusades. Our visitors were able to visit fifteen homes and share the Word of God. Time was spent praying with the people and giving them gifts, they received a water bucket, ten kilograms of maize flour, five kilograms of beans, and a bar of soap. This past month, we visited eighty-six homes and shared the gospel. We had a crusade in Rushasha for two days and a single day crusade in Kigaaga. Twenty-seven people gave their lives to the Lord.

Praise God for the transformation of the gospel in the lives of the new believers.

  • Pray for Edson and his family.

Suedi is a young Muslim boy who is staying in the Katobo trading center. He is an alcoholic and smokes weed. When we reached out to him, we shared the Word of God and explain God’s plan for him from the Scriptures. Suedi’s response was positive, but he states his main challenge is giving up alcohol and smoking because he is already addicted to it. We encouraged him to come to church and pray with us as we believe the Lord will deliver him from these addictions. Suedi has started to attend the church. Our prayer is that he will give his life to God.

  • Pray for Suedi to surrender his life to the Lord and to be set free from his addictions.

Pastor Onesimus

Pastor Onesimus Testimony 

Pastor Onesimus ministers in the southwest corner of Uganda. Growing up in an agricultural community he and his family attended the local Anglican Church and visited a witchdoctor. As a youth, Onesimus began to have many questions regarding his faith. He desired to follow the Lord, but in his heart, he felt emptiness. He asked God how he could have this void when he attended the Anglican church and did everything the priest said. Onesimus asked the Lord to reveal himself to him, and the Lord did. Onesimus began attending an evangelical church and became a believer in Jesus. After his conversion, Onesimus refused to participate in visits to the witchdoctor. He was faithful to Jesus alone.

After his father discovered Onesimus’ faith in Jesus and the rejection of their family’s religious ways he chased him out of his house and Onesimus fled to Kampala. While there he attended University, managed several businesses, and worked on the staff of a parliament member. In the midst of this, the Lord pressed upon Onesimus’s heart the desire to become a pastor and plant a church in his home community in southwestern Uganda. As the Lord would have it one day, Onesimus met James Fazio the Dean of Students at Southern California Seminary in San Diego, California. Through their friendship, Onesimus was able to attend SoCal Seminary and earned a Masters of Divinity in pastoral ministry. Receiving several job offers from churches in the USA Onesimus rejected them all because of the calling the Lord had placed upon him to return to his hometown and raise up pastors to reach their people with the Gospel. Onesimus is the Field Director for White Fields in Africa and pastor of the church — God’s Embassy Katobo.

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Onesimus daily and weekly ministry includes:

  • Embassy Leadership Academy meetings every Monday and Friday.
  • Door to door evangelism.
  • Oversight of the local Christian school.
  • Outreach projects to the community.
  • Seed Distribution.
  • Relief projects to starving communities.
  • Pastoral network oversight.
  • Baptisms.
  • Friday night prayer meeting. (From 6 pm to 2 am Saturday.)