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Thank you for your continual support and prayers for the work of God in spreading the gospel in our community. We have many stories to tell of the Lord touching people’s lives and giving them deeper hunger for His Word.

Murita travels over fifteen kilometers (almost ten miles) from his home to attend God’s Embassy in Katobo. He has been consistent in coming each week to the Sunday morning Bible classes and the main service. He asked us to start a home fellowship in his house so the Word of God can be preached and shared with his family members and neighbors who are unable to walk such a long distance. The Holy Spirit is causing people to hunger and thirst for his Word.

Kiconco is married to Gilbert. Kiconco is a born-again Christian who was saved when we started the home fellowship in Rushasha village six months ago. She is committed to learning from God’s Word and participating in the church programs. Her mother started coming to the home fellowship through her invitation, and Kiconco is persistent in encouraging and inviting her neighbors to hear God’s Word. Her husband is not yet a born-again believer, but Kiconco prays and believes that one day God will save him. They have two children, a boy who is in kindergarten, and a girl. Kiconco practices small scale crop cultivation and sometimes sells her labor to earn an income. She is a skilled hairdresser, and her prayer is to save enough capital so she can open a hairdressing salon for ladies. She praises God for saving her and keeping her family safe.

  • Pray for Kiconco’s family to be healthy, safe and for their daily needs to be met.
  • Pray for Gilbert her husband to understand salvation.
  • Pray for Kiconco’s desire to open a hairdressing salon.

When members are consistent in attending the Bible classes and desire to host a home fellowship, we grant their request with the guidance and leadership of the church. We have two members, Julius and Daniel, who will be establishing a home fellowship at their house. As more people desire to host a group in their homes, we trust that God will help us with training these leaders to join the work of spreading the gospel.

Sarah is a member of the Kiizoba home fellowship. She is hardworking and persistent in gathering the members who meet each Wednesday. As an active choir member, Sarah loves to lead praise songs. She is a small-scale crop grower and married to Moses. Sarah is grateful to the Lord for enabling her to bring her husband to faith and for his salvation.  They have four children, and the family attends church together. This motivates Sarah to serve the Lord even more. Her prayer request is for her family to continue serving God and growing in their faith.

  • Pray for the establishment of new home fellowships, especially in areas surrounding the church as the gospel spreads further through the faithful evangelism of believers.
  • Pray for the training of new leaders as they study God’s Word.
  • Pray for wisdom for the teachers as they instruct these leaders.

Malian was a Catholic and an alcoholic. This created problems in her marriage and caused her to always fight with her husband. There was no peace in her home, and her children were not receiving a good education or enough parental care. At the home fellowship in Rushasha, she accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior. By the grace of God and through His power, Malian is free from the temptation and bondage of alcohol. There is peace in her family, and she is striving to be a good mother to her children. Her husband is a Catholic, and she prays that he also might become a born-again believer.

Pray for Malian’s family, for her desire to be a good mother and especially her husband to be saved.

Joseph has been showing an increased interest in the Word of God. He is a Catholic but recently started allowing his wife, a born-again believer, to attend the church and fellowships. Joseph told us, ever since his wife started going to church, his family has been different. He hopes that one day he will be a member of God’s Embassy Church. Our prayer is for Joseph to give his life to the Lord.

  • Pray for Joseph to have all his doubts removed and to come to an understanding of salvation in Jesus Christ.
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Pastor Onesimus Testimony 

Pastor Onesimus ministers in the southwest corner of Uganda. Growing up in an agricultural community he and his family attended the local Anglican Church and visited a witchdoctor. As a youth, Onesimus began to have many questions regarding his faith. He desired to follow the Lord, but in his heart, he felt emptiness. He asked God how he could have this void when he attended the Anglican church and did everything the priest said. Onesimus asked the Lord to reveal himself to him, and the Lord did. Onesimus began attending an evangelical church and became a believer in Jesus. After his conversion, Onesimus refused to participate in visits to the witchdoctor. He was faithful to Jesus alone.

After his father discovered Onesimus’ faith in Jesus and the rejection of their family’s religious ways he chased him out of his house and Onesimus fled to Kampala. While there he attended University, managed several businesses, and worked on the staff of a parliament member. In the midst of this, the Lord pressed upon Onesimus’s heart the desire to become a pastor and plant a church in his home community in southwestern Uganda. As the Lord would have it one day, Onesimus met James Fazio the Dean of Students at Southern California Seminary in San Diego, California. Through their friendship, Onesimus was able to attend SoCal Seminary and earned a Masters of Divinity in pastoral ministry. Receiving several job offers from churches in the USA Onesimus rejected them all because of the calling the Lord had placed upon him to return to his hometown and raise up pastors to reach their people with the Gospel. Onesimus is the Field Director for White Fields in Africa and pastor of the church — God’s Embassy Katobo.

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Onesimus daily and weekly ministry includes:

  • Embassy Leadership Academy meetings every Monday and Friday.
  • Door to door evangelism.
  • Oversight of the local Christian school.
  • Outreach projects to the community.
  • Seed Distribution.
  • Relief projects to starving communities.
  • Pastoral network oversight.
  • Baptisms.
  • Friday night prayer meeting. (From 6 pm to 2 am Saturday.)