Onesimus Ngoboka

Recent Ministry

Greetings from the saints in Katobo. We pray that the Lord will watch over you and your families with His loving kindness. This month we saw God at work through the provision of the airtime fee that allowed our radio program to resume. We have been lifting this burden to the Lord in prayer for some time and believe that God will provide a way for us to reach the people in Rukungiri and the rest of Western Uganda. The pastor brought up the need for the airtime fee during one of our meetings. The members made contributions according to what they could afford, and we were able to raise some money as a seed of faith for the radio program. We contracted with the radio station and are on the air. We thank the Lord that we can have thirty minutes of presenting the Word of God on the radio every day in the afternoon. We are receiving testimonies from people who are blessed in distant places where we are not able to reach during our home visits or door-to-door evangelism.

Praise the Lord for the ability to have a radio program to share the Word of God.

  • Pray for the people who listen to be convicted and come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Lovious is a teacher at Grace Land Academy and the director of studies. She is the assistant Sunday school teacher for the children’s classes and attends the Kiteeme home fellowship led by  Frable. Lovious is growing strong in the Lord and is an encouragement and example to others in the community to work hard and trust God. She is thankful to God for her job that provides for her family’s needs, especially since her husband is unemployed.  Her husband is a carpenter by trade but is not able to find a job yet. He was driving a motorcycle for a transport business, but his boss sold the bike, and that job ended. Lovious’ prayer request is for her husband to come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and be saved, and for him to find a job.

Give thanks for the testimony and witness of Lovious to the adults and children in the community.

  • Pray for the salvation of her husband and for him to find employment.

Moses is a future leader. He is a teacher by profession who has demonstrated a consistent spirit of prayer and love for the Word of God. Moses has never missed any of the Sunday school classes for the men and always arrives on time. He ministers in the church as an usher and heads the home fellowship of Nyaburondo. We thank the Lord for his life, especially for his significant contribution towards the continuation of the work of God. His prayer is to put his marriage right through the payment of the bride price.

{editor’s note} Ugandan Federal Government Law requires men to pay a dowry price to the father of a woman in order to receive a legal marriage certificate and to have a wedding ceremony. This law creates pressure on poor people and causes them to frequently forgo legal marriage and just live together. The relationship with the woman’s family is often tense and broken because the father did not receive his dowry. When those individuals become believers and join the church, the practice is to restore the appropriate relationship with the father and to negotiate a payment for the bride and become legally (in the eyes of the government) married. The local pastors are very engaged in teaching the new believers and future leaders of the church the appropriate practice for true biblical marriage. The restoration of the family in these relationships is a powerful testimony of the gospel. Many outsiders look at the restored relationships and the strong commitment the couple establish in their marriage relationship and it is drawing many to come to find counsel at the church for how to experience this peace in their family.

  • Pray for Moses to be able to pay the bride price and officialize his marriage.

We reached forty-five homes and shared the Word of God with seventy-five women and fifty males. Most of these families who we visited are from a Catholic or Anglican background. They were happy to receive us and listened to what we shared. They asked to hear more about the gospel and the Word of God. We believe the Lord is opening some of these families to listen to the truth.

  • Pray for those who listened to be willing to hear the gospel again and willing to attend the church. 
  • Pray for them to take the step of faith beyond merely observing and make a choice to declare Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Ruhimbura is a fantastic example of a life transformed by the gospel. Before he was a born-again Christian, he was an Anglican, and his life was characterized by constant demon possession attacks during which he states that his family ancestral spirits were tormenting him so he would serve them. He was a heavy alcoholic and spent much of his time in bars. Through our door-to-door evangelism ministry, we talked with Ruhimbura and shared the gospel. He felt obligated to join us for fellowship. During one of the services, he gave his life to Christ Jesus. He no longer is an alcoholic nor experiences demon possession. He serves as an usher and is an active member of the Kigina home fellowship. He works with God’s Embassy construction company.

Give thanks for the transformation of Ruhimbura through the grace and mercy of the gospel. Give thanks for his powerful testimony to the community.

  • Pray for Ruhimbura to grow in his knowledge of God and his faith.

John is a young man, twenty-two, who recently has shown interest in joining the fellowship, but his attendance is not yet consistent. He states he is searching for the truth. We believe the Lord has drawn him to the fellowship to fulfill this search. We first met him through the sports evangelism ministry, at a recent game between the church soccer team and the local village team at the Kasoraza playground. After the match, we spoke with him, shared the gospel, and invited him to visit the church. We have been following up with him since that event and are seeing an increased interest in the Lord and his love for the church. He mostly has been attending the evening youth service and recently started attending the morning service as well. Our prayer is for him to surrender his life to Jesus.

  • Pray for John to continue his search for the truth and to be saved through the Lord Jesus Christ and live a life focused on the one true God.
  • Pray for the church land; we are renting the church property from the government officials.
  • Pray for our end of the year event on December 31st. We are having a prayer and evangelistic outreach in the district stadium. It can hold over five-thousand people. Pray for the details to fall together smoothly. 
  • Pray for the people God is drawing to Himself to come and hear the love of God for them and believe in Jesus Christ for salvation.

Pastor Onesimus Testimony 

Pastor Onesimus ministers in the southwest corner of Uganda. Growing up in an agricultural community he and his family attended the local Anglican Church and visited a witchdoctor. As a youth, Onesimus began to have many questions regarding his faith. He desired to follow the Lord, but in his heart, he felt emptiness. He asked God how he could have this void when he attended the Anglican church and did everything the priest said. Onesimus asked the Lord to reveal himself to him, and the Lord did. Onesimus began attending an evangelical church and became a believer in Jesus. After his conversion, Onesimus refused to participate in visits to the witchdoctor. He was faithful to Jesus alone.

After his father discovered Onesimus’ faith in Jesus and the rejection of their family’s religious ways he chased him out of his house and Onesimus fled to Kampala. While there he attended University, managed several businesses, and worked on the staff of a parliament member. In the midst of this, the Lord pressed upon Onesimus’s heart the desire to become a pastor and plant a church in his home community in southwestern Uganda. As the Lord would have it one day, Onesimus met James Fazio the Dean of Students at Southern California Seminary in San Diego, California. Through their friendship, Onesimus was able to attend SoCal Seminary and earned a Masters of Divinity in pastoral ministry. Receiving several job offers from churches in the USA Onesimus rejected them all because of the calling the Lord had placed upon him to return to his hometown and raise up pastors to reach their people with the Gospel. Onesimus is the Field Director for White Fields in Africa and pastor of the church — God’s Embassy Katobo.

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Onesimus daily and weekly ministry includes:

  • Embassy Leadership Academy meetings every Monday and Friday.
  • Door to door evangelism.
  • Oversight of the local Christian school.
  • Outreach projects to the community.
  • Seed Distribution.
  • Relief projects to starving communities.
  • Pastoral network oversight.
  • Baptisms.
  • Friday night prayer meeting. (From 6 pm to 2 am Saturday.)