Onesimus Ngoboka

Recent Ministry

We are witnessing the Lord at work, bringing people to Him who were previously lost in worldly pleasures, slaves to alcoholism and prostitution, but now through God’s grace, we see their commitment to attend the church services and determined to grow in Christ.

Leadership Conference for the whole region, including Rukungiri District, Rukungiri Municipality, and Kanungu District pastors and their people.

Deuce was a notorious alcoholic in the community at Kabura. He was addicted to alcohol and had tried to overcome this habit several times but failed. He decided to join one of the local churches near his home but still would end up drinking again and again due to the negative influence of his friends. When we started the home fellowship in Kabura, we were joined by Deuce’s second born son, Darius, who was sixteen. God’s Embassy Katobo was organizing inter-fellowship gospel music dance and drama competitions. Darius was among the participants, and his team received a prize in the drama festival. The team used this money to purchase a pig and cared for her as a group until she gave birth to piglets. Everyone in the drama group took a piglet home to raise to benefit their family.

When Darius took his piglet home, his father, Deuce, realized there was something unusual happening in the fellowship and decided to join it. He recommitted himself to fight his alcoholism and gave his life to Christ. Today he is dedicated to attending the home fellowship and has become a committed member of God’s Embassy and testifies that he has been sober for six months. His family and friends are amazed at what the Lord is doing in his life. Deuce is healthy and happy. His main prayer request is for his wife to be saved and freed from alcoholism. We thank God who is bringing about the transformation of families through our home fellowships. Praise the Lord!

  • Pray for Deuce to resist the temptation of alcohol.
  • Pray for his wife to be drawn to faith in Christ and to overcome the addiction of alcoholism.
  • Pray for their family to grow in the knowledge and grace of God’s Word. Give thanks for the witness of Darius to his family.

This month we constructed a house for one for the woman in our church. Mary had been renting a small single-roomed home and was struggling to pay the rent. As a church, we organized a team and spent an entire day building her a three-bedroom house. Mary has three daughters. We thank the Lord for enabling us to give a helping hand to our fellow believer who is now happy and owns a home

Praise the Lord for the believers working together to build a house and demonstrating the tangible evidence of God’s love for His children to their community.

Praise the Lord that Mary and her daughters have been blessed with a home.

Roger is married to Bonny; they are members of the church and the Rwagaana home fellowship.  This family used to be members in the Anglican church, but when Bonny was saved, the Lord convicted her to join God’s Embassy. They have three boys, Shaba, Witness, and Alvin, the two oldest are in the primary grades. Roger is a boda-boda cyclist in Rukungiri, and through this business earns an income that sustains his family. Bonny is grateful to the Lord for the church and the pastors who put effort into teaching God’s Word and allowing members to ask questions concerning their faith when they are confused. Roger’s prayer request is to earn enough money to keep his children in school and care for his family.

Bonny with her 2 yr. old Son
  • Pray Roger’s job as a boda-boda driver, for safety and protection, for the ability to earn an income to provide for his family.

We hosted a five-day leadership conference for the whole region, including Rukungiri District, Rukungiri Municipality, and Kanungu District pastors and their people. We had two-hundred and fifty pastors plus nine-hundred and twenty-seven laypeople. The pastors were taught how to handle leadership in their churches and how to handle challenges that come with being a pastor. A speaker from Kampala blessed us with the Word of God.  We were able to introduce them to a sampling of the Bible college classes starting here in August. All the people were fed and given housing for five days. Multiple churches contributed food, which lowered the feeding costs.

We thank the Lord for a successful conference!

  • Pray for those who attended the conference to grow in their faith and reliance on God.
  • Pray for guidance as the pastor apply the leadership principles in their churches.
  • Pray for God’s Kingdom to spread throughout Uganda.

Irene is a promising minister in our church. When she first joined the church, she volunteered in the ushering ministry. She has demonstrated a high level of commitment despite traveling on foot a considerable distance from her village to attend the church and organize the building for the service. Her prayer request is to save for the capital to start up a small business to earn an income. Irene gives praise to the Lord for saving her.

Irene is a hard-worker, and her love for the Word of God is unusual. She never misses the early morning classes every Sunday.

Merab is an Anglican who attended our conference. When we visited her during our home visits, she was glad to see us and expressed that she enjoyed the opportunity to listen to the teaching of God’s Word during the conference. She was interested in attending a home fellowship, and we directed her to the nearest home group, the Nyaburonndo home fellowship. We are praying that Merab will fully surrender her life to Christ.

  • Pray for Merab to completely understand salvation and to declare Jesus Chris the Lord and Savior of her life.

Richard talking with Merab during home visits.

This month we visited thirty-six homes and shared the gospel with twenty-nine males and fifty-two females. During our visits, we invited people to attend our church services. The most common excuse we heard was people not wanting to abandon their fathers’ religions and abandon the churches of the Anglican and Catholics. We are thankful that overall people are more receptive to us and the gospel message despite this excuse and concern about the community perceptions of their decision.

  • Pray for the Medical Center and Bible College. The community is grateful to the Lord for the care of the church to the people.

We thank God for the support from White Fields that keeps us going and able to serve the community.

  • Pray for land to build the church.

Pastor Onesimus Testimony 

Pastor Onesimus ministers in the southwest corner of Uganda. Growing up in an agricultural community he and his family attended the local Anglican Church and visited a witchdoctor. As a youth, Onesimus began to have many questions regarding his faith. He desired to follow the Lord, but in his heart, he felt emptiness. He asked God how he could have this void when he attended the Anglican church and did everything the priest said. Onesimus asked the Lord to reveal himself to him, and the Lord did. Onesimus began attending an evangelical church and became a believer in Jesus. After his conversion, Onesimus refused to participate in visits to the witchdoctor. He was faithful to Jesus alone.

After his father discovered Onesimus’ faith in Jesus and the rejection of their family’s religious ways he chased him out of his house and Onesimus fled to Kampala. While there he attended University, managed several businesses, and worked on the staff of a parliament member. In the midst of this, the Lord pressed upon Onesimus’s heart the desire to become a pastor and plant a church in his home community in southwestern Uganda. As the Lord would have it one day, Onesimus met James Fazio the Dean of Students at Southern California Seminary in San Diego, California. Through their friendship, Onesimus was able to attend SoCal Seminary and earned a Masters of Divinity in pastoral ministry. Receiving several job offers from churches in the USA Onesimus rejected them all because of the calling the Lord had placed upon him to return to his hometown and raise up pastors to reach their people with the Gospel. Onesimus is the Field Director for White Fields in Africa and pastor of the church — God’s Embassy Katobo.

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Onesimus daily and weekly ministry includes:

  • Embassy Leadership Academy meetings every Monday and Friday.
  • Door to door evangelism.
  • Oversight of the local Christian school.
  • Outreach projects to the community.
  • Seed Distribution.
  • Relief projects to starving communities.
  • Pastoral network oversight.
  • Baptisms.
  • Friday night prayer meeting. (From 6 pm to 2 am Saturday.)