Pastor Kwesiga Robinson

Recent Ministry

Greetings to our friends in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. Thank you for your continuous support for us with finances and prayers. Without your help, our ministry would not be as effective. We have seen God working in the lives of the children who are being financially supported to attend school. They had lacked their school fees, and many of them had lost hope in the possibility of studying or continuing to attend school. They are now glorifying God for their education. This ministry to the children has also drawn others to believe in our Lord Jesus Christ through the way the church is walking in the footsteps of Jesus by helping and supporting the people in the community. One example is Katushabe, who is a student receiving a scholarship for student fees. Her grandmother, Mishambi, was a staunch Catholic but started coming to the church and has given her life to Christ. Praise the Lord!

Give thanks for the multiple blessings of the scholarship program that provides school fees for many of the children.

Give thanks for the children’s opportunities to pursue an education, made available to them through this program.

Give thanks for the ways this ministry opens doors for the gospel message and the eternal impact of salvation.

Scovia is in her forties, is married to Johnson, and is a resident of Rushasha. Scovia grew up in a family which practices witchcraft and spent much of her life in the shrines serving the spirits with her parents, Daniel and Jovian. She never attended school because she spent all her time in the shrines as the chief usher and entertainer of the visitors who come to consult the ancestral spirits. She never had the chance to attend any church or heard about Jesus until we visited her home and shared the Word of God with her. We thank the Lord that when she visited the church, she gave her life to Jesus Christ. She has joined the fellowship, and almost everyone who knew her is grateful and praises the Lord. Her parents are against her decision, and her husband is not yet a Christian. Scovia says she cannot turn back because now she knows the truth. Pray for the Lord to strengthen her faith, and through her, her family will draw near to Jesus Christ.

  • Pray for Scovia to be strong and grow in her faith.
  • Pray for Scovia’s parents and husband to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ.

Bonny is a single mother with one child, Kate, who is six and in primary school. The family lives in Katabushera village in a semi-permanent house of four rooms. We met Bonny through our home visits. She was utterly desperate and had no hope because nobody cared about her. We shared the gospel and the love of God with her and invited her to visit the fellowship. She started coming and has given her life to Christ. She is happy because she now has a family of believers who care for her. She sings in the church choir, and her daughter is in the Young Ambassadors. As a single mother, she struggles to pay for her daughter’s school fees and have enough income to provide daily food.

  • Pray for Bonny to be secure in her faith and for her physical body to be healthy so she can continue to work and support her family.

We are blessed with faithful leaders in the church. Roberts leads the finance committee and is also the church secretary. Jackson leads the building team. Norman leads the youth and the intercession ministry. Kadress leads the women’s ministry. Others are being trained to read the Bible and lead the church programs.

  • Pray for the leaders to have wisdom, courage, and compassion as they lead their people.
  • Pray for God to give them peace and comfort in Himself.
  • Pray for their training as they continue to learn and grow in their knowledge of God and His Word.

Home visitations are the most effective way of spreading the gospel. We desire to visit every house to share the Word of God. This month we visited forty-four homes and talked with one-hundred and seventy-six females and one-hundred and thirty-two males. They all welcomed us and asked us to come again to their house. Many had questions about Christ, the Bible and the beliefs of different religions. One common question that many of the people ask is ‘which religion is right’?

Abdul is our immediate church neighbor and is Muslim but still shows an interest in the gospel. He is attending the services and asking questions. Pray together with us for him to believe in Jesus Christ.

Abul with Steve during a visit

Give thanks for the effectiveness of home visitations and pray for safety for the evangelists as they travel to the homes.

  • Pray for Abdul to come to an understanding of the grace of the gospel and believe in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Moses has been attending the fellowships and Sunday church services but has not made any commitment to Christ. His wife is a believer and a Sunday school teacher for the children’s class. Moses has many questions about God, Jesus, and spirit-worship. Pray for the Lord to open his heart to the knowledge of the truth.

  • Pray for Moses to have his questions answered and accept the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
  • Pray for the cement to make bricks for our church walls.
  • Pray for a church sound system.

Pastor Kwesiga Robinson’s Story

My name is Robinson Kwesiga, and I pastor the church at Katoonya in Rukungiri, Uganda. I was born in a village close to Katoonya into a broken family where drugs, alcohol, and smoking were prevalent. I partook in these activities but wanted something more from life and felt lost. That’s when Pastor Onesimus shared the Gospel with me and brought hope into my life. As I read the Bible, I began to wrestle with my spirit about the things I heard, the battle between my will and the Lord calling for my life.

After pondering the Word, I attended a church in Kampala, and it was there that God healed my heart allowed me to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

In my 20’s I studied medicine and became a registered nurse, and through my church, I became a fellowship leader and deacon. After continuing my study of God’s Word, I became a church planter in 2015. Katoonya is a farming community interspersed with shepherds and cattle raisers. Witchcraft and demonic worship are something we face on a weekly basis. The enemy keeps many people in bondage, but we are making headway proclaiming the Gospel and seeing people set free.

With our discipleship training, we are equipping our people with a foundation of prayer and studying the Bible. Our goal is that our church members be ambassadors for the Gospel thoroughly equipped to do every good work.

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