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Both of these ladies are part of last months prayer report (click on Archive below). Let’s continue to pray for them as they seek the Lord, and let’s pray that they would both come to salvation!

God is at work in the life of Barigye, who is fifty and a teacher by profession. He was living a life of hopelessness for five years after losing his wife to HIV/Aids. As Barigye states, “there was no reason to live”, and four times, he tried to hang himself, but every time his neighbors would rescue him. His life was full of despair as he too is infected with HIV/Aids. We thank God that when we met him and shared the Word of God, he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. We advised him to start taking the treatment, and his health has improved. He now lives a life full of hope and is taking care of his two children who are in school. He has a job to teach in a private school near the church, he has also joined the fellowship, and is a Sunday school teacher in our children’s ministry.

  • Pray for the health of Barigye to improve and give thanks for his teaching position that allows him to care for his children.

Praise the Lord the salvation of Barigye and the hope this brings to his life!

Hope is thirty-five and married to Augustine, who is forty-five. They live in Mukagashe cell. They have seven children, five girls, and two boys. Four of their children still live at home, and the older three have left to find work as they are no longer in school. The family lives in a two-bedroom home and survives by selling their labor. They host one of our community fellowships, Nyakariro fellowship, in their small house. Hope is a church intercessor, and Augustine just joined the church. Hope and Augustine struggle to feed their children and provide school fees. The father, Augustine, had abandoned them and gone to an unknown location for a year, but through persistent prayers, he returned and rejoined his family. Hope requests prayers for her husband that he may choose to give his life to Christ and to find work nearby so he may earn enough to support the family with food and school fees.

Hope and her children, pray for their daily provision.

  • Pray for Augustine to find a consistent job so he can support his family.
  • Pray for his salvation.

We thank God for sustaining us during the rainy season when the storms affected the church services. We are working towards getting enough cement to make bricks for the church walls. So far we have raised enough to purchase eleven bags of cement to one-thousand, two-hundred and eighty-seven blocks.

  • Pray for the remainder of the cement needed to complete the walls of the church to provide shelter from the storms and rain.

I train others to participate in the ministry by encouraging and monitoring them individually as they serve in different capacities such as leading in different ministries, sharing the Word in the home visits and church services, and singing in the fellowships.

  • Pray for God to raise up more leaders in the church to spread the kingdom of God further into the community.

Alex is fifty-seven and one of the potential leaders in the church. He leads the Katungu fellowship and teaches the Word of God in the church. His testimony is that God delivered him from the drunkenness of over ten years. He had abandoned his family, and his children had stopped attending school. Now they are back in school and serve in the children’s choir.

  • Pray for the Lord to keep Alex in the faith and for him to gain boldness to encourage men struggling with alcoholism to seek the Lord for salvation.
  • Pray for financial doors to open for his family so he can pay school fees consistently.

One person who is being changed by God is a lady named Provia. She is twenty-eight and married to Alex. They are residents in Murambo cell in Nyakariro village. Provia has been attending the home fellowships for three weeks. She has not yet given her life to Christ but is asking many questions at church and trying to understand the gospel. She brings her children so that they can attend the children’s class.

  • Pray for Provia to fully understand salvation and declare Jesus Christ to be the Lord and Savior of her life.
  • Pray for her family to come to faith.

The church reaches the community through door-to-door evangelism and home fellowships. This month we shared with twenty-five families, including eighty-six women, and thirty-nine men.

  • Pray for those who hear the gospel to have open ears and hearts to accept Jesus Christ into their lives.

Violet is in her fifties and married to Edward. They are residents of Mukayaga cell. Violet recently invited our home fellowship members to come to her house for prayers. She has declared that she will always join us in prayers when we pray with her. We are praying for her to accept the Lord Jesus Christ

  • Pray for Violet and Edward to understand salvation and come to faith in God.
  • Pray for them to have the strength to work hard and support their family.

The Story of Pastor Robinson Kwesiga

My name is Robinson Kwesiga, and I pastor the church at Katoonya in Rukungiri, Uganda. I was born in a village close to Katoonya into a broken family where drugs, alcohol, and smoking were prevalent. I partook in these activities but wanted something more from life and felt lost. That’s when Pastor Onesimus shared the Gospel with me and brought hope into my life. As I read the Bible, I began to wrestle with my spirit about the things I heard, the battle between my will and the Lord calling for my life.

After pondering the Word, I attended a church in Kampala, and it was there that God healed my heart allowed me to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

In my 20’s I studied medicine and became a registered nurse, and through my church, I became a fellowship leader and deacon. After continuing my study of God’s Word, I became a church planter in 2015. Katoonya is a farming community interspersed with shepherds and cattle raisers. Witchcraft and demonic worship are something we face on a weekly basis. The enemy keeps many people in bondage, but we are making headway proclaiming the Gospel and seeing people set free.

With our discipleship training, we are equipping our people with a foundation of prayer and studying the Bible. Our goal is that our church members be ambassadors for the Gospel thoroughly equipped to do every good work.

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