Robinson Kwesiga

Recent Ministry

Jackie, sixty-two, is a resident of Katungu village. She is a widow with children; Ahumuza is ten, Joel is seven, and Kelvin is five years old. Jackie used to spend all her earnings on witchcraft, and as a result, she was so poor that she couldn’t purchase enough food or clothes for her children, and they stopped attending school. Through our home visits, we talked with Jackie about the gospel. She started to change and gave her life to Christ. Jackie testifies that she no longer goes to witchdoctors, so she has been able to save enough money to have food in her home and pay the school fees for her children.

Noreen is twenty-eight and a resident of Katungu village. Her husband is known as Julius, thirty-four, and they have two children, Ashavine, five years, and Daniela, who is three. This family is impoverished, they are renting, and their method of income is to sell their labor to others. Noreen is a member of our church choir. Julius suffered from ulcers, but when he joined the church and started learning the Word of God and praying, he was completely healed. Pray for Noreen and Julius to have the strength to work so they can break out of their dire poverty and care for their offspring.

  • Pray for Jackie as she raises her children and for the ability to provide for them.
  • Pray for Noreen and Julius to have the physical strength and health to earn their income and save some for their future.

Newton is a youth leader and assists in training the Kingdom Steppers. Alex is the assistant to the pastor and also a fellowship leader. Pray for these elders to continue serving faithfully and for God to open the doors financially so they can sustain their families as they commit time to service.

Elias is a resident of Katoonya cell with a wife and two children. Elias had been a drunkard for many years. His children were not attending school, nor did they have enough clothes or food at home. When Elias gave his life to Christ and started to come to church, his life started changing. He no longer drinks alcohol. His children are back in school, and he is providing for his family’s needs. We pray that God may strengthen his faith.

The church is reaching the community with the good news through home visits and crusades. This month, we visited thirty-five homes and spoke with one-hundred and thirty males and one-hundred and forty females. The men’s fellowship is still doing their rotational visits, and we expect to visit everyone this next year. Our members are being trained in ministering to others, preaching, and leading the church programs.

The Story of Pastor Robinson Kwesiga

My name is Robinson Kwesiga, and I pastor the church at Katoonya in Rukungiri, Uganda. I was born in a village close to Katoonya into a broken family where drugs, alcohol, and smoking were prevalent. I partook in these activities but wanted something more from life and felt lost. That’s when Pastor Onesimus shared the Gospel with me and brought hope into my life. As I read the Bible, I began to wrestle with my spirit about the things I heard, the battle between my will and the Lord calling for my life.

After pondering the Word, I attended a church in Kampala, and it was there that God healed my heart allowed me to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

In my 20’s I studied medicine and became a registered nurse, and through my church, I became a fellowship leader and deacon. After continuing my study of God’s Word, I became a church planter in 2015. Katoonya is a farming community interspersed with shepherds and cattle raisers. Witchcraft and demonic worship are something we face on a weekly basis. The enemy keeps many people in bondage, but we are making headway proclaiming the Gospel and seeing people set free.

With our discipleship training, we are equipping our people with a foundation of prayer and studying the Bible. Our goal is that our church members be ambassadors for the Gospel thoroughly equipped to do every good work.

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