Pastor Kwesiga Robinson

Recent Ministry

We visited twenty homes and ministered to a hundred people. We held a crusade in Muramba Nyakariro village with Pastor Steve as the guest speaker. Fifty people attended, and six of them, four men and two women, accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We followed-up with these new believers, and they have all taken the step of publicly proclaiming their faith through baptism.

Gospel Crusade!
  • Pray for the people to rely on God for their sustenance.
  • Pray for the people who are still only considering the gospel to come to understand their need for a Savior and to declare faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

James is eighty years old and lives in the Rugorogoro cell. He has been sick from diabetes and was taken to many hospitals for treatment. No cure was possible, and at least he was discharged to go home and wait for death. When he reached his house, he asked us to come and pray for him. So, we went and shared the Word of God with him, he believed and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Now, this man who had been left to die can stand and walk. We give glory to God for this miracle.

Praise the Lord for healing James.

The ministries in the church are benefitting members through fellowship and other ways. The men make rotational visits to assist each other in building small structures such as kitchens. The women make crafts including mats, tablecloths, and baskets each Saturday. The youth meet for Kingdom Steppers on Saturdays too.

Namara is thirty years old and is a resident of Katungu cell. She is married to Perez, and they have three children between nine and four. The family lives in a semi-permanent house. Namara earns a living through her retail trade in coffee. She is a member of the church choir, and her children are members of the Young Ambassadors. Namara testifies that she was healed from stomach pains and her life has changed since she became a believer.

  • Pray for Namara and her family.

The number of members in our church has increased from sixty-five to seventy-five people. We are praying that God will help us complete the walls of the church. Our deacons are dedicated to serving. Norman leads a team that cleans the church and grounds. We pray that he continues to serve God faithfully. Violet has been attending church, and we believe God is drawing her to Himself. Pray for her salvation.

Eliasafu is forty-five and married to Betty with five children. He earns a living by teaching the primary grades, and he also grows and sells tomatoes. Since most of his income went to alcohol, his family was poor and suffered for many years. Now he testifies that since he joined God’s Embassy, he has been able to save money to pay school fees for his children and is growing in character.

  • Pray for Eliasafu to grow in the Lord and to not be tempted by previous addictions.
  • Pray for his children to study hard in school.

Bosco is fifty and a resident of Murambo village. Bosco drank too much, and the whole town knew it. He reached the point of abandoning his wife and children for three years through his addiction to alcohol. He had been a teacher but was fired because of his drinking. We met Bosco during our home visit outreach and invited him to the home fellowship. He came, but still did not surrender to Christ until the open-air crusade, where Pastor Steve preached the gospel. Bosco gave his life to Christ and proclaimed his faith through baptism. The whole community was left wondering how God could save such a man that had been written off.

  • Pray for Bosco to grow in his relationship with God and stand firm against any temptation of his past lifestyle.
  • Pray for his testimony to his neighbors.

Apophia is thirty-nine and a member of the Katoonya fellowship. She is married to Apollo, a driver, and they have two children of four years and under a year. They stay in a semi-permanent home and practice subsistence farming. The husband is not yet a believer and attends the Anglican church. Apophia is an usher and sings in the church choir; her daughter, Tracy, is a Young Ambassador. When Apophia was first saved, she faced strong resistance from her neighbors and family members who persecuted her. But she stood firm and remained in prayer with us until her husband let her freely fellowship at the church with her children. We give glory to God. Our prayer is for the Lord to keep her secure in faith and for her extended family to come to faith through her testimony.

  • Pray for Apophia to grow in her relationship with God and remain steadfast in her faith.

One of our deacons is Kadress, she is a women leader in the church. She hosts a fellowship in Rwamatere and is an intercessor in the church. Kadress used to be an herbalist under the influence of evil spirits and would claim to cure cancer and kidney failure. She did this for ten years. We visited her home and invited her to attend the church. The day she came to church, she felt the presence of God and gave her life to Christ. She was delivered, and that very night she reports that she slept well. Her prayer is for her husband to come to faith.

  • Pray for Kadress to be a testimony to the community. Pray for her husband to be saved.

We see God changing lives in our community. Mugarura is nineteen and was a primary seven school dropout. When he left school, he started to stay away from home, living in the bush and stealing people’s property to get food to eat. When we met him, we shared the gospel and invited him to church. He came and now has left the bush and returned home to live with his parents. He is fellowshipping with us.

  • Pray for Mugarura to be firmly rooted in the Lord.

The church reaches out to the community through home visits, overnight events, crusades, and home fellowships. We continue to visit those who have shown an interest in the gospel but not yet proclaimed the faith. This month we visited thirty-four families to reach a total of two-hundred and forty-eight people. Some of the challenges that impact our ministry are the open markets and money pooling events. When these are occurring, the attendance of the church drops.

Lydia is fifty-six and stays in the Kyabugashe village. She has shown an interest in the gospel. We invited her to church, and Lydia has attended twice. She encouraged her children to fellowship with us. She attends a home fellowship and likes the way we share the Word of God.

  • Pray for Lydia to understand her need for a Savior and to come to faith in Jesus Christ.

The Story of Pastor Robinson Kwesiga

My name is Robinson Kwesiga, and I pastor the church at Katoonya in Rukungiri, Uganda. I was born in a village close to Katoonya into a broken family where drugs, alcohol, and smoking were prevalent. I partook in these activities but wanted something more from life and felt lost. That’s when Pastor Onesimus shared the Gospel with me and brought hope into my life. As I read the Bible, I began to wrestle with my spirit about the things I heard, the battle between my will and the Lord calling for my life.

After pondering the Word, I attended a church in Kampala, and it was there that God healed my heart allowed me to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

In my 20’s I studied medicine and became a registered nurse, and through my church, I became a fellowship leader and deacon. After continuing my study of God’s Word, I became a church planter in 2015. Katoonya is a farming community interspersed with shepherds and cattle raisers. Witchcraft and demonic worship are something we face on a weekly basis. The enemy keeps many people in bondage, but we are making headway proclaiming the Gospel and seeing people set free.

With our discipleship training, we are equipping our people with a foundation of prayer and studying the Bible. Our goal is that our church members be ambassadors for the Gospel thoroughly equipped to do every good work.

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