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Dear friends and partners in White Fields Ministries, we greet you in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior. We appreciate your support, guidance, counsel, and prayers for the work in our community and surrounding areas. God blessed this past year.

Nabasa Maume is a member of one of the Kyabugashe fellowships. She is twenty-three and a divorced mother with one daughter, Aybare Rachael, in primary one. When we first met her last year through home visitations, she was extremely sick from typhoid fever and due to poverty, had failed to access medical assistance. She had lost weight and was critically dehydrated from vomiting and diarrhea. To our surprise, people had started to arrange for her burial. We prayed with her and took her to the hospital where she stayed for over a month through the help of Robert. God showed his mercies, and she recovered. It took some time for her to regain her strength, but she is now fully recovered and able to do her usual errands as before. Maume is grateful to the church for the support and love we showed her at that time. She continues to glorify God for what the church has done. Everyone who knew her when she was ill appreciates the labors of the church in the community, especially the home visits where the church members step down into the lives of the people to minister to their needs. Naume and her three brothers serve the Lord through the church choir.

  • Pray for Maume and her family as they grow in the Lord and witness to their neighbors.

The young people and children have rehearsals every Saturday. They are being trained in different songs and spend time studying the Word of God. The women meet on Thursdays to make hand-crafts to earn an income; current projects include mats, caps, sweaters, and all kinds of baskets. The men do rotational home-visits to make repairs or construct simple structures. This month we visited the home of Mr. Oworinaw Alex and helped him to repair his kitchen.

  • Pray for the work ethic of the youth, children, and adults to be richly rewarded as they contribute to the community through various means.
  • Pray for the women to encourage one another through their conversations as they work alongside each other to earn an income.
  • Pray for the men to bless their neighbors through their work and repairs.

The Begumisa family includes Bernard and Jonah, they have four children in school and are living in Rugunda cell in Kyabugashe. Tumuramye is six years old and in primary one. Elizabeth, the only girl, is eleven and in primary four. Abraham is thirteen and in primary three. Niwamanya is four years old. The family ministers in the Kyabugashe fellowship and live in a semi-permanent house with three rooms. They are struggling to survive as Jonah, the wife is the only earner of income in the family. Bernard cannot move, he was hit by thugs in his back and sustained a deformity of his left femur. He lives in great pain and is not able to go to the hospital for treatment. The children serve on the Young Ambassadors team, and the mother serves as an usher in the church.

  • Pray for the Begumisa family, for their daily needs to be met through the income earned by Jonah, she is a day laborer.
  • Pray for the Lord to open doors for them financially so they can afford for Bernard to receive medical treatment and also keep the children in school.

 I am training individuals in ministry through teaching and prayer. We talk with the individual who has shown interest in a specific area and start by observing them to discern their gifts.  We pray with them and encourage their persistent faithfulness. We advise them to read their Bible daily and meditate on its words. I am working with the deacons at the church to build a strong leadership team. Jackson helps in the construction department. Robert leads the men’s ministry, and Agnes leads the women. Norman and Nabasa lead the children’s ministry.

  • Pray for the Lord to keep those in ministry growing in their faith to continue serving the Lord.
  • Pray for the encouragement of the leaders as they faithfully serve the church members and pray for them to encourage one another.

God is changing the lives of people. Alex and Allen are married, both are in their thirties. Allen, the wife, is the one who gave her life to Christ first, in June of last year. Alex was not happy and harassed her, not allowing her even to attend the fellowship. But through constant home visits, he became more interested in the gospel. He has not yet confessed; however, he at least allows his wife to attend fellowships and has even allowed us to begin a home fellowship in his house and he tries to come.

  • Pray for Alex to come to a complete understanding of the gospel and to surrender his life entirely to the Lord Jesus Christ.

An old woman, Tinkamuzaraga Yudeth, is one-hundred and twenty years old. She recently showed great interest in the gospel as we preached and gave her life to Christ. She was amazed, telling us that she had never heard a good gospel like the one our church was teaching. She promised to arrange a day for us to share the Word of God with her family members.

  • Pray for the family of Tinkamazaraga Yudeth to hear the gospel and come to salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. Give thanks for the salvation of Yudeth.

Our church reaches the community through door-to-door evangelism and home visits. We encourage them to attend the fellowships in various homes throughout the community. This month we visited thirty homes and shared the good news with over two-hundred people. Three people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. The people are thrilled to have us come to their homes, they welcome us and take the time to listen to the gospel. This warm reception encourages us to keep visiting them, and we desire to share the good news with all the people in the Katoonya community. Once they have heard, they then can decide if they will accept Jesus Christ into their lives.

  • Pray for the people in Katoonya to be open to listening when the gospel is shared and to come to faith in God.

Pray for those who bring the message of the good news to have wisdom and compassion as they share with their neighbors.

  • Pray for a church sound system and chairs.  Pray for the cement to make bricks for the church walls.

The Story of Pastor Robinson Kwesiga

My name is Robinson Kwesiga, and I pastor the church at Katoonya in Rukungiri, Uganda. I was born in a village close to Katoonya into a broken family where drugs, alcohol, and smoking were prevalent. I partook in these activities but wanted something more from life and felt lost. That’s when Pastor Onesimus shared the Gospel with me and brought hope into my life. As I read the Bible, I began to wrestle with my spirit about the things I heard, the battle between my will and the Lord calling for my life.

After pondering the Word, I attended a church in Kampala, and it was there that God healed my heart allowed me to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

In my 20’s I studied medicine and became a registered nurse, and through my church, I became a fellowship leader and deacon. After continuing my study of God’s Word, I became a church planter in 2015. Katoonya is a farming community interspersed with shepherds and cattle raisers. Witchcraft and demonic worship are something we face on a weekly basis. The enemy keeps many people in bondage, but we are making headway proclaiming the Gospel and seeing people set free.

With our discipleship training, we are equipping our people with a foundation of prayer and studying the Bible. Our goal is that our church members be ambassadors for the Gospel thoroughly equipped to do every good work.

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