John Tusimukye

Recent Ministry

Jack was lost in alcoholism. One day, the Lord convicted him to come and pray with us at the home fellowship of Bihasha Kinyamahwa. Jack told us that he had been hearing about our church and was looking for us. Jack was already quite drunk, so we could not trust his words. But Jack insisted he was willing and ready to surrender his life, including his alcoholism, to God. We prayed with him, and the next Sunday saw him at church. Since then, Jack has been a consistent member of the church, attending the services, and home fellowships. We praise the Lord for the great work He is doing in bringing people to Himself, even in unexpected ways. Jack now shares with others what the Lord has done in his life.

Praise the Lord for saving Jack.

  • Pray for his testimony to the community and his transformed life to bring others to faith in God.

The children still attend church every Saturday for Bible study and rehearsals. They are studying the book of Proverbs, and they recite memory verses in the main service on Sunday. The adult ministry is collecting their money to fund their self-development projects like purchasing poultry and other projects.

Abaho is in his thirties, and his wife, Rovince, is mid-twenties. They have one child, Tricia, who is a year and a half old. The family lives in a temporary house in Kinyamahwa village. Abaho trades in matooke (cooking bananas), and his wife sells her labor. They also crop farm on a small piece of land to grow food for their household. Rovince is in the church choir. They share their testimony in the village of how God saved them and healed their child from an unknown illness, which they thought was from witchcraft. Pray for God to bless the work of their hands so they can earn more and purchase another piece of land to grow enough food for their family.

  • Pray for Abaho, Rovince, and Tricia.
  • Pray for the parents to work hard and for their efforts to be blessed.
  • Pray for Abaho and Rovince to train up their child to follow Christ.

We praise God for answering our prayers. We needed more space for our Children’s Sunday school and prayed for this need. God touched one of our neighbors, who is not even a Christian, he is Anglican, but he offered us a house for use as a Sunday school class. Praise the Lord.

  • Pray for our witness to this neighbor through the children.
  • Pray for the children to learn and grow in their faith in God.

We are grateful for our elders and deacons who help to move our church forward. Davis is twenty-two and our assistant choir leader. He has the gift of singing.  He also is mentoring our youth by encouraging them to be consistent in attending church and to spend their time profitably. Davis was once a drunkard, used drugs, and had other bad habits. He got into trouble frequently and would usually end up in prison. When Davis was saved, his life changed. He came to our church and found that we were teaching the Word of God in a way that would impact his life and help him grow in Christ. Davis asked to join us, and we welcomed him. His prayer request is that God will help him work hard and save the money to purchase land to build a home.

  • Pray that God grants his prayer request.
  • Pray for Davis to continue to influence the youth positively.

Faith is fifty-six and lives in Mukaterero Kengoma in Kamunyu cell. She lost her husband last year and has four children. Before she came to Christ, Faith was hopeless about life due to losing her husband. She had no reason to keep going, but now she says that God has given her new hope in Christ, and she can work to care for her family. She expresses gratitude to God for bringing hope into her life.

Joventa is fifty-eight and is being drawn to Christ. We met her during our home visits. We shared the Word of God and prayed with her. Joventa has promised to fellowship with us and is committed to attending our fellowship.

  • Pray for faith and her family.
  • Pray for Joventa to come to understand her need for a Savior and to express faith in Jesus Christ.

Pastor John’s Testimony

Pastor John started with White Fields in January 2018. He saw a need in his community for someone to teach the Bible and one year ago began to focus on families in the community. White Fields is proud to partner with John and increase the effectiveness with which he serves in establishing a church in Kinyamahwa, Uganda. Read below to see how God transformed John life.

I was born into a family of Roman Catholics where we worshiped evil spirits and the spirits of the dead. Often these evil spirits possessed us, and they would demand animal sacrifices with specific demands. If the particular requirements of the spirits were not met, all of the children in the family would get sick, and some would even go crazy.

I was discouraged by this lifestyle and was not doing well in school. I felt too old to be in grade two, so I quit school with only a grade two education. I started loitering around the community, and this idleness led me to the habit of stealing. I started stealing goats, hens, and garden harvests.

I started a business which consisted of selling the goats and cows that I had stolen. I was in and out of prison for stealing. I narrowly escaped death several times after I was caught stealing or with a stolen property like cows. If you are caught stealing the crowd around you will dispense mob justice and will kill you before the police arrive.

On one occasion, the crowd caught me with a stolen cow. It was a market day similar to a swap meet event in the USA. The mob beat me, tied me up, and piled old motorbike tires soaked with gasoline around to set me on fire. After they had tied me up, they got ready to start the fire but could not find the matchbox. It was one of the few times that I was glad to see the police arrive. This was a life-changing event. It was after this incident that I gave my life to Christ. I had been imprisoned eight times before I gave my life to Christ.

While in prison I felt great conviction, my inner man was always telling me to change or I would die. That close call with the crowd and to be saved from death was a call from God to change my life. During my time in prison, I heard Pastor Onesimus teaching on the radio, and the message led to a great conviction in my heart and an urgent desire to come to Christ.

I decided to go to God’s Embassy Church in Katobo and at the end of a sermon I had an opportunity when they made an altar call to give my life to Christ in 2011. A few months later I was baptized. Since then I have been growing in my faith.

I used to worship evil spirits with my family, but now I only worship the living God. My character has changed, and I am no longer a thief. I have found ways to return to people what I stole from them and repay them. I have also been gathering my children that were conceived with different women. I was an immoral man before coming to Christ. But, now I am married and faithful to just one woman, my wife. I am providing care and financial support to the children that were born from these other relationships.

The Lord has used my testimony to draw many people to Himself. As Paul wrote, “But I received mercy for this reason, that in me, as the foremost, Jesus Christ might display his perfect patience as an example to those who were to believe in him for eternal life.” [1 Timothy 1:16, ESV]

People in my community say that if God, who saved John, and changed him, can do that in his life, then he will change us and make our lives better too. Pray with us that God will bring many to faith in his son Jesus here in the community of Kinyamahwa and our surrounding villages in the mountains.

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