John Bosco

Recent Ministry

Kyozeire is forty-five years old and from Nyankinengo parish in Nyakagyeme sub-county. She has been sick with painful limbs for thirty-three years, which caused her to be unable to walk. She required the support of someone holding her or using a stick. Her speech is challenged and difficult to understand. We prayed for her at the church for three days, and the Lord Jesus delivered her from her sickness. She now walks and speaks clearly.

Dominic and Evaline are a family in our fellowship. They live in Katungu cell in a rental with their four children, Precious, Elias, Sadress, and Judith. Their eldest is fifteen, and their youngest is six. Dominic is a builder, and Evaline sells her labor to make ends meet. They are struggling to pay the rent in their current location. Evaline is a gifted singer and has brought many new people to church, including three adults and twelve children. She is in the church choir, and Dominic is the chairman of the building committee. Evaline used to be a drunkard, but God delivered her from this addiction. We pray for the Lord to keep them firm in His Word and to enable them to build their own house.

  • Pray for Dominic and Evaline to be able to build a house.
  • Pray for their family to grow in their relationship with God and for more people to be brought to know Jesus Christ through them.

We praise God for adding three more new believers to our church, who recently were baptized. We now have thirty-seven people, and we are praying for more to join the church. We are training others to serve by teaching the Bible in the Sunday school class that meets before the main service. They study together so they can understand the true meaning of the Word of God and the context of the scriptures. They participate in the ministry by reading the Bible, and some are learning how to lead the services.

One of our challenges is the leaking of our water tank. It needs to be repaired so we can continue to harvest the rainwater. We were able to acquire some bricks to build our bathroom’s veranda. After this project is completed, we plan to repair the water tank.

Murisa is twenty-eight and is training with us in the foundations class. He is now a dedicated leader and programmer in our church. He was sick from Malaria, but we thank God that he has regained his health and can work again. He earns his living by selling coffee and driving a boda-boda. His main prayer request is to learn how to read the Bible, so he may study the Word of God and grow in his faith.

God is changing the lives of people through the power of the gospel. Samuel is thirty-five and resides in Katungu cell. He used to be a drunkard. We thank the Lord that through our continued visits, Samuel started attending the church service and home fellowships. Finally, he gave his life to Christ and became a committed believer. His life was transformed, and now Samuel started trading in coffee and purchased a motorcycle so he could be a boda-boda driver.

Pray for Murisa and Samuel to earn their living through the coffee trading and transportation business. Praise the Lord for Murisa’s healing and pray for his desire to learn how to read the Bible.

We are reaching the community through door-to-door evangelism; we visited thirty-five homes and spoke with one-hundred and forty people. Five of them received Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Praise the Lord!

  • Pray for these new believers to grow in their knowledge and understanding of God’s Word.

Kamagoba is sixty years old and is close to understanding salvation. He used to experience the attacks from demons, and we were invited to pray with him. The Lord delivered him, and he has been a testimony of the goodness of the Lord in the community. Since that point, he has been coming to the church services.

  • Pray for Kamagoba to come to know his need for a Savior and to surrender his life to Jesus Christ.

Mujuni is fifty, his wife, Generous, is forty-seven and they have four children between twenty-one and ten. Mujuni comes from Byaata cell in Katungu village. He was in an accident while riding a bicycle and broke his leg. When we did house visits in his area, we met him lying helplessly in his home. We continued to visit him, prayed with him, brought him supplies, and encouraged him in the Word of God. We thank God that he is recovering.

  • Pray for a full recovery for Mujuni, for his leg to be completely healed. Pray for his family.

A family in our fellowship is Medard and Kyomuhendo; they have four children. Their youngest, Caleb, is five years old and deaf. The family lives in Katungu in Kigaaga trading center but were born in Katonya; They are staying in their landlord’s house and caring for it as their income. This family faces the challenge of feeding and clothing their children and paying for their school fees. The wife, Kyomunhendo, helps at the church in reading the Bible and ministering through special songs. Our prayer is for the husband, Medard, to be saved so that he accepts more responsibility and cares for the family better.

  • Pray for the family of Medard and Kyomuhendo.
  • Pray for Medard to come to salvation.

Jane is a deacon and a singer in our church choir. She is married with two children. Her testimony is that she lost her marriage to another woman who pulled her husband away. After Jane was saved and started to attend our church, we prayed and encouraged her to change her ways. Then her husband saw the transformation of Christ in her life. She is now reconciled with her husband and the other woman left. The family is back together, and the marriage has been restored. Pray for her husband to give his life to Christ. Jane believes God will help her raise money to start a business.

Tarasis is fifty-four years old and has been transformed by the power of the gospel. He had sold his property to purchase a piece of land to settle on, but he was not paid the agreed sum of money even though his property was taken, so he was left with nowhere to live. We thank God that he managed to buy a piece of land and built a small house to live in with his wife and two children.

  • Pray for Tarasis to grow in his knowledge and understanding of God’s Word.
  • Pray for his family.

Kajuuli is in his fifties and is showing an interest in the gospel. He has been coming to our church services and asks many questions so he can understand. Every time we visit, he gives us time to share the Word of God with him and likes to hear it.

  • Pray for Kajuuli to come to know his need for a Savior and to come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Pastor John Bosco & Family

Pastor John Bosco’s Ministry

My name is John Bosco, and I am a Pastor in the Kigaaga area of Rukungiri, Uganda. Our church is one of several strategically networked churches seeking to bring the good news of the Gospel to the poor and hopeless in our community. I became a believer in Jesus after my brother attempted to have me murdered several years ago. You can read my testimony here. I have a beautiful wife named Scovia who works alongside me in ministry in addition to my two sons and one daughter. We served for several years in our church and were disciplined and trained for positions of leadership. In 2017 with the help of White Fields we were sent out to plant a new church in Kigaaga.

Kigaaga is an agricultural trading center where most of the people farm or raise cattle, pigs, and chickens. Witchcraft and demonic activity are prevalent here. The Catholic and Anglican churches teach that it is okay for their members to get assistance from demonic forces and explain that their church can only do so much. We stand as a beacon of hope teaching the freedom that Christ gives us from the wrath of sin. Numerous people have been freed from demonic oppression after running to our church for help. You can read these stories in previous updates on our archive page. In 2017 we purchased land and began constructing a permanent church building as a symbol of our long-term commitment to this community.

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Several of the activities I do on a daily, and weekly basis includes:

  • Leadership training every Monday with our mother and sister churches.
  • Trade skills class for women in our church to increase their income.
  • Evangelism outreach with 5 members of the church.
  • Organize a dance ministry for the youth in our church called Kingdom Steppers.
  • Conduct house visits to homes in our community.
  • Friday night prayer from 6 pm to 1 am.
  • Lead church fasting from Friday night to Sunday morning.
  • Teach Bible Study class on Saturday evenings.
  • Sunday morning Bible study class for young leaders.

My wife and I are committed to ministering to the people in our community and seeing them transformed from darkness to light. Thank you for your support of national church planters and the unreached in our community.