John Bosco

Recent Ministry

We at God’s Embassy Kigaaga are grateful to God for his mercy and thankful for Whites Fields ministries provision of finances that enable us to carry on the work of God and care for our families. We have seen God’s grace to his people. This month, we have seen the salvation of three men in their thirties, Enock, Karindo, and Saja, and two teen girls, Shilat and Phionah.

Praise the Lord for saving Enock, Karindo, and Saja.

Praise the Lord for saving Shilat and Phionah.

The youth are mobilizing themselves and doing home visits. They encourage each other to meet and develop their talents of singing and dancing for the Lord. The youth have saved a little money and purchased a piglet and four hens to help finance their group’s necessities such as uniforms. We have started soccer matches where we host the youth who come to play, and these events have brought more youth to church.

Praise the Lord for the youth’s hard work and acceptance of responsibility.

  • Pray for the youth who come for the sports to continue to attend the church and be saved.

I am training and encouraging Evaline and Phionah to lead the praise and worship services.  They have led several praise and worship times, and this has motivated them never to miss a church service.

Praise the Lord for the encouragement of Evaline and Phionah through the praise and worship ministry.

  • Pray for their continued commitment as they learn and grow in their faith and leadership abilities.

One of the families in our fellowship is the family of Kasaato, he is thirty-six and has a wife and three children. They have been married for twelve years. They survive by selling their labor to buy food. His wife also weaves baskets to sell. They live in a semi-permanent house. Kasaato’s testimony shows a life changed by the gospel. Before he was saved, he had a hair salon but then joined a group of youth with bad habits of smoking and drinking. Eventually, he failed to work in his salon and left home. After some years, he returned home and discovered that his wife was a believer and was fellowshipping with us. He came to visit the church and gave his life to Christ. Now he is an adviser to the men and helps read the Bible. He is praying to save up the necessary capital to restart his salon again.

Frieda is an usher in the church. She is in her late forties and has six children. She is involved in praying and interceding for the church and its members. She testifies that God provided for her even when her husband was in prison. She was able to get land where she could cultivate food for her children. She is praying that her husband, who is serving his last years in prison, will be saved and return home safely.

  • Pray for the salvation of Frieda’s husband and for him to return home safely.

Katambuuka is being drawn to Christ. He has been attending the fellowship and asks many questions about the Bible. We are praying for his salvation.

  • Pray for Katambuuka to have his questions answered and come to an understanding of the gospel.

Praise the Lord; we have been able to divide our children’s groups into two classes, separating them according to their ages.

Praise the Lord for the five bags of cement for building the church walls.

  • Pray for more bags of cement to complete the church walls.

Pastor John Bosco’s Ministry

My name is John Bosco, and I am a Pastor in the Kigaaga area of Rukungiri, Uganda. Our church is one of several strategically networked churches seeking to bring the good news of the Gospel to the poor and hopeless in our community. I became a believer in Jesus after my brother attempted to have me murdered several years ago. You can read my testimony here. I have a beautiful wife named Scovia who works alongside me in ministry in addition to my two sons and one daughter. We served for several years in our church and were disciplined and trained for positions of leadership. In 2017 with the help of White Fields we were sent out to plant a new church in Kigaaga.

Kigaaga is an agricultural trading center where most of the people farm or raise cattle, pigs, and chickens. Witchcraft and demonic activity are prevalent here. The Catholic and Anglican churches teach that it is okay for their members to get assistance from demonic forces and explain that their church can only do so much. We stand as a beacon of hope teaching the freedom that Christ gives us from the wrath of sin. Numerous people have been freed from demonic oppression after running to our church for help. You can read these stories in previous updates on our archive page. In 2017 we purchased land and began constructing a permanent church building as a symbol of our long-term commitment to this community.

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Several of the activities I do on a daily, and weekly basis includes:

  • Leadership training every Monday with our mother and sister churches.
  • Trade skills class for women in our church to increase their income.
  • Evangelism outreach with 5 members of the church.
  • Organize a dance ministry for the youth in our church called Kingdom Steppers.
  • Conduct house visits to homes in our community.
  • Friday night prayer from 6 pm to 1 am.
  • Lead church fasting from Friday night to Sunday morning.
  • Teach Bible Study class on Saturday evenings.
  • Sunday morning Bible study class for young leaders.

My wife and I are committed to ministering to the people in our community and seeing them transformed from darkness to light. Thank you for your support of national church planters and the unreached in our community.