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November 2019

God is working in the life of John. He is married to Barbra, and they have three children. John had been struggling with drinking and heavy smoking for such a long time that it was hard for him to stop even after he professed faith in Jesus Christ. We encouraged him to stop these addictions and prayed with him for the strength to overcome them. Now he has stopped drinking and smoking, his appearance has changed, and he is currently caring for his family.

  • Pray for John and Barbra to raise their children to honor God.
  • Pray for John not to be swayed by his past temptations but to stand firm in his faith.

We praise God for the people who were saved at the crusade in Garuka, where we showed a video and shared the gospel. Forty-seven people professed faith in Jesus Christ. We have started a new fellowship in Garuka. Many people are coming to God, and the Bible study allows us to teach them more from the Word of God.

We train the believers to lead others to Christ and minister to each other. Payson has been leading the home fellowship in Garuka. We are hoping to plant a church in this location to be pastored by Pastor Able due to the fellowship’s growth in numbers.

  • Pray for the fellowship in Garuka as the new believers grow in their knowledge and understanding of God’s Word.
  • Pray for our desire to plant a new church in this area and for Pastor Able.
  • Pray for God’s provision so we may purchase sound equipment for the church.

The church is reaching the community through home visits. Recently, we were blessed to have the White Fields team from the USA join us for home visits in the Kikara area. We were able to distribute food and children’s clothes. We showed a video at the crusade were Pastor Ronnie preached and twenty-two people were saved. We give God the glory!

We thank God for his goodness. We were blessed with a baby girl named Bethel. Elizabeth endured some difficulties in labor, but the operation was successful. We are grateful for those who prayed for us during this time. May God bless you.

October 2019

First of all, I would like to praise the Lord for giving me and my wife Elizabeth a healthy baby girl. We are trusting Him that she will remain healthy.

We have seen God working through the life of Pastor Able. It was such a blessing to see him marry Brighton after much prayer. The journey to get to this point was not easy, but in the end, the wedding ceremony was successful and we give God all the Glory!

  • Pray for Able and Brighton as they live their lives for the honor of the Lord and minister at the church.

We are training the congregation to be ministers to the church. We allow them to lead question and answer sessions as moderators. When our members participate they are learning God’s word and helping others learn as well.

  • Pray for the teachers to have wisdom as they prayerfully consider these questions and how to answer them with God’s Word.

In our church, the adult and youth ministries are raising a garden on the church property to earn income. We thank God for the provision of the land and the dignity of work. We praise God for the rains that enable our food to grow.

September 2019

Johnson and Christine have four children. Anthony is ten years, and Benjamen is nine years; they are both in primary one. Alex is seven and in top-class; Blessed is three years and not yet in school. Johnson was a drunkard all his life, and they lived in a grass-thatched house. A year and a half ago, Johnson accepted Jesus Christ, and his life started changing. He stopped drinking alcohol, started to work, and saved some money. This month, Johnson purchased a piece of land, and now they live in a semi-permanent home with a roof of iron sheets. Everyone around him is wondering how he managed this. Johnson gives praise to God, who saved him and delivered him from alcohol. We all give glory to God!

Praise the Lord for the salvation of Johnson and how God’s grace has transformed his life.

  • Pray for his testimony to his neighbors.

The children are practicing their dancing skills for the choir and are learning the Word of God. The adults have started their music rehearsals for an upcoming competition at our church. The prize for the winning fellowship will be a goat. The adults are also involved in the general cleaning at the church.

We praise God for bringing people to Himself. Sylvia and Lauben were saved through our sharing of the gospel during home visits. They have joined the church. As a church, we are praying and believing that God will use us to build a school in this community. The children in Kikarara walk long distances to reach the school and are tired when they arrive. The few available schools are far distance away and costly, so education is affordable to only a few people.

  • Pray for the Kikarara church’s desire to build a school for their children.

I train others and give them opportunities to minister in home fellowships, lead intercession at church, share the Word by preaching and leading the church services. These experiences have helped them gain confidence in leading others. Apollo is one of our leaders who is growing.

The church reaches out to the community through home visits. We share the Word of God with individuals and give them the chance to ask questions, so they understand more about God. They would not be able to ask these questions when they’re in a large group. We visited fifteen homes. Lauben is coming to the church and tells us that he likes how we share the gospel but has not yet given his life to Christ.

  • Pray for our outreach to the village.
  • Pray for Lauben to come to faith in God.

July/August 2019

We praise the Lord for a successful women’s seminar at the church. The women were taught how they could be involved in the ministry and also do different activities to help them earn an income for their families. They were encouraged by the speaker to be a source of hope in their families since they have Christ within them, and He is our Hope. Karema testified that she wanted to divorce her husband since he was not caring. Still, after these teachings, she was encouraged to keep praying and to change her own behavior. She trusts and believes that God will change her husband too.

  • Pray for the women to implement these principles into their lives.
  • Pray for those around them to see the difference the gospel has made in their character and behaviors.
  • Pray for Jesus Christ to be displayed through the believers.

We ask for prayer for our community, many people suffer from malaria, typhoid, and other diseases. There is a need for the medical center. Many children are unable to attend school, as there is a lack of school in this community.

  • Pray for the physical needs in the community to be met and for opportunities through meeting these physical needs for the spiritual need for a Savior to become apparent to the people.

I have seen God working in the lives of the people in Kikarara and healing them from diseases. Desire is the daughter of Medi and Naomi, and she was ill for a long time. Despite her parents bringing her to different clinics, she was not healed. Through the prayers of the believers, we thank the Lord that she is now completely healed. Her parents testify to the greatness of God.

The church reaches out through home visits and preaching the gospel. We visited over fifty people these past couple of months. One woman, Kyasi, had been sick from malaria for the past five days. I invited and paid for medical personnel to give her treatment. She is grateful for the kindness that was shown to her.

  • Pray for Kyasi to recover fully and for her to understand her need for a Savior.

God provided for our community through the building of a water tank by generous people. Praise the Lord. This will solve the problem the village faces of having access to clean water. The tank is built on the land near the church and pastor’s house and will be shared with the entire community.

  • Pray for opportunities to share about the Living Water through the generosity of the church in providing clean water to the entire community.
  • Pray for people to come to faith through this gift.

Dorothy is lame and usually stays with her mother. She is struggling since she can hardly walk or dig. Dorothy is HIV positive and unable to receive the necessary medical care, especially due to her limited mobility. She was married to Ochen, and they have one child, Arugasha. However, the couple separated, and Dorothy moved back in with her mother. Sometimes her mother also chases her out of the house since she is now HIV positive.

  • Pray for Dorothy to have access to medical treatment.
  • Pray for her witness to her family and others in the community.

We held a seminar at God’s Embassy Kotobo, which studied the book of First Corinthians. The teaching helped us to understand the Word of God better. We also give praise for the exceptional food that was provided by our visitors. Pastor Steve preached at a special service while he was here. We are grateful for his instruction, and the church members were excited to participate in the activities. Part of the way we train the believers is by encouraging them to read the Bible out loud during the church services and through discussion in the home fellowships.

  • Pray for the believers to grow in their knowledge and understanding of God’s Word.
  • Pray for their relationship with God.
  • Pray for their fellowship with each other to display Christ.

May/June 2019

This month we saw the hand of God working in the life of Evas. She is married to Gabriel, and they have three children. During her pregnancy, her condition was not good because she lacked iron in her body. When we visited her, we were able to give her some money to get medicine for her anemia. She delivered a baby boy, and we were grateful because she had a regular delivery and did not need an operation as we had expected. Praise the Lord.

  • Pray for Evas to recover fully from the birth and for her iron levels to normalize.
  • Pray for this baby boy to grow up healthy and to one day follow Jesus.

During this holiday, we changed our children’s Bible stories since they were out of school. They came every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to learn from the Bible starting in the book of Genesis with the story of creation. We face the challenge of many of the children not being able to attend school, so they do not know how to read or write. We have a total of twenty-three children.

  • Pray for the children to know and love God.
  • Pray for opportunities to attend school, for the families to be able to pay for school fees or for scholarships.
  • Pray for the children to be healthy.

Every Sunday morning, the foundations class meets to take turns reading and discussing the Bible. We visited twenty-homes this month during our outreach to the community.  As interest in the gospel grows in a specific area, and more people are gathered, we establish a home fellowship in the neighborhood.

  • Pray for the believers to grow in their faith through the study of God’s Word.
  • Pray for the home fellowships to grow as more people become interested in hearing the gospel and for leaders.

Our community has been infested with rats that are destroying the crops, including the sweet potatoes, cassava, and millet. Many people’s gardens have been destroyed.

  • Pray for a solution to this challenge.

We praise God for sending rain as our crops were suffering from the drought. This is the season to plan sweet potatoes.

  • Pray for the crops to grow so the people will have food to eat.
  • Pray for the health of the community and for solutions to the rat infestations.
  • Pray for plastic chairs so our attendees may sit during the church service.
  • Pray for a school to teach the children of the Kikarara community.

April 2019

This month we have seen the hand of God in the building of our home. We were able to move in, although it is not yet completely finished. We are grateful for the support from White Fields Ministries, God bless you.

Thanks to friends at Lakes Free Church, the Missions Committee has funded a water harvesting tank in Kikarara.

  • Pray for the workers as they get started on that tank it will be a blessing to all the community members because they journey nearly a mile or more to find water. 

The children come every Saturday to be trained in Christian songs and dances. They have shown improvement in their skills, and the number has increased from sixteen to twenty-seven. The parents are happy about the growth in singing. The church choir has grown to ten people, and they are also making progress.

  • Pray for a structure for the children’s Sunday school.

We praise God for bringing the family of Patrick to the church. They were members of a Pentecostal church but decided to join us because we are teaching the truth and emphasizing the Word of God. We train others to participate in ministry through the class discussions about the scriptures.

Praise God for bringing Patrick’s family to join the church.

  • Pray for Patrick and the to continue their faith in the true gospel.

We thank God for changing the lives of people. Supriano had been living with his family in a house that was roofed half-way with iron sheets, and the other half of the roof was covered with grass. We visited them and prayed with them. Now they are excited that their roof is fully covered with iron sheets. They said that some people were mocking them and laughing at their roof, but now they are praising God because their house is completely roofed.

Digurey is a young man being drawn to Christ. He has been living with his parents but was always fighting with them. He has attended six different schools because of his bad manners. But ever since he came to work with us on the church house, I have been preaching to him and sharing the Word of God. We see a change in his behaviors, he no longer drinks alcohol and is interested in studying the Bible.

Praise God for answering our prayers and providing a roof for Supriano’s house.

We are thankful for the rain this season, our crops will God willing.

March 2019

This month I have seen God working in the life of Dorothy and her family. They were in desperate need for food, and when we visit them we brought them some. This generosity made them grateful to God and to the church. This family was hungry, and we brought bread, posho (cornmeal porridge), and soup.  They were thankful as they had never expected God’s Embassy people to visit them with such kind hearts.

Give thanks for the witness of the church to the community and their ability to share daily necessities with families. 

  • Pray for Dorothy and her family to come to faith in God.

The young people are being trained on how to sing and dance for the Lord by Elizabeth. The children are learning this gift as well, and the groups present their worship to God on Sundays during the second service.

Ismile is one of the deacons in our church. He is married to Rossetti, and they have two children.  Ismile is a builder, reads the Bible in church and sometimes leads the church programs. His testimony is that he grew up with just his mother after his father and mother separated, his father married another woman. Ismile’s mother did not have enough money to pay for his school fees, so he dropped out at primary five (fifth grade) and went to work as a porter on a building site. He gained experience in the job and is now an expert builder. Ismile is praying for more jobs in his career to earn income to support his family and the church.

  • Pray for Ismile to grow in the faith and in his knowledge of the Word of God.
  • Pray for Ismile to earn an income to support his family and contribute to the offering at the church.
  • Pray for the community as we have been hit by a prolonged drought, the crops are drying in the gardens, and some of the seeds have failed to germinate. This means we will have a famine sooner or later in our area.

Praise God for the pastor’s house. We have moved in, and it is a blessing and encouragement to see God answer our prayers. When we were first called to serve in Kikarara, I prayed for accommodations because the living conditions were challenging.

God is faithful.

Praise the Lord for adding two men to the church this month. Swaib was saved sometime back but had backslidden and this month repented and joined the church. Tumusiime was saved this month.

  • Pray for my wife, she is in her first trimester.
  • Pray for God to help her keep the pregnancy and to give birth to a healthy baby, the doctors have told her that her uterus is too weak to support the baby.

  • Pray for the completion of the church, we still need timber and twenty bags of cement for the floor to prevent jiggers from attacking our people. We also need a Sunday school structure so the children will have a separate classroom to study the Word of God.

February 2019

Thank you for partnering with us by supporting us to preach the gospel in the community of Kikarara. May the Lord bless you!

We have seen God working in the life of Babrah. She is a resident of Rushaya zone A in Kikarara. She recently moved back with her mother after separating from her husband a month ago. After some days, the children lacked food to eat. Babrah brought her children to the church and found my wife Elizabeth who shared with her from the Word of God and gave Babrah food to feed her children. Two weeks after that, Babrah found a place to earn an income through her labor. She is now able to care for her children and send them to school. Through our home visits, she gave her life to Christ Jesus and has been baptized.

  • Praise the Lord for the salvation of Babrah and pray for her to be able to provide food and school fees for her children.

The adults have started the project of preparing seed beds to plant onions at the church as a way of supporting one another to earn extra income.

We meet every Sunday after church to plan for this project, and it has engaged many people with work. Our biggest challenge as a church currently is that we lack enough structures to contain the entire congregation. The children and adults are in one classroom for foundation classes.

We praise the Lord for our ministry in Kikarara that just completed its first year of existence. Two people accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior this past month and were baptized. Their names are Babrah and Vito. Some of our prayer needs included doors for the church, chairs, and bags of cement so we can cement the floor to avoid dust jiggers (an insect that causes health problems).

Praise the Lord for the new believers. Praise the Lord for the growth of the congregation.

  • Pray for the needs of the church to be met.

We train the congregation to participate in the work of God by discussing the Word of God and studying the Bible in the foundation classes. Some are being trained as leaders in the home fellowships. During our study time, we share the scriptures and talk about it together until they understand the principles. The biggest challenge we face is that many of the people do not know how to read.

Bible Study with Pastor Bryan

  • Pray for the growth of the believers as they study God’s Word together.
  • Pray for teachers to teach the people to read so they can understand God’s Word for themselves.
  • Pray for wisdom as they examine the Bible and for discernment in their discussions as they explore its concepts.
  • Pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in their conversations.

We visited twenty-five homes this month and shared the Word of God with fifty-eight people.

  • Pray for those who heard to respond and come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Alex is a potential leader in the church and is serving as an usher. He is married and has five children, two boys, and three girls. His wife Sylvia is a drunkard, and sometimes she is so drunk that she cannot cook food for the children or care for them, so Alex takes on this responsibility. When he first visited our church, he loved the way we shared the Word of God, so he started attending the services regularly. Later Alex accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior. His children are Young Ambassadors, and he is an excellent Bible reader. They have a three-room temporary house and survive by selling labor to earn an income and buy food for the family.

Pray for Alex’s family and especially for his wife Sylvia to become a believer and be set free from the bondage and temptation of alcohol.

January 2018

Christine is married to Johnson. They have five children, three boys, and two girls. We visited their home and found that Christine was having a miscarriage, she was in a lot of pain, bleeding heavily and was very weak. They had not sought medical help because they could not afford it. We assisted in covering the costs so that Christine to receive medical care at the Bugangari health center. We prayed with them and encouraged them to trust in the Lord who has the power to heal. Christine received medication is recovering well. She is now able to do her daily work just fine and is grateful to the Lord who cured her and brought us to visit her at the exact time when she was in great need.

  • Pray for Christine to heal physically and emotionally from her miscarriage.

Praise the Lord! We are so excited that at our home visits this month the families were thrilled to have us come and share the gospel. Such an encouraging contrast to before when they resisted our visits. We intend to share the good news with every single person in our community. This month we visited forty homes.

We are using the motorcycle we received from White Fields to be more efficient with our travel time during the house visits. It also helps with transportation needs from Kikarara to Katobo Rukungiri for the ministers’ meeting on Mondays and ministers’ class on Tuesdays. Thank you for blessing our ministry and making it more effective through your prayers and support.

We are growing as a church and now have fifty adults, seven more than before, and this is without counting the many children who also attend the church. We participated in the Crossover service at the Rukungiri stadium and were blessed to serve. The people of Kikarara saw fireworks for the first time.

  • Pray for God to use us to reach more people in our community with the gospel.
  • Pray for safety as we travel.
  • Pray for the funds for a load of timber shells to finish the church structure.
  • Pray for the funds to finish the pastor’s house.

December 2018

Warm greetings to our friends and supporters in ministry. We thank God for your prayers. May the Almighty God bless you. I have seen God at work in our area. The church is reaching the community through home visits and shared with over two-hundred people this past month. Our new church building was recently finished. It is bigger and stronger than the previous one that had collapsed. The people feel much safer in this new structure. God has provided a motorcycle to fulfill our transportation needs. Our challenge of traveling to Katobo for Bible classes has been solved, and we are able to reach further with our home visits. Praise the Lord for his love and mercy for us.

Praise the Lord for the blessing of a sturdy church building.

Praise the Lord for the motorcycle and pray for protection as we travel.

Shalon is married to Innocent, and they have four children. When she first visited the church, she came because she was sick. She found us in the class learning from the book of Second Timothy. When she saw people asking questions, she became interested and stayed to attend the main service. She started coming regularly with her children because she loves the way we teach the Word of God. We continued to pray with her, and she has been healed and is in good health.

  • Pray for Shalon and her family to grow in their understanding of God’s Word.

The adults gather every Sunday morning for the foundations class. We study the Word of God and give everyone a chance to ask questions and hear explanations, so they understand the scripture that we are learning that day. We are using tree logs as temporary chairs in the church until we raise the necessary funds to buy our own chairs.

  • Pray for Bibles for the church members, many of the church members cannot afford a Bible, and it is one of the most essential tools we need to reach their hearts for total transformation.
  • Pray for the ministry leaders to persevere in teaching.
  • Pray for solar electricity to use for night services and the sound system.

We held community classes for our church members about food security. Seventeen of the thirty-four families were able to save some of their harvest for the future instead of selling everything that they grow. The previous method contributed to some of the complications faced by the community during the times of drought.

  • Pray for abundant crops and for more people to learn about the process of food security and storing the harvest for the future.

God is changing the character of Mr. Kato Raster. He spent most of his life smoking marijuana and not even thinking about taking care of his family. After he was saved, his life was different, and many people in the community were amazed. He now washes his clothes, dresses decently, and is able to share ideas and converse with others without aggression. Raster is serving the Lord by singing gospel songs and has shown notable talent. He is driving a boda-boda (motorcycle taxi) to earn an income for his family.

  • Pray that the Lord will keep Raster growing in the faith.

We held an overnight service last month, and three people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. We were blessed to have Pastor Onesimus and Pastor John Bosco preach. Over three-hundred people attended the service, some traveling from other God’s Embassy churches. We were able to provide a meal before the service prepared by the church members and others served as ushers. We are following up with the new believers.

  • Pray for the new believers to grow in their faith and understanding of God’s Word.

Babrah is in her early twenties and has three children. She came from a Catholic background and now attends the fellowship often. She is still struggling with alcohol addiction. We are praying for the Lord to convict her and for her to come to salvation. She makes a living as a day laborer.

  • Pray for Babrah to come to an understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ and to put her trust in God. Pray for freedom from her addiction.

November 2018

Greetings from the Kikara community to our friends and co-laborers in Christ. Thank you for standing with us in prayer and supporting our ministry. This past month, we lost our church structure due to a storm with heavy rains and strong winds. The building collapsed, and the roof was in pieces. We urged our members to contribute and collected a percentage of the funds required to start the project. We mobilized the saints, and many donated their labor. White Fields provided additional supplies such as poles, iron sheets, and nails. We have put up the new structure and are saving funds to purchase the timber shells for the sides. We are grateful for the new building to conduct our services. It was challenging to meet in the open air with the distractions from the wind and the heat of the sun.

  • Pray for the construction to be finished and for the members in Kikarara to save their funds to contribute to the walls of the church.

Due to the single church structure, we have so far; we combined the adult and youth classes into one foundation class. We are teaching through the book of 1st Timothy. We allow people to ask questions and to discuss the information they are learning. The hardest challenge we have faced so far is for people to arrive on time, they always come late.

  • Pray for the people to arrive on-time and ready to learn from God’s Word.

There has been an outbreak of typhoid in the community. One adult member and another member’s child passed away from the disease. The community has poor hygiene and not enough restrooms for the number of people in the area. The water sources are shared by the people and the animals, which further contaminates the water.

  • Pray for those who became ill to recover and for the families who lost loved ones.
  • Pray for the efforts to teach adequate hygiene to succeed and for the ability to collect rainwater for a safe source of water for drinking.
  • Pray for the construction of a water tank for the harvesting of rainwater.

The church is reaching out to the community through home visits so that everyone gets a chance to hear the gospel, even those who do not come to the services. Through these home visits, we share the good news and encourage people to visit and participate in the fellowships. We continue to support and encourage them to be firm in their faith in Christ. This month we visited only six homes as much of our time was spent with the construction of the church building. We anticipate visiting more homes in the coming months. We praise the Lord for the new believers who confessed faith in Christ, Kyomuhendo, Bahart, and Scovia.

  • Pray for those who bring the message of salvation to have courage and wisdom in their conversations.
  • Pray for those who listen to come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Mr. Rasta Kato visited the church more than twice; he originally came as a porter while we were constructing the pastor’s house. As time went by, he heard the gospel while on the building site and asked many questions. At first, Mr. Rasta was aggressive and disagreeable, but by the end of the month, he started to attend services with us and sometimes even brought his two wives with him. He has promised to continue coming to the services.

  • Pray for Mr. Rasto Kato to come to faith and give his life to Jesus Christ. Pray for his wives and family to be saved.

Praise God for the completion of the pastor’s house. It is a blessing and encouragement to us as we serve the Lord.

October 2018

Greetings to our prayer and ministry partners. The Kikarara community is changing because you are standing with us and supporting us to share the hope and good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have seen God’s hand at work in our church in an amazing way. God protects His own, during a service, the wind blew off our church roof. It was scary for all the saints but more for the pastor, imagine if someone was hurt! Praise be to God that everyone was safe.

Give thanks for the rebuilding of the church structure that had been destroyed by the rains.

  • Pray for the ability to build the church walls.

God’s hand also protected my wife Elizabeth during her miscarriage. God provided what was needed for help in the hospital and from others to assist her in getting back on her feet. I thank God for sustaining her life.

  • Pray for Elizabeth’s emotional and physical recovery from her miscarriage.

We thank God for the provision of the pastor’s house; we now have a place to call home. We will move in soon. This has been an encouragement to the community because they see that we have come to stay. Our permanent house is evidence to the community that we will minister here in the near future.

Praise the Lord for a permanent home for the pastor and for this witness to the community.

Our adult ministries include a foundation class every Sunday morning. We are reading in the book of First Timothy. The women’s ministry has training and counseling every first and last Friday of the month. The youth are in the same class as the adults due to our lack of space for a separate your ministry. The children have classes for an hour on Sundays.

  • Pray for the faithful attendance of the members and for participants to arrive on time for classes.

Anthony is eighteen and living with his parents. He is a good man and sings in the church choir. He helps to pour water in the church to settle the dust that could cause diseases like a cough and jiggers. Anthony has completed primary six and is subsistence farming with his parents. He desires to attend a technical school to learn welding, mechanics, or construction and is struggling to raise funds.  He is good at playing the drums and plays during the worship time.

  • Pray for Anthony as he strives to save funds to attend a technical school.

We had heavy rains in Kikarara which destroyed multiple houses in the community. The crops were also affected which means we are expecting famine in the village shortly.

  • Pray for the community to recover from the severe rains and for the daily food needs of the people to be met.

I am giving opportunities to the members to read the Bible in the church and to discuss their views in the fellowship and foundation classes. This trains them to become leaders and participants in the ministry. They also have opportunities to do respective work and lead others in the ministry, one example is Beheraza, who is the chairperson for building, he is leading the project to set up new temporary structures.

  • Pray for the development of leaders within the church.

The church is reaching the community through home visits. We visited eighteen people, and three of them joined the church. Pray for Alex, Vito, and Timothy who recently joined us. During home visits with the White Fields team, we were able to help Mr. Leo who was sick. Pastor Steve gave him money for treatment, and after his visit to the clinic, Leo is better. Many of the people in the community die because they are unable to pay for treatment for curable diseases, it is a blessing that Leo received assistance and could seek medical care.

(Editor’s Note: We recently heard from Pastor Bryan that Mr. Leo passed away. However, he professed Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior before he died. Pastor Bryan conducted his memorial service).

Mrs. Tumuhimbise is being drawn to the Lord. She is Catholic but is always telling me that she wants to join the church. I invited her to come to the worship night at God’s Embassy in Katobo, and she was able to attend with us. She expressed that she was blessed to participate in the night prayers.

  • Pray for Annet to come to faith in Jesus Christ. We are praying that God will touch her life.

September 2018

We greet you in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ and thank you for supporting us to be useful in God’s work in the community of Kikarara.

We have seen God’s mercy on  Scovia; she had suffered from demonic attacks. On a particular day, she was attacked by demons, and this scared the people of the community to the point that they thought she would not recover from the demonic oppression. People called the church and asked us to pray for her. We went to her, prayed for her and believed the Lord would cause her to recover. When we finished praying, she was set free. We shared the gospel with her and her family. We explained that surrender to the Lord would give her total deliverance from demonic attacks. Scovia gave her life to Christ. Praise the Lord for His saving mercies!

Give thanks for God’s deliverance of Scovia and her salvation.

  • Pray for her witness to the community and for God to draw people to Him through her testimony.

Beatrice is married to John, and they have five children. She is in the choir, and she leads praise and worship at the church and in her home fellowship. Beatrice is a wonderful encouragement through her ministry. She is doing subsistence farming to provide for her family and is praying for the provision of school fees for her children to be able to attend school. Her husband is not yet a believer and Beatrice’s main prayer request is for his salvation.

  • Pray for the salvation of John and for Beatrice to trust that God will grant her prayer request.
  • Pray for the crops of Beatrice to be blessed abundantly and for her to be able to pay her children’s school fees.

Geoffrey was a drunkard. His wife left him with six children; she was tired of being beaten all the time.  During one of our home visits, we found him and encouraged him to trust Jesus. He finally accepted Jesus Christ. He was baptized and no longer drinks. He is now caring for his children and is praying for his wife to come back so he can love her the right way and raise their children together in Christ.

  • Pray for Geoffrey to grow in his new faith and for his life to be completely transformed by God’s grace.
  • Pray for his wife to return home and to come to an understanding of the gospel and be saved.

Give thanks for the pastor’s house that is being built.

Praise the Lord for the dedication of seven children and fifteen people being baptized.

  • Pray with us for a permanent building for our church. Our current location is disturbed by the rain and the wind.
  • Pray for more Bibles to provide to the people in our church, many of them do not own their own Bible.

August 2018

Ninsiima used to be a drunkard, her quarrelsome and violent behavior crippled her relationship with her husband. We visited her home several times and shared the Word of God and prayed with her. She started coming to church and was saved by the grace of God. Her husband now testifies that she no longer drinks, her life has changed, and they are living happily at home.

  • Pray for Ninsiima’s life to continue to reflect her salvation and for her to stand firm against the pressures of her previous choices.

Mr. John Sabiti is married to Beatrice and they have two young boys not yet in school. John used to be a fisherman and that was his source of income. But he developed a habit of alcoholism and when he was drunk, he would become violent. This led to the loss of his job and so he returned home with no job or work to do. His dependence on alcohol became more intense because he spent much of his time behind bars.

Through our visits, we met John and shared the gospel with him. We encouraged him to look for a job so he could care for his family. We invited him to the fellowship. He came with his wife and children. We again shared the gospel and he prayed to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He started selling his labor to earn a living and care for his family. We praise God because now John is caring for his family, his life has been transformed, and he is no longer a drunkard. His wife has joined the church choir. We are praying for his family to remain together and continue growing in the Lord. The family’s prayer request is for the ability to build a good house.

  • Pray for John and Beatrice and their boys, Moses and David, to grow as a family and for John to lead his family as a man of God.
  • Pray for John’s desire to build a good house.

Judith is a teenager who studied up to primary five. She trains the young ambassadors and sings in the church choir. Her parents are Florah and Benon, but her father left the family in a miserable situation. Due to this, Judith had no financial ability to continue her schooling. When we visited her home, we found her digging and asked her to tell us her story. She explained about her inability to pay for her school fees despite her desire to continue her education. We were able to contribute half of her required fees, so she could return to school. She is a part of the fellowship along with her mother, four sisters, and two brothers. They make their daily living by selling their labor to others to work the land. Judith is a committed member of the church.

  • Pray for Judith to study hard and excel in school.
  • Pray for her example to her siblings and the young ambassadors, to be positive and honoring to God.

Merenia is seventy years old. She is Catholic but has been coming to our fellowships and attending the church services. When she first started attending our church, the Catholic priest heard about it and paid her a visit. He threatened her, saying she was still their member and they would not help her with any problems in the future. She still insists on coming to our church and we are praying that she will finally surrender her life to Christ.

  • Pray for Merenia to come to an understanding of the grace of God, to surrender her life to Jesus Christ, and to stand firm against the threats of the Catholic priest.

Give thanks with us for the men who have started attending the church and for the increase in their numbers.

Give thanks for our evangelism outreach and pray for the sixty homes we visited and two hundred and six people who listened to the gospel. Pray for them to start attending the church and surrender their lives to Jesus Christ.

Give thanks for the pastor’s house.

  • Pray with us for a Sunday school structure.
  • Pray with us for future transportation. We desire to travel from Kikarara to Katoba for different church programs.

July 2018

Greetings from Kikarara God’s Embassy. Thank you for your prayers and support in spreading the gospel in our community. This month, we saw God at work changing the lives of Ainembabazi and Musasizi, who were drunkards. Through consistent home visits and follow-ups, they eventually surrendered their lives to Christ. They are now a part of God’s family and have committed to coming to church. Their lives have become a living testimony of the saving power of Christ in Kikarara.

Musasizi is married to Kyasiimire and they have two young children. Musasizi was a fisherman but was forced to stop fishing when his boat was destroyed, and his nets lost, due to over-flooding of the lake. He currently is farming with his wife to provide for his family. As I mentioned, Musasizi was a drunkard and spent time in prison for fighting. He had sold off all his property to pay for the properties he had destroyed while fighting. We reached him through home visits and today he is a committed member of the church.

Give thanks for the transformed lives of Ainembabazi and Musasizi.

  • Pray for them to continue growing spiritually and for their testimony to the community.

We divided our church into four ministry departments to reach men, women, youth, and children. Our women’s ministry meets the last Friday of every month to learn about hygiene and family affairs from a Biblical perspective. We also do practical handwork and teach them how to start small-scale businesses to generate income to sustain their families. They are being trained in how to weave baskets and mats.


Trade Skills Class

  • Pray for the women’s ministry to grow and for the women to generate an income to provide for their families.

God is changing the life of Scovia, she was a drunkard for a long time, and would fight with her husband when she was drunk. We visited her, shared the gospel and prayed with her. It was not easy for her to let go of alcoholism. We kept visiting and inviting her to come to the fellowship. She was refusing our invitation, but one day, she accepted and attended church. During the service, she accepted Christ as her personal Savior. Her life has been changed and she no longer fights with her husband.

Give thanks for Scovia’s salvation and pray for her to continue attending the fellowship.

Our church is reaching the community through door-to-door evangelism. Our goal is that the gospel may be preached to every individual in our community and the area around us. This month we talked to seventy-six people. Some of the homes are still doing ancestral worship but we believe that through the sharing of the Word of God, many lives will be changed.

  • Pray for our outreach to the community through
  • evangelism.

Give thanks for the addition of doors and windows to our church.

Give thanks to youth who have joined our church choir, our numbers doubled, and this shows the communities acceptance. Pray for their witness.

  • Pray for benches and Bibles to add to our church.

Spring 2018

The Kikarara Church Building

As we establish ourselves in the community, we have been doing home visits to create relationships with the people. In our village of Kikarara, we saw God change the life of a woman named Kenema who was Catholic. We visited her family and explained the Gospel story. Kenema and her relatives had many questions about Jesus, Heaven, and Hell. We answered their questions and invited them to come to church and hear more about Jesus. Kenema started attending regularly and finally, this week professed faith in Jesus accepting Him as her Lord and Savior. She has been bringing her children to church with her, and we are grateful that the Lord is continuing to draw people to Himself.

At the church, we have started a women’s ministry as well as a youth choir. Join us by praying that we will continue to seek and grow people in their gifts as they serve the Lord.

One of the most significant issues our community struggles with is the perpetuation of myths and witchcraft. Kikarara is poverty stricken and abandoned by the government. The government moved the people to where they are presently located to act as a buffer between the wild animals in Queen Elizabeth National Park and the wealthy community nearby. Kikarara does not have a school, and due to the lack of education (even among adults), many families are controlled by lies. Because of the poverty, many families engage in hunting (poaching) wild animals to survive.

Leo and his wife have two children and are the newest believers that have come to faith since we planted the church. They live in a small house with two rooms and due to their poverty live in desperate conditions. Leo depends on subsistence farming to sustain his family. He was also a hunter, but after coming to the Lord, he no longer hunts because the government prohibits it. Leo came to Christ at a crusade when the President of White Fields, Steve Wheeler visited us. Leo told us a terrifying experience he had on a hunting trip shortly before we arrived. He was in Queen Elizabeth National Park hunting an elephant (to steal its tusks) when the elephant charged and almost killed him. (Elephants sometimes came into his village and killed people even when they were not being hunted.) God helped him escape, and he felt his life had been spared for a purpose. He decided that he needed to give his life to Christ. He said he is thankful we visited him and changed the course of his life by telling him about Jesus Christ. Join us by praying that he and his family will remain firm in their new-found faith.

Bryan giving a small gift during a house visit.

Another person in our church named Frolah was in a hopeless state when we first met her. She and her husband had trouble finding work and didn’t have enough money to buy food for their kids or even send them to school. During one of our house visits, we brought her food as a gift and shared God’s Word with her. She was thankful for the food and promised to visit our church. Now she and her family come to church each week. Her husband started a small farm to generate income and grow food for the family. We love to see how the Lord has blessed those who faithfully pray and honor him.

We thank God for the opportunity to serve His people. The need in this community is great, and only Jesus can transform the people. The ministry in Kikarara has challenged us as pastors to depend on God. We continue to pray for guidance, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding as we minister here.

(2) Mrs. Kenema came to our church asking for prayer because her husband Mr. Gad was an alcoholic. She joined us week after week, and together we prayed her husband would be delivered from his addiction. Recently Mr. Gad came to church and after hearing the Gospel decided to give his life to Christ. I talked to him later that week, and he said he wanted to bring his buddies he drank with to church so they could hear the Gospel as well! Mr. Gad now leads his family to church each Sunday and reads the Bible at home. Praise the Lord for answering prayer and transforming a life from darkness to light!

Kikarara is a remote village on the fringe of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

A horrible accident happened to one of our church members this month. Our brother Able Williams and his family were traveling from Rukungiri to Kikarara on his motorbike when a car struck them from behind destroying their motorbike and flinging them across the pavement. Able and the kids were okay, but his wife had road rash when she was thrown across the road. The accident could have been much worse, and we are thankful the Lord protected them from death. Join us in praying for Able’s wife to continue healing from the accident.

Our women’s ministry has choir rehearsals every Saturday and Thursday. The men volunteer by clearing bushes away from the church building and cleaning the grounds every Friday. We are thankful that since we planted this church, several people in the community have turned from their old ways and accepted Jesus as their Savior. The youth have dance choreography practice every Saturday which is taught by Able Williams.

One of the difficulties in our community is the high illiteracy rate. There is one school in our area but it only goes up to fourth grade, and not many people get that high of an education. Most of the people get married as teenagers. The majority of the community practices witchcraft and offers sacrifices so their lives, crops, and animals will be protected. The challenge is that the Gospel is something new and different from what children saw their parents do. Some of them find it hard to accept anything different from what they know. Not many can read, they only depend on stories shared from one generation to another.

Bryan serving food at the Gospel crusade.

Patience is a single mother of three in our village. She is involved with the choir and is an usher at church as well. She takes care of her mother who is very old and works as a day laborer when she can find work. We met Patience during a crusade in Kikarara, after the message she decided to give her life to Christ. She worked as a prostitute and felt hopeless, but when we arrived, and she heard the Gospel, it was like water to a thirsty soul. Her prayer is that the Lord will help her raise money to start a business from which she can earn a living for the survival of her family and her children’s education.

Apollo is one of the most committed members of our church. When we started, he had many opportunities for ministry at other churches but chose to be with us for a time as our treasurer. During the construction of our building, he committed to stay and have Kikarara become his home church. Apollo was raised in a God-fearing family. He loves our church, and he listens to sermons on the radio and attends crusades as well. Apollo is twenty-five years old and a student at Makerere University. He is faithful, hard-working, and an evangelist who moves with us when we are visiting homes and sharing the Word in the community.

Christine and Patience(2) are two people who were saved from demonic oppression and alcohol addictions. They were both involved in witchcraft. Our ministry helped them become free from that slavery. When we met them, they were in poor health which was caused by evil spirits that would possess them. They would sleep walk and talk and even do things that they were unaware they were doing. When we arrived at their home, we started sharing from the Bible. They told us they wanted their lives to be different from the bondage they were in but didn’t know how. When we shared the Gospel, they gave their lives to Jesus Christ. These ladies are no longer drunkards, and the demons no longer attack them. Their lives have been transformed and set free. They are now committed members of the church.

As the church, we are reaching people in the community through door to door evangelism. Our goal is to enter every home around the village and share the Word of God and encourage them to come to church so they can hear the Bible and be changed. During one of our home visits, we met Kalmia who is a Muslim. We shared the Word of God and prayed with her. The following week we revisited her and prayed with her and invited her to come to church. Eventually, she came with her children. She loved our church and said she would like to become a member of our congregation. We are praying that Kalmia may finally surrender her life to Christ.

(3) God is working in our village in Kikarara; people are changing and accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We recently visited Edward and his wife, Susan. They were both suffering from malaria, so we visited them at the clinic. We thank God that they are now well and back at home.

It is quite common in our culture to see people engage in spirit worship and witchcraft practices. Since the establishment of our church, we have seen a change of mind in the people when the word of God is taught. My prayer is that many will hear the truth and turn to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Our men continue to work around the church by clearing brush and cleaning the area. They also rotate and clean individual homes every Tuesday and Saturday. The women have choir practice and skill training in weaving baskets, making mats, and shopping bags to help earn income to support their families.

Witchcraft is part of many people’s lives, and the majority have been dedicated to demons. People struggle when they first come to the Lord because they have hurts that they have carried for many years. I encourage them to keep learning the Bible so they can apply it to their lives. We know the truth will bring them deliverance and peace.

We met Payson and Hope during one of our home visits. They have three children. At first, Payson responded negatively to the gospel but kept asking many questions about Jesus Christ. We continued to visit him until one day he said he would like to come to church. Payson was quarrelsome, a drunkard, and an aggressive man. We kept witnessing to him, and he kept coming to church. Eventually, he accepted the gospel and surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. These days he comes to church with his children and his daughter joined the church choir. Payson teaches people at the church about development projects and better practices for storing food after the harvest. He is showing the concept of savings since many people only think day to day and don’t make plans for the future. People in the community testify that Payson is a changed person because he no longer drinks alcohol, his children are in school, and he is advising others on development. Our prayer is that God can change Hope, Payson’s wife too so that she can accept Christ for salvation.

A young woman named Judith was regularly possessed by evil spirits which attacked her and caused her to lose consciousness. Her parents took her to several hospitals but the condition worsened, they also took her to witchdoctors, but there was no change. We prayed with her during our house visits and one day she decided to come to church. Eventually, she was delivered from the evil spirits that afflicted her. She is now a professing believer in Jesus, and her life is changed.

(4) Jane, a widow, who for many years had been an alcoholic made a profession of faith in Jesus this month. The Lord has changed her life and she has stopped drinking alcohol and started saving money to purchase a home. In the meantime on the land Jane rents, she has built a simple house with three rooms and lives peacefully. In the same way, many people are changing their minds and believing in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Our church members have also increased in numbers. Four people gave their lives to Christ and we also managed to start two fellowships in different places. Each fellowship has about ten people.

The women in the choir are practicing new songs of which they will sing at our Sunday service. They meet every Thursday from 4pm to 5pm to study the word of God and are led by Brighton. The men are doing volunteer church activities working on maintenance, digging latrines, clearing bushes, and general cleaning. The children practice singing in the Young Ambassadors and meet every Saturday for training and perform on Sunday’s.

Many of the people in our village have been initiated and involved in ancestral spirit worship for many years. These evil spirits demand tasks are performed for them and are extremely detailed in their requirements. If someone does not perform a task correctly they are punished. This slavery is exhausting for many and causes some to resort to alcoholism or drug abuse. They live a life of desperation which leads to deeper involvement in witchcraft. The Word of God is rescuing people and giving them life in Christ.

Edward and Susan are married and live with their four grandchildren. When we first visited them and shared the word of God they were not very receptive because Susan was Catholic and Edward was not part of any religion. We continued to visit them and eventually, they started coming to church. Last week they both surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ and are enjoying the fullness of life that He gives.

Our training/discipleship includes teaching people how to read the Bible and memorize verses. We meet every Thursday from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Medias is a sister in the Lord who has opened her home to host one of the home studies. She is 32 years old and is married to Gad and they have twelve children. Medias was a Catholic before she joined our church, we first did a home visit and continued to visit her until one day she decided to come to church. Medias surrendered her life to Jesus Christ at one of our services. She has been a blessing to our church and is a hard worker and a faithful servant. She manages a farm and her income from that has allowed her children to go back to school. Please pray that she will continue to grow strong in her faith.

As a church, we are reaching the community through the home visits and door to door evangelism with the aim of making sure that every household hears the Gospel. We invite every person we encounter with our church and thank God because we managed to visit 26 homes and ministered to 125 people, 49 men, and 76 women four of whom accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. Still, others have promised to come and worship with us. Our prayer is that the Lord touches many to give their lives to Christ.

God has been faithful and given me the grace to learn His Word. He also helped me to start a family, I married Elizabeth and am excited about our future together.