Bryan Warugaba

Recent Ministry

Johnson and Christine have four children. Anthony is ten years, and Benjamen is nine years; they are both in primary one. Alex is seven and in top-class; Blessed is three years and not yet in school. Johnson was a drunkard all his life, and they lived in a grass-thatched house. A year and a half ago, Johnson accepted Jesus Christ, and his life started changing. He stopped drinking alcohol, started to work, and saved some money. This month, Johnson purchased a piece of land, and now they live in a semi-permanent home with a roof of iron sheets. Everyone around him is wondering how he managed this. Johnson gives praise to God, who saved him and delivered him from alcohol. We all give glory to God!

Praise the Lord for the salvation of Johnson and how God’s grace has transformed his life.

  • Pray for his testimony to his neighbors.

The children are practicing their dancing skills for the choir and are learning the Word of God. The adults have started their music rehearsals for an upcoming competition at our church. The prize for the winning fellowship will be a goat. The adults are also involved in the general cleaning at the church.

We praise God for bringing people to Himself. Sylvia and Lauben were saved through our sharing of the gospel during home visits. They have joined the church. As a church, we are praying and believing that God will use us to build a school in this community. The children in Kikarara walk long distances to reach the school and are tired when they arrive. The few available schools are far distance away and costly, so education is affordable to only a few people.

  • Pray for the Kikarara church’s desire to build a school for their children.

I train others and give them opportunities to minister in home fellowships, lead intercession at church, share the Word by preaching and leading the church services. These experiences have helped them gain confidence in leading others. Apollo is one of our leaders who is growing.

The church reaches out to the community through home visits. We share the Word of God with individuals and give them the chance to ask questions, so they understand more about God. They would not be able to ask these questions when they’re in a large group. We visited fifteen homes. Lauben is coming to the church and tells us that he likes how we share the gospel but has not yet given his life to Christ.

  • Pray for our outreach to the village.
  • Pray for Lauben to come to faith in God.

Bryan Warugaba Testimony 

I lost my mother to HIV/AIDS when I was six months old, and my father passed away from HIV/AIDS when I was seven. My father had three wives and a total of thirteen children. Because of our big family, some children were not able to go to school, but fortunately, I was. After my father passed, I went to live with family friends who raised me and sent me to school, thanks to them I received an extensive education.

In 2009, the family I was staying with invited witch doctors into their home to perform some rituals which later had an adverse effect on all of us. In the house some of us at times were possessed by demons, they made us run away from home, and were extremely destructive causing some of us to get seriously ill and sick in ways doctors could not discern. The situation became so severe that we were taken to an evangelical church in our community by our neighbors.

Pastor Bryan is pictured far left with other teachers of the local Christian school.

After praying for us, we got an opportunity to hear the Gospel. I responded positively to the gospel and accepted Christ Jesus to be my Lord and Savior and was baptized in October 2010. I joined that church and was a member there until August 2011 when I moved to live in Rukungiri. Since I accepted Christ, a lot has changed in my life.

My perspective of who God is changed. I have come to know that there is a living God to whom I was made a child through Christ. Before I thought God was what we worshipped whenever which doctors came and performed rituals, but I now know that was evil. I used to believe that witch doctors were a source of help and knew everything about life and considered them as priests of God. Since I accepted Christ, I learned that Christ is Lord over all things even over the witch doctors. I realized that witch doctors work for the devil to steal, kill, and destroy people’s souls.

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