Warugaba “Bryan” Bright

Recent Ministry 

Warm greetings to our friends and supporters in ministry. We thank God for your prayers. May the Almighty God bless you. I have seen God at work in our area. The church is reaching the community through home visits and shared with over two-hundred people this past month. Our new church building was recently finished. It is bigger and stronger than the previous one that had collapsed. The people feel much safer in this new structure. God has provided a motorcycle to fulfill our transportation needs. Our challenge of traveling to Katobo for Bible classes has been solved, and we are able to reach further with our home visits. Praise the Lord for his love and mercy for us.

Praise the Lord for the blessing of a sturdy church building.

Praise the Lord for the motorcycle and pray for protection as we travel.

Shalon is married to Innocent, and they have four children. When she first visited the church, she came because she was sick. She found us in the class learning from the book of Second Timothy. When she saw people asking questions, she became interested and stayed to attend the main service. She started coming regularly with her children because she loves the way we teach the Word of God. We continued to pray with her, and she has been healed and is in good health.

  • Pray for Shalon and her family to grow in their understanding of God’s Word.

The adults gather every Sunday morning for the foundations class. We study the Word of God and give everyone a chance to ask questions and hear explanations, so they understand the scripture that we are learning that day. We are using tree logs as temporary chairs in the church until we raise the necessary funds to buy our own chairs.

  • Pray for Bibles for the church members, many of the church members cannot afford a Bible, and it is one of the most essential tools we need to reach their hearts for total transformation.
  • Pray for the ministry leaders to persevere in teaching.
  • Pray for solar electricity to use for night services and the sound system.

We held community classes for our church members about food security. Seventeen of the thirty-four families were able to save some of their harvest for the future instead of selling everything that they grow. The previous method contributed to some of the complications faced by the community during the times of drought.

  • Pray for abundant crops and for more people to learn about the process of food security and storing the harvest for the future.

God is changing the character of Mr. Kato Raster. He spent most of his life smoking marijuana and not even thinking about taking care of his family. After he was saved, his life was different, and many people in the community were amazed. He now washes his clothes, dresses decently, and is able to share ideas and converse with others without aggression. Raster is serving the Lord by singing gospel songs and has shown notable talent. He is driving a boda-boda (motorcycle taxi) to earn an income for his family.

  • Pray that the Lord will keep Raster growing in the faith.

We held an overnight service last month, and three people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. We were blessed to have Pastor Onesimus and Pastor John Bosco preach. Over three-hundred people attended the service, some traveling from other God’s Embassy churches. We were able to provide a meal before the service prepared by the church members and others served as ushers. We are following up with the new believers.

  • Pray for the new believers to grow in their faith and understanding of God’s Word.

Babrah is in her early twenties and has three children. She came from a Catholic background and now attends the fellowship often. She is still struggling with alcohol addiction. We are praying for the Lord to convict her and for her to come to salvation. She makes a living as a day laborer.

  • Pray for Babrah to come to an understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ and to put her trust in God. Pray for freedom from her addiction.

Bryan Warugaba Testimony 

I lost my mother to HIV/AIDS when I was six months old, and my father passed away from HIV/AIDS when I was seven. My father had three wives and a total of thirteen children. Because of our big family, some children were not able to go to school, but fortunately, I was. After my father passed, I went to live with family friends who raised me and sent me to school, thanks to them I received an extensive education.

In 2009, the family I was staying with invited witch doctors into their home to perform some rituals which later had an adverse effect on all of us. In the house some of us at times were possessed by demons, they made us run away from home, and were extremely destructive causing some of us to get seriously ill and sick in ways doctors could not discern. The situation became so severe that we were taken to an evangelical church in our community by our neighbors.

Pastor Bryan is pictured far left with other teachers of the local Christian school.

After praying for us, we got an opportunity to hear the Gospel. I responded positively to the gospel and accepted Christ Jesus to be my Lord and Savior and was baptized in October 2010. I joined that church and was a member there until August 2011 when I moved to live in Rukungiri. Since I accepted Christ, a lot has changed in my life.

My perspective of who God is changed. I have come to know that there is a living God to whom I was made a child through Christ. Before I thought God was what we worshipped whenever which doctors came and performed rituals, but I now know that was evil. I used to believe that witch doctors were a source of help and knew everything about life and considered them as priests of God. Since I accepted Christ, I learned that Christ is Lord over all things even over the witch doctors. I realized that witch doctors work for the devil to steal, kill, and destroy people’s souls.

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