Bryan Warugaba

Recent Ministry

I have seen God work in the life of Zerida. She was suffering from typhoid. Despite medical treatment, Zerida remained weak due to a lack of food and a balanced diet. She went into a coma for three days, and her family members thought she had died, but she awoke from the coma. We took her in for more treatment, and she improved.

We praise God for giving us the Healing Grace Medical Center in Rukungiri. God provided free treatment on the very day the medical center opened. One example is John, who had suffered from chest pain for a long time; he received medication and is now well.

  • Pray for the people who receive treatment to not only have their physical ills healed but to come to know Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for Zerida to regain her strength and have no repercussions from her coma or typhoid.

Praise God for the Healing Grace Medical Center and John’s healing.

I train believers to become leaders in the church by giving them opportunities to share the Word of God in the fellowships and through home visits. We request prayer that God will help us to improve our church structure and that we can put up a place for the children to meet on Sundays.

Babra and her children had been sick for some time without any treatment. We visited the family with Luke, a son of Robert Lewison from the USA. When we arrived at their home, we discovered that everyone was seriously ill, and the children were lying all over the floor. We are grateful to Luke, who provided money for their treatment. When they went for treatment, we learned they had been sick with malaria and were so malnourished that they had become anemic.

  • Pray for the children and Babra to regain their strength.
  • Pray for no further issues from malaria or anemia.

We reach the community through home visits. This past month we visited twenty homes and met six men, fourteen women, and forty-one children. It is the season to harvest rice, and many families stay in the fields protecting their rice from being eaten by the birds.

We believe that God is drawing Mr. Dononzio to Himself. This man is a Catholic and has a bar. But he has attended our services three times now and promises to keep coming to our church.

  • Pray for Mr. Donozio to understand the message of salvation. Pray for the rice harvest to be abundant.

Bryan Warugaba Testimony 

I lost my mother to HIV/AIDS when I was six months old, and my father passed away from HIV/AIDS when I was seven. My father had three wives and a total of thirteen children. Because of our big family, some children were not able to go to school, but fortunately, I was. After my father passed, I went to live with family friends who raised me and sent me to school, thanks to them I received an extensive education.

In 2009, the family I was staying with invited witch doctors into their home to perform some rituals which later had an adverse effect on all of us. In the house some of us at times were possessed by demons, they made us run away from home, and were extremely destructive causing some of us to get seriously ill and sick in ways doctors could not discern. The situation became so severe that we were taken to an evangelical church in our community by our neighbors.

Pastor Bryan is pictured far left with other teachers of the local Christian school.

After praying for us, we got an opportunity to hear the Gospel. I responded positively to the gospel and accepted Christ Jesus to be my Lord and Savior and was baptized in October 2010. I joined that church and was a member there until August 2011 when I moved to live in Rukungiri. Since I accepted Christ, a lot has changed in my life.

My perspective of who God is changed. I have come to know that there is a living God to whom I was made a child through Christ. Before I thought God was what we worshipped whenever which doctors came and performed rituals, but I now know that was evil. I used to believe that witch doctors were a source of help and knew everything about life and considered them as priests of God. Since I accepted Christ, I learned that Christ is Lord over all things even over the witch doctors. I realized that witch doctors work for the devil to steal, kill, and destroy people’s souls.

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