Warugaba “Bryan” Bright

Recent Ministry 

This month we saw the hand of God working in the life of Evas. She is married to Gabriel, and they have three children. During her pregnancy, her condition was not good because she lacked iron in her body. When we visited her, we were able to give her some money to get medicine for her anemia. She delivered a baby boy, and we were grateful because she had a regular delivery and did not need an operation as we had expected. Praise the Lord.

  • Pray for Evas to recover fully from the birth and for her iron levels to normalize.
  • Pray for this baby boy to grow up healthy and to one day follow Jesus.

During this holiday, we changed our children Bible stories since they were out of school. They came every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to learn from the Bible starting in the book of Genesis with the story of creation. We face the challenge of many of the children not being able to attend school, so they do not know how to read or write. We have a total of twenty-three children.

  • Pray for the children to know and love God.
  • Pray for opportunities to attend school, for the families to be able to pay for school fees or for scholarships.
  • Pray for the children to be healthy.

Every Sunday morning, the foundations class meets to take turns reading and discussing the Bible. We visited twenty-homes this month during our outreach to the community.  As interest in the gospel grows in a specific area, and more people are gathered, we establish a home fellowship in the neighborhood.

  • Pray for the believers to grow in their faith through the study of God’s Word.
  • Pray for the home fellowships to grow as more people become interested in hearing the gospel and for leaders.

Our community has been infested with rats that are destroying the crops, including the sweet potatoes, cassava, and millet. Many people’s gardens have been destroyed.

  • Pray for a solution to this challenge.

We praise God for sending rain as our crops were suffering from the drought. This is the season to plan sweet potatoes.

  • Pray for the crops to grow so the people will have food to eat.
  • Pray for the health of the community and for solutions to the rat infestations.
  • Pray for plastic chairs so our attendees may sit during the church service.
  • Pray for a school to teach the children of Kikarara community.

Last Month’s Report

This month we have seen the hand of God in the building of our home. We were able to move in, although it is not yet completely finished. We are grateful for the support from White Fields Ministries, God bless you.

Thanks to friends at Lakes Free Church, the Missions Committee has funded a water harvesting tank in Kikarara.

  • Pray for the workers as they get started on that tank it will be a blessing to all the community members because they journey nearly a mile or more to find water. 

The children come every Saturday to be trained in Christian songs and dances. They have shown improvement in their skills, and the number has increased from sixteen to twenty-seven. The parents are happy about the growth in singing. The church choir has grown to ten people, and they are also making progress.

  • Pray for a structure for the children’s Sunday school.

We praise God for bringing the family of Patrick to the church. They were members of a Pentecostal church but decided to join us because we are teaching the truth and emphasizing the Word of God. We train others to participate in ministry through the class discussions about the scriptures.

Praise God for bringing Patrick’s family to join the church.

  • Pray for Patrick and the to continue their faith in the true gospel.

We thank God for changing the lives of people. Supriano had been living with his family in a house that was roofed half-way with iron sheets, and the other half of the roof was covered with grass. We visited them and prayed with them. Now they are excited that their roof is fully covered with iron sheets. They said that some people were mocking them and laughing at their roof, but now they are praising God because their house is completely roofed.

Digurey is a young man being drawn to Christ. He has been living with his parents but was always fighting with them. He has attended six different schools because of his bad manners. But ever since he came to work with us on the church house, I have been preaching to him and sharing the Word of God. We see a change in his behaviors, he no longer drinks alcohol and is interested in studying the Bible.

Praise God for answering our prayers and providing a roof for Supriano’s house.

We are thankful for the rain this season, our crops will God willing.

Bryan Warugaba Testimony 

I lost my mother to HIV/AIDS when I was six months old, and my father passed away from HIV/AIDS when I was seven. My father had three wives and a total of thirteen children. Because of our big family, some children were not able to go to school, but fortunately, I was. After my father passed, I went to live with family friends who raised me and sent me to school, thanks to them I received an extensive education.

In 2009, the family I was staying with invited witch doctors into their home to perform some rituals which later had an adverse effect on all of us. In the house some of us at times were possessed by demons, they made us run away from home, and were extremely destructive causing some of us to get seriously ill and sick in ways doctors could not discern. The situation became so severe that we were taken to an evangelical church in our community by our neighbors.

Pastor Bryan is pictured far left with other teachers of the local Christian school.

After praying for us, we got an opportunity to hear the Gospel. I responded positively to the gospel and accepted Christ Jesus to be my Lord and Savior and was baptized in October 2010. I joined that church and was a member there until August 2011 when I moved to live in Rukungiri. Since I accepted Christ, a lot has changed in my life.

My perspective of who God is changed. I have come to know that there is a living God to whom I was made a child through Christ. Before I thought God was what we worshipped whenever which doctors came and performed rituals, but I now know that was evil. I used to believe that witch doctors were a source of help and knew everything about life and considered them as priests of God. Since I accepted Christ, I learned that Christ is Lord over all things even over the witch doctors. I realized that witch doctors work for the devil to steal, kill, and destroy people’s souls.

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