Your contribution to the support of our pastors will be combined with other partners to establish a church in the village most ready for a new church. In every country we serve, the leadership team is training new church planters to prepare them for the arduous ministry of reaching new communities with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Donate to Pastor Support

You may be interested in designating your gift toward a specific country.  The “Donate Button” above will take you to our online store where you can choose. We want you to select the place you are most interested in supporting.
You may also give to the most needed.

Our Board of Directors prayerfully considers which country or region has a church planter prepared and ready to start, then we move forward as the Lord provides. You can make a one time gift as you are able – or choose to schedule a monthly donation. You have the opportunity to choose the best way to support the spreading of the gospel through national church planters.

 Training is Important Preparation

White Fields Ministry has been supporting pastors starting new churches since 1956.  Many of our church planters are now training the future younger generations of evangelists. In many places, they do not have desks, but their laps are full of Bibles and notes. Our alumni pastors are vigorously training the students in classes and also through practical hands-on experiences in ministry through the local church.

International Oversight Visits

In addition to the training provided by our pastors and the team in the country–our President, Stephen Wheeler, travels to each country to provide training from his experience of forty years of pastoral ministry and seminary education. On these visits, he can engage the struggles the Christians are facing in their culture and bring insight from similar experiences happening around the world.

The persecution and barriers hindering the spread of the gospel have been engaged from the very beginning of the church expansion. We explore the book of Acts with our pastors and find applications from those biblical illustrations in every country we serve today.

Saul was in hearty agreement with putting him to death. And on that day a great persecution began against the church in Jerusalem, and they were all scattered throughout the regions of Judea and Samaria, except the apostles.

Acts 8:1

We gather our pastors together in conferences and training because the pastors are strengthened and gain boldness when they know that the attacks they face are frequent in other ministries too, but that our brothers and sisters have overcome the enemy and the church is growing.  We explore how to overcome the attacks by standing together in prayer and support.

Continue Gathering for Encouragement

The ministers in our support are not left alone. They have a network of other pastors working alongside them that gather together and engage one another. They provide insight and prayer support. Listening to the painful experiences from the younger pastors the experienced pastors provide biblical examples and application of church ministry which strengthens all the churches.

Traveling to the Remote Places

Remote villages and hard to reach areas are desperately in need of the gospel proclamation. Sometimes just getting there requires perseverance and strenuous travel. Impoverished people find the farthest places to live so no one will force them to move. We prayerfully seek where the Lord might lead our national pastors to reach these villages and start a church.

Sometimes the Lord provides a family that responds to the gospel and then opens their home to begin a Bible study. They request our nearby pastor to come to teach them. The Lord then opens the heart of neighbors to respond in faith to the Lord Jesus. Eventually, this village needs a full-time pastor to disciple and minister to all the new believers.

Our national pastors are reaching into the mountains and farthest villages to proclaim the gospel. Your partnership helps them work full-time until the Lord allows a self-sustaining church to support their ministry.

Donate to Pastor Support

Reaching the Desperately Lost

Our pastors proclaim the gospel to the very needy. We acknowledge that every person is lost without Jesus Christ. Even the person growing up in a safe neighborhood and living in a comfortable home is lost and needs to receive Jesus Christ for redemption. But, the dangerous communities where drug addicts hang out and criminals abide are also just as needy. Sometimes the perilous conditions cause some to be fearful to go into these communities to proclaim the gospel. Our pastors are courageous and bold. They do not fear the evil people or witchdoctors that practice demonic spirit worship. They announce the gospel boldly and are protected by the Lord. Your prayers are also crucial in the ministry of intercession.

Your partnership by praying and contributing to the financial support can increase the laborers in the harvest fields. God may not call you to go to these places, but it does not mean that you are not a partner in the spread of the gospel. National pastors are efficient in reaching the people that live in these remote villages because it is the very place they grew up. So, they know how to live like the people they are reaching. They know how to communicate the gospel in a way the Holy Spirit will use to open the heart of the lost. They know how to show compassion, and the pastors have the wisdom to discern the difference between someone who is open to repent of their sin and not just expecting a hand out because they are poor. Our pastors are a part of these communities.

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