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Choose a gift to give. You may give a gift or donation in honor of your loved one. We will see that it reaches the children and families in our churches along with the training and guidance to help them become self-sustaining. Your loved one can receive a free card notifying them that a gift or donation has been made in their honor.

Support a National Pastor

You can support the Poverty Solutions to help new believers of local churches become self-supporting by giving them the ability to become productive members of a local economy. You can also help us support the national pastor that starts the church in their community. The discipleship and life-transforming changes make their economic improvement become a whole community transformation as the power of the gospel transforms the lives of all the new believers.

Donate to Pastor Support

We’ll Provide a Card

If you make a gift to our Poverty Solutions or Pastor Support “In Honor” of a friend or family member — We will provide a card for each gift so you can inform them of the contribution you’ve made. After you complete your donation — email and let us know where you would like the card(s) sent.  We can mail them for you directly to your friends, or we can send the card(s) to you so you can put them in their Christmas Stockings or give them at the appropriate time.







Poverty Solutions are Available

Give the startup solution for church members to raise pigs, goats, chickens, and their own food.
Provide Bibles, transportation or classes in hygiene or tools to work.



Love Travels Far

As we approached the simple structure, a woman came out with her arms opened wide to greet us with a hug. She received our simple gifts of maize, beans, soap, and a loaf of bread. “I have not tasted bread since the last time your mission team visited my home.” Our team in Uganda had first begun to minister to these people living in the region of Kikirara in May of 2017. There was a famine caused by severe drought.

Greeting a new believer.

Our churches in Rukungiri traveled into the area and went house to house and discovered the deaths from starvation. No one else was providing any assistance, and the people were hopeless. White Fields assisted our churches to bring maize, beans, salt and other simple supplies that allowed these people to survive. Now I had the opportunity to visit the community and travel with Pastor Bryan and Onesimus.

What a surprising realization that a loaf of bread was beyond this women’s affordable cost of living. She was impoverished, and any income would be used to buy the least expensive form of food–maize. But now she had a fantastic opportunity to attend a church in her village. [Read more…]

Poverty Solutions

In the areas White Fields ministers, the average person makes $1 a day or less. The regions we work in consist of farmers and day laborers who may only have a six-grade education with few opportunities for advancement. Factors such as these continue the cycle of poverty.

Part of our comprehensive approach to transforming communities around the world is to come alongside church members and give them the means by which they can become producers and lift themselves out of poverty. We believe that work is good, that it restores dignity, that it is God’s plan for humans to work. Your partnership is vital to transform the lives of Christians who are living in poverty to become self-sustaining.

Donate Where Needed Most


Designated Projects

There are several projects that you can give towards to help solve poverty. These projects are designed to enhance the successful start of a church in an impoverished and needy community. Providing a pig, goat, seeds, or brick machine can help a new believer in a church gain the ability to produce a sustainable income. These projects focus on poverty solutions. We also include Water Projects which can span from building water storage tanks to drilling wells. These sources of water are located at the local church, effectively making the new the church an essential hub of the community.

Donate to Water Project

In Uganda and Myanmar, we network with ministries that provide local people with the technology and training to create sustainable water sources for their communities. Your donations provide resources to build rainwater collection tanks, wells, water storage, and filters.

Donate to Piggery Project

A family raising a piglet can within a year have a mature pig that can give birth to a drove of piglets. These pigs when mature can be sold at the market price for $350, almost double a families average salary. Join us and solve poverty for a family by donating today!

Difficult Places

The Middle East can be a dangerous place. Persecution by the government, neighbors, and destabilizing groups like ISIS force many people from their homeland. These factors bring many opportunities for the Gospel. Local Pastors minister to both Christian and non-Christian refugees as they seek a safe place to live and raise their families. Many of the Christians work selling handcrafted items to support themselves. Through our relationship with local Pastors, we offer these items on our website with the proceeds going directly to the Christian refugees who made them.

Support Refugees

In the Middle East, our church planters minister to refugees who have fled war and ISIS in Iraq & Syria. Christian refugees work making handmade soap, blankets, jewelry, and mosaic handicrafts. The sale of these items supports these Christians in their time of transition. “Teaching them to fish, not just giving them a fish.”