Motherhood: A Strenuous Occupation

Serving little ones as a mother is never an easy task in life. Mothers fulfill the incredibly powerful role of nourishing and protecting the infant human life in their bodies until delivering the child at birth.  The job is not finished at birth, intense as that process may be. In continuation of that role, mothers raise the children of the next generation. Birth brought the child into a hostile world. A newborn baby is not capable of surviving without a caregiver; God blessed them with a mother. Mothers, including adoptive moms, spend countless sacrificial hours guiding, encouraging and nourishing children into adulthood.

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Our National Pastors travel into the remote villages and mountain areas to reach people that are otherwise cutoff from civilization. The roads are often just dirt; created by the wearing down of walkers and then the occasional vehicle. In order to proclaim the gospel and bring the Good News of faith in Jesus Christ – the pastors need a way to travel to these places.

Donate to Transportation Fund

White Fields set up this transportation fund specifically to help with the various projects that will provide transportation for our pastors and ministry teams. In some cases, a motorbike is the most economical and versatile method of getting in and out of these rural areas. The motorbikes usually cost around $1,200 to $2,000 and we provide helmets and safety gear for another $50 per person. The pastors are trained by local motorbike riders to offer safe driving lessons.

We also have teams that travel to visit the church sites. Sometimes they bring evangelists, musicians, and other ministers to give services for a weekend or short time. The teams that travel, need more than a motorbike so we will provide a van for bringing the group.

You can help us provide transportation so the pastors can reach more people with the gospel. We also give safety helmets for all riders. Visit our Transportation Store and choose how to give.
Every donation helps us provide transportation to get the pastors into more homes to visit the needy.

The roads can be long and the people far away. But when God opens a door and people want to hear the gospel, our pastors will travel as far as they need to proclaim the Good News.
Pray for their safety and that God will provide the vehicles to bring the gospel to every neighborhood in the country.

Donate to Transportation Fund

We must be global Christians with a global vision because our God is a global God.

John R.W. Stott

The gospel is only good news if it gets there in time.

Carl F.H. Henry


Starting a church in a remote village area where there are zero Christians, begins by proclaiming the gospel. “I entered the village and found that no one had ever heard of God. I was invited into one of the houses, and for three days I taught them from creation to salvation. After this, they were very excited and asked me to keep coming and sharing more about the Bible.” ~ Pastor Tha Khup

Donate to Construction Project

After people begin to receive Jesus Christ by faith, they follow him obediently in baptism and discipleship. Word spreads to other villages, and people want the evangelist to visit their place and preach the Good News to them as well. That is how churches spread and why we need to support more pastors to disciple the new believers and to spread the proclamation to other villages. Pastor Tha Khup and his wife raised their son Solomon to know the Lord. Solomon was called into the ministry and studied in Bible College then went on to Seminary. While there he met his wife, Cing Bawi. They have now come back to work alongside Solomon’s parents planting churches in this rural mountain region of the southern Chin State of Myanmar.

The congregation is growing and needs a permanent place to gather for worship and Bible training.

Last year, White Fields Ministry was able to purchase a property in a central location to the villages around Saw Myo. Now we are raising funds for the construction of a permanent building. An engineer in Myanmar has developed the plans for a simple two-story structure that will both provide for a living residence for a pastor’s family and the meeting areas for the church. The solid concrete block and brick structure will offer a secure place to gather in the midst of the intense storms that frequent the area.

The Field Director has forwarded a complete list of all the materials they will need for the construction. The first phase estimate to provide the cement, sand, gravel, and bricks is approximately $5,500 USD. You can participate in this phase of the project by visiting our online giving store and choosing the items towards which you would like your donation to be given.

Donate to Construction Project

As each phase is completed, we will coordinate with our Field Director to apply additional donations to the next phase of the project. White Fields Ministry works with our pastors and the oversight team to ensure that funds are used appropriately to complete each phase in good construction practices for their country. We help guide the process to construct a solid, safe, structure that will be used to expand the training of new pastors into the surrounding villages.

In Myanmar, Pastor Thawng has overseen the construction of similar buildings, even the larger facility in Yangon that provides the housing for the main Bible College in the Myanmar ministry. Your participation and prayers for this project will be vital to increasing the ministry advancement in the Myanmar outreach.

God is at work in remarkable ways in this country. In the past, many people had been cut off from hearing the gospel, but now there is an opening to reach them, even into the most remote regions of the mountains to share the Good News. Our President, Stephen Wheeler, and his wife, Coral traveled into this region two years ago. They were able to meet many of the people Pastor Tha Khup and Solomon were reaching.

On that trip two years ago, Stephen and Coral spent time with the pastor’s families and heard the testimonies of many people who had already come to faith. By God’s grace, a team will travel to this region again in 2019. You can help them rejoice together with the many new church members in a completed facility that will provide a secure place of worship and training.