Yoshiaki Suzuki

Recent Ministry

We had an outing to the zoo on a recent Sunday afternoon. Seven people attended, mostly college students and international students. Miwa, a Nagano University student, also joined us for this event.

Hina and Miwa are both students at Nagano University and came to our special summer outdoor worship. They also attend a Bible study held by Professor Tadayoshi Suzuki in his office.

  • Pray for them to continue to go to this Bible study and other on-campus Christian activities.
  • Pray for Hina and Miwa to come to know Jesus Christ.

Tadahiro is a man in his eighties. He was brought to church by Masaru during the summer. They together attended the Introductory Bible study. However, Masaru has not been feeling well lately, so our meetings have been postponed until he gets better.

  • Pray for the health of Masaru to improve so we will be able to resume the introductory Bible study. Masaru’s wife is a Christian, but Masaru is not.

We were blessed with a volunteer team from the West Kanto region Evangelical Free Church group that came for the fourth year in a row. Fifty-seven people from thirteen churches passed out tracts to four-thousand, eight-hundred and sixty-four households in the area. Each year we always have new people who come to church after seeing one of these flyers. We are praying for some new people to come this year as well.

  • Pray for a positive response to the flyer dispersed by the volunteer team. 
  • Pray for the Japanese people to come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Two women were led to our church through the flyers. Yaeko is in her seventies, and Yui is in her twenties. Unfortunately, they are irregular attendees and tend to be absent from services frequently. I am sensing they need appropriate teaching and discipleship.

  • Pray for Yaeko and Yui to be faithful in serving the Lord.

Our seminary students have become friends with two of the Vietnamese trainees.  Hi is twenty-five and Cuong is eighteen. As I had mentioned in previous reports, on the east side of our neighborhood, a company built a dorm to house their employees in training. We passed our Vietnamese Bibles and a novel by a Christian author, Ayako.

  • Pray for these young trainees to be led to a church and come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

We are planning our first Classical Concert at our new church building for this month. Brother Shiro will be playing the French horn accompanied by a pianist, Yumi.

  • Pray for Shiro and Yumi.
  • Pray for this outreach opportunity and for the local people to be willing to step inside the church building.

My wife Sayoko will be having surgery on her hip joint. Pray for God to sustain her before the surgery as she prepares lunch for fifteen people after church every Sunday. She will be hospitalized for several days before the surgery. Pray for her recovery.

  • Pray for our future Christmas events. We are planning an event for the children and a Celebration Christian Worship service for the Sunday before Christmas.
  • Pray for Mr. Igarashi; he is the first one to be baptized in our group.
  • Pray for strength and courage to publicly proclaim his faith.

Kiyohito Kubo Archive

August 2019

Morikazu is in his late forties and seeking for the truth. He actively helped with the Vacation English Church Camp and since then has been faithful in attending the church. He also participates in other church activities. Through the Sunday sermon and individual conversations during our fellowship time, he has found many of the answers to his questions. Intellectually, he has a good understanding of the truth and faith. Our prayer is for the Holy Spirit to touch his heart and lead him to realize his sin and need for true repentance.

  • Pray for Morikazu to have a personal relationship with God and become a believer.

Haruo is in his sixties and he got married to a Chinese woman three years ago. He is not yet a believer but his wife is a Christian. They have been in our group for Sunday worship and fellowship for the past year and a half. Haruo continues to attend the church by himself when his wife is in China for long visits. He enjoys fellowshipping with the people at the church and does not view Christianity in a spiritual sense, but rather as an exchange of friendships. He appears to see Christianity as one of many religions. Pray for the Holy Spirit to speak to Haruo through the scripture.

  • Pray for Haruo to understand that Christianity is not simply another religion but to comprehend the scriptures and see the transformation of the gospel in the lives of the people in the church.

Hiroko, a non-believer, is the wife of Hidetoshi, a believer. Hiroko invited the VECC team for a Japanese tea ceremony experience and meal. It was my first time meeting her, although she was the one who found our church on the internet and encouraged her husband to join us when they moved to the area last year. We had invited her to come to the church in the past, however somewhere it did not work out for her to join us. We know she doesn’t dislike us, but she prefers to invite people to her home. She seems hesitant to join existing church activities, but we are planning to invite her to an informal Bible study or Bible talk session. Pray for Hiroko to open her heart to the gospel.

  • Pray for Hiroko to come to the church and fellowship with the believers.
  • Pray for her to be open to hearing about salvation.

July 2019

Morikazu has been attending the Worship service most Sundays. He came to help the USA team with our Vacation English Church Camp and heard their salvation testimonies. I am praying for this experience to make a big impact on him as he saw the Christians on the USA team in addition to having fellowship with Japanese Christians. We are hoping Morikazu sees the attitudes and hearts of believers towards God. One of the church members casually asked him how he felt about baptism the other day, and this believer remarked that his reply was positive. Pray with us for the Holy Spirit to lead Morikazu to true repentance and salvation.

  • Pray for Morikazu to make the decision to trust and believe in God for salvation and for the realization that he needs Jesus to be his Savior.

The Vacation English Church Camp was excellent. We had twenty-six youth total for the five-day program. Twenty of them were first-time visitors. We praise God for the White Fields team from the USA who came. We had fun activities such as English lessons, dancing and worship, arts and crafts, and games. The theme was “Live (Walk) as Children of Light” with a message from the Bible about courage, forgiveness, giving, obedience, and humility. I praise God that many of the youth were eagerly listening during the Bible message. The whole church was encouraged by the team and some of the church members were able to join the group and help with the camp. The USA team had great fellowship and were able to explore Japanese food and experience Japan. Praise the Lord.

Sachiko is my mother-in-law. She moved in with us here in Chiba, when her husband passed away four years ago. She had been living in Kochi (Shikoku Island). Recently, my wife and her siblings had a conversation, resulting in Sachiko deciding to move back to Kochi where my wife’s older brother still lives. Pray for her new life and for this adjustment, she is moving to a new location within Kochi than where she lived before.

  • Pray for Sachiko and the families involved to adjust to this change in their lives.
  • Pray for Sachiko as she settles into a new area in Kochi.
  • Pray for the youth who heard God’s Word to continue to think about the concepts they learned and to come again to the church to hear more about God’s Love.
  • Pray for the parents to be willing to have their children attend the church.
  • Pray for the influence of the church on the community.

Praise the Lord for the success of this new event and for excellent attendance.

June 2019

We are continuing our individual Bible study with Morikazu. We have covered many topics including, creation of the heaven and earth, sin, the Savior Jesus Christ, salvation, and repentance. Morikazu has many questions, and at each session, I spend time answering these questions. He seems to be understanding the Bible little by little but has not yet reached the point of understanding true repentance. He does understand that being self-centered is a sin, and he desires to help and care for others.

  • Pray for Morikazu to be to repentance by the Holy Spirit and to not merely acquire an intellectual knowledge of the Bible.

The Tada family moved from Kansai in the west-central part of Japan about three years ago. The mother, Yuka, has been bringing their child to English class and ukulele class for the past two years. Sometimes the father brings their child to the English group. This family has not yet attended a worship service, but the whole family came for the candle service last Christmas.

  • Pray for a witnessing opportunity so we can share the gospel with the Tada family.
  • Pray for us to learn how we can support the Tada family and know what their needs are.

We are thankful for the White Fields team to come for the VEBC, Vacation English Bible School, this month.

  • Pray for the gospel to touch the hearts of the children who attend the camp.
  • Pray for Japanese and USA team to work together and for safe travels.

May 2019

Osamu and Noriko are believers in their fifties with a daughter, Manami, in her twenties. Osamu and Noriko have been attending church every week. Their house is so close to the church building that they state the cross on the roof is visible from their home. Manami gave birth to a baby girl in April. The whole family is quite busy every day caring for this precious child, so they leave immediately after the service. We are hoping to have more fellowship with them once they are more settled.

  • Pray for Osamu, Noriko, Manami, and her baby girl, to enjoy this blessed time together.
  • Pray for everyone to get enough rest.

I started an individual Bible study with an unbeliever who is curious about salvation, and we meet weekly after the lunch fellowship following the Sunday service. I had thought that Morikazu believed evolution as he has a science and technology background. But one day, Morikazu said, “all the beauty of nature and the wonder of phenomena are perhaps only by one ultimate designer, and that designer may be the Creator.” He seems to be a bit confused as we studied about sin in one of the chapters. In the Japanese language, we use the same word tsumi to mean both sin and crime.  Morikazu read tsumi in the material multiple times during our Bible study. Our prayer is that the Holy Spirit will touch the heart of Morikazu and cause him to repent and have faith in Christ, not just to have a desire to increase his knowledge about the Bible.

  • Pray for Morikazu’s desire to know more about the Bible to bring forth the understanding of his need for a Savior.
  • Pray for wisdom for Pastor Kubo as he teaches through the Bible with Morikazu and explains the concept of sin.

Keiichi visited us at the church once. He is in his sixties, married, and not a believer. Since his first visit, we have corresponded through email. Keiichi runs an eyeglass shop. I visited his shop the other day to buy new glasses for my mother. When I was there, I saw Keiichi and met his wife for the first time. Since it was during business hours, we could not spend much time to talk about the Bible. Keiichi continues to send me various questions while he reads the Bible. One of his recent concerns was, “do we get rid of the Buddhist altar and the Shito alter once we become Christians?” Last year, he left and cut off his relationship with the Buddhist priest at a temple where he had been connected for many years. After his mother passed away, Keiichi said he often thinks about life after death. This led to his desire to know the truth. He may be thinking about becoming a Christian, but we do not want to see him just switch from Buddhism to be a churchgoer, we desire him to have a personal relationship with God.

  • Pray for Keiichi to be led by the Holy Spirit as he continues to read the Bible in search of the truth, pray for him to come to repentance leading to salvation.

We are thankful for the team being sent by White Fields this summer for our VEBC (Vacation English Bible Camp) at the end of this month. Please remember the team in your prayers, for joy and unity as a team and for the necessary preparations to take place.

  • Pray for wisdom as the Japan details are completed and for more than thirty youth to sign up.

We currently have twenty children signed up. Praise the Lord!

  • Pray for the gospel message to touch the hearts of those who attend the camp.
  • Pray for safe travel and protection for the team and for unity as we work together.

April 2019

The Nara family have been attending the service since March, they live ten-minutes way walking distance from the church. Osamu and Noriko are both Christians.  My understanding is that they participated in a church in Tokyo in the past, they do not talk much about this church even though I have asked, I suspect they do not have good memories of this place. They had not been attending any church recently until they started joining our group. Manami is the daughter of Osamu and Noriko. She is expecting a baby and has been staying at her parent’s house in preparation for the birth. In Japan, it is common for a daughter to stay at her parent’s home when it is close to the time for the baby to be born. Manami shared with us that she wants to renew her faith since she is becoming a mother, she grew up in a Christian home. We know that her husband is not a believer.

Since writing this report, Manami had a baby girl.

  • Pray for the mother and baby to have good health. We are also praying for Manami to profess faith in Christ.
  • Pray for Osamu and Noriko to have a blessed faith walk and to keep up consistency with their faith.
  • Pray for Manami to have good health and for her baby girl to be healthy.
  • Pray for Manami to understand salvation and declare Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of her life, and also remember her husband.

Morikazu is a single male in his forties. We had been hoping to start an individual Bible study with him in April, but he was so busy at work for the entire month, so we did not have a session at all. He is at a new division in his company and decided that having a Bible study regularly on an evening weeknight would be too challenging. So we are planning to start this month after the service on Sundays. For the past six months, Morikazu has attended worship each Sunday in addition to almost all the church gatherings and activities. He has his own Bible and eagerly listens and takes notes of all the preaching. We see his intellectual desire to know more about the truth. Our prayer is that the Holy Spirit will touch Morikazu and cause him to repent and declare faith in Christ, not just for him to desire to increase his knowledge about the Bible.

  • Pray for Morikazu to desire a relationship with God more than knowledge about God.
  • Pray for his understanding of salvation to cause him to declare his need for the Lord Jesus Christ to be his Savior.

We are thankful for the team being sent by White Fields this summer for the VEBC (Vacation English Bible Camp).

  • Please pray for joy and unity for the American team as they prepare for the camp.
  • Pray for the Japan team to accomplish all the necessities as well.
  • Pray for over thirty youth to attend.
  • Pray for the gospel to touch the hearts of those who come and hear the good news from the Bible.

March 2019

Thank you for the past financial support and prayer we received. We are thankful for the opportunity to be supported by White Fields again. This past year I was working part-time in addition to my responsibilities at the church. Now due to your support, I can again wholly focus on my core responsibility as a pastor. Words do not express how thankful and grateful I am for your partnership. Our worship service has an average attendance of ten adults and five youth with six church members.

  • Pray for our outreach to our community.
  • Pray for the Japanese people to understand their need for a Savior.

Morikazu lives close to our church, about a five-minute walking distance. He first saw our tract, which prompted him to start attending our group last summer. Before that, he was going to a Mormon Church because he attended a free English conversation class at the Mormon church because he was interested in learning English. He developed a curiosity about the Bible, but Morikazu noticed that the Mormon group did not talk much about the words of the Bible; instead, they spent a majority of the time on the Mormon text. So he decided to come to our church to learn about the Words in the Bible. He has regularly been attending each week since he first started coming last September. He usually stays for the fellowship and prayer time after the morning worship. Although Morikazu is busy at work every day, we anticipate starting an individual Bible study with him soon. Marikazu is single and in his early forties.

  • Pray for Morikazu to repent of his sin and accept Christ the Lord as His Savior.
  • Pray for the Bible study to deepen his interest in God’s Word and for his knowledge to lead to an understanding of his need for salvation.

Haruo is in his sixties and married a Chinese believer almost two years ago. Since his wife comes to church, he also comes along. He started coming last October and is regularly attending. I am getting the impression that Haruo thinks he becomes a Christian because of his wife’s influence, someday but not soon. I have been explaining to him the importance of a personal relationship with the Savior and faith is more than merely being converted from one belief to another. We pray for the Holy Spirit to lead and guide Haruo to understand his need for a Savior.

  • Pray for Hurou to grasp the concept of a personal relationship with God and understand Christianity and salvation do not rub off a person from another’s faith but requires his participation.
  • Pray for him to come to an understanding of salvation through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray for the pastor to have wisdom as he shares God’s Word.

Keiichi found our church group through the internet. He came to church once, and we talked for a while. I learned that Keiichi knew a Christian group back when he was in his twenties. He is now in his sixties and married. He had read the Bible in the past but had not been to a church for quite a while. At the end of last year, Keiichi lost his mother. This started him thinking about the meaning of life and death and started him on a search for the Truth before his own physical end in this world. We learned later that Keiichi disconnected himself from all ties to the Buddhist temple of his family’s traditions and the entire method of Buddhism. He is concerned about his daughter, who is an adult, and has been withdrawn from society for a while and is deeply involved in spiritual new age ideas. Keiichi runs his own business and has not been able to attend church on Sundays due to this responsibility. We primarily keep in touch via emails.

  • Pray for Keiichi to find Truth only possible through Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for him to come to an understanding of the gospel and his need for a Savior, and for his repentance leading to salvation.
  • Pray for Keiichi’s daughter who seems to be searching for the Truth as well.

Pray for the team from the United States that will be coming for the summer Bible camp. As this is our first year doing this program, pray for our preparations and logistics to go smoothly. Pray our outreach efforts to be successful and especially for the Japanese children who will be there to have a wonderful time and respond when they hear the gospel. Pray for the parents to be willing to allow their children to attend the camp and also to show an interest in the gospel.M

We are currently praying for the White Fields Short Term Ministry Team that will be helping us sponsor a VBS this summer during the school break. I have met with one of the White Fields Alumni Pastors, and his wife, that have a great amount of experience leading evangelistic VBS ministries. Please pray for our partnership with the team as we all prepare for some wonderful ministry together.

Pat and Tomio Ohashi have planted several churches in Japan and Tomio now serves on our Field Directing Committee. Their partnership with White Fields brings wisdom and experience to the ministry of church planting.

We are thankful that they are sharing their gifted experience with our younger pastors as they guide Kiyohito and Yuriko preparing for the VBS ministry.

Motherhood: A Strenuous Occupation

Serving little ones as a mother is never an easy task in life. Mothers fulfill the incredibly powerful role of nourishing and protecting the infant human life in their bodies until delivering the child at birth.  The job is not finished at birth, intense as that process may be. In continuation of that role, mothers raise the children of the next generation. Birth brought the child into a hostile world. A newborn baby is not capable of surviving without a caregiver; God blessed them with a mother. Mothers, including adoptive moms, spend countless sacrificial hours guiding, encouraging and nourishing children into adulthood.

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