Our National Pastors travel into the remote villages and mountain areas to reach people that are otherwise cutoff from civilization. The roads are often just dirt; created by the wearing down of walkers and then the occasional vehicle. In order to proclaim the gospel and bring the Good News of faith in Jesus Christ – the pastors need a way to travel to these places.

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White Fields set up this transportation fund specifically to help with the various projects that will provide transportation for our pastors and ministry teams. In some cases, a motorbike is the most economical and versatile method of getting in and out of these rural areas. The motorbikes usually cost around $1,200 to $2,000 and we provide helmets and safety gear for another $50 per person. The pastors are trained by local motorbike riders to offer safe driving lessons.

We also have teams that travel to visit the church sites. Sometimes they bring evangelists, musicians, and other ministers to give services for a weekend or short time. The teams that travel, need more than a motorbike so we will provide a van for bringing the group.

You can help us provide transportation so the pastors can reach more people with the gospel. We also give safety helmets for all riders. Visit our Transportation Store and choose how to give.
Every donation helps us provide transportation to get the pastors into more homes to visit the needy.

The roads can be long and the people far away. But when God opens a door and people want to hear the gospel, our pastors will travel as far as they need to proclaim the Good News.
Pray for their safety and that God will provide the vehicles to bring the gospel to every neighborhood in the country.

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We must be global Christians with a global vision because our God is a global God.

John R.W. Stott

The gospel is only good news if it gets there in time.

Carl F.H. Henry


You can join the support team of Pastor Rodrigo as his family plans for their return to Chile to start a church. “My training at the Master’s Seminary has prepared me to proclaim biblical truth. Now I want to preach to my people in Chile.” ~ Pastor Rodrigo

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Pastor Rodrigo giving his senior testimony in The Master’s Seminary Chapel

I was born and raised in one of the most beautiful countries in the world: Chile. I grew up in a Christian home. My parents did everything they could to provide a Christian environment for me. They were, and still are, an example for me in so many ways. 

Since the beginning of my memory, I have professed faith in Christ, so I cannot tell with certainty a specific date when I was converted. But I can say this:

Every time I ran away from God to pursue a life of sin, God, as a loving Father, providentially put me under difficult situations in order to bring me back to Himself. In other words, God did for me, what the father did for the prodigal son: He saw me, felt compassion for me, and ran and embraced me.

I was a member of a little church where, occasionally, I was given the opportunity to teach in a Sunday school class or the main service. It was during those occasions that I considered for the first time in my life the idea of becoming a preacher and a pastor. Also about the same time a godly, humble and beautiful lady, by the name of Sheila, came from Minnesota to our little church to work as a missionary.

The Lord brought us together and we were engaged and married in Chile; January of 2005. We lived there for a year and then we moved to Minnesota. During our time in Minnesota my desire for being in ministry grew more and more until I was convinced that I was called to be a pastor. So I did some research on the internet and I got some books on public speaking, apologetics and church planting. That should do it, I thought.

In Chile it is really hard to find a good Bible college or a seminary. So, the majority of pastors train themselves. My plan was to do the same thing. Our church was going to support us to return to Chile and plant a church. Instead, God led me another direction.  One day, I was looking on the internet for sermons by a purpose driven pastor, but instead I found a short video by John MacArthur.

I wanted to know more about this Pastor MacArthur. I started to listen to his sermons online. It wasn’t long until I decided to enroll at TMS and I started classes a few months later. I have now graduated from Seminary and have been working at Gracia a Vosotros, the Spanish version of Grace to You, as an internet coordinator and editor of John MacArthur’s sermons translated into Spanish.

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Endorsements of Pastor Rodrigo:

Rodrigo has been a diligent and faithful employee at Grace to You during his time here. He is an extremely conscientious believer with a good testimony and a heart for the proclamation and defense of the gospel, especially in Chile. He has my full endorsement and affirmation as he seeks opportunities for full-time service to Christ, either in Chile or in any other part of the world. He is gifted and equipped for the work of ministry, and he is zealous for the glory of Christ.

~ Phil Johnson

Executive Director of Grace to You

Rodrigo’s call to ministry is clear and he has been equipped to preach in the church. His extraordinary testimony and thirst to proclaim and defend the gospel is part of his heart and daily passion.  He lives with a deep love to give glory to Christ in every task he develops.
~ Miguel Contreras

Director de Gracia a Vosotros | Grace to You

God has now opened the door for my family to return to Chile and start proclaiming the gospel and discipling new believers gathered into a church. My family has grown to two boys and a baby girl (Sheila is due to give birth in March, 2019). We are all 100% committed to our ministry of church planting and pastor training in Valparaiso, Chile. We will return and put into practice all the biblical training we have received at TMS and Grace Community Church.

Pray for the Avila family as they prepare to return to Chile sometime in the summer of 2019

Why Chile?

Chile has a population of about 18 million people.  According to the last census, 67% of Chileans consider themselves Roman Catholics, 17% Evangelical, and 12% claim not to belong to any religion. These numbers indicate that in Chile there are more than 14 million people who have only heard of Christ and the Bible, but do not know the true biblical gospel and therefore have not been born again. There is a, however, a growing revival in Chile, especially among young people. They are searching for biblical truth and are listening to expository Bible preaching.

Rodrigo was a witness to these things when he represented The Master’s Seminary at a conference in Southern Chile in July 2015. Around one thousand people gathered for four days to listen to Expository Bible preaching.

With your prayers and support, Pastor Rodrigo will proclaim the gospel. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will guide him to the right people and draw the lost to hear the Good News and come to faith in Jesus Christ. We are praying that God will use the proclamation of the truth to accomplish his will.
‘But get up and stand on your feet; for this purpose I have appeared to you, to appoint you a minister and a witness. . . I am sending you, to open their eyes so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the dominion of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who have been sanctified by faith in me.’ Acts 26:16-18, [NASB]

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Uganda Bible School

White Fields has a long history of working in Africa; in our early years, our focus was in Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Today we work in the countries of Uganda & Congo. Thanks to partnerships with individuals and churches, such as the Shadow Mountain Mission Committee, our Director for Uganda Onesimus Ngoboka graduated with his M. Div. from Southern California Seminary in El Cajon, CA.

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Burdened for his people and blessed with a gift of teaching and training young men and their families to become pastors, Onesimus leads our church planting efforts in Africa. White Fields Ministry has begun supporting the first wave of pastors to reach the darkest and most forsaken villages with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As part of the local church’s outreach to the community, they created a government certified school in their district. Graceland Academy has Bible-based courses that teach children the word of God as well as traditional classes like science, reading, math, English, etc… This investment in the future will allow correct theology, discipleship, and Bible teaching to continue for years to come.

In addition to the salaries that sustain the families of those pastors during the beginning years of establishing the church, the vital need at this time is a functional facility that will provide an adequate training environment so Onesimus can pass along the education he received from SoCal Seminary. The building will contain a classroom, library, and offices for Pastor Onesimus and visiting professors from SoCal Seminary.

We need your help to accomplish this goal and raise the money necessary to build the school. To join us, click the button at the top of the page and help create a place for Pastors to be trained and theologically equipped to plant churches in Africa!