Motherhood: A Strenuous Occupation

Serving little ones as a mother is never an easy task in life. Mothers fulfill the incredibly powerful role of nourishing and protecting the infant human life in their bodies until delivering the child at birth.  The job is not finished at birth, intense as that process may be. In continuation of that role, mothers raise the children of the next generation. Birth brought the child into a hostile world. A newborn baby is not capable of surviving without a caregiver; God blessed them with a mother. Mothers, including adoptive moms, spend countless sacrificial hours guiding, encouraging and nourishing children into adulthood.

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Rodrigo Avila

Introduction Letter

We are very happy to share with you some exciting news. First, Sheila gave birth to our new baby daughter, Susana, on Monday, March 11th.  She weighed 6 pounds and 5 ounces and measured 19 inches.   Mommy and Susana are doing very well.  Her brothers and I are all thrilled to welcome her to our family. Our second big announcement is that God willing, we will be returning to Chile this year to begin pastoral ministry starting a new church.

We have an intense burden for Chile.  According to the last census, sixty-seven percent of all Chileans consider themselves Roman Catholic. Only seventeen percent are Evangelicals. Twelve percent say they don’t belong to any religion.  We have decided to return because we know that in Chile, there are millions of people who have heard of Christ and the Bible, but who do not know the true biblical Gospel and have not been born again.  

Additionally, we have noticed that in Chile, there is a growing interest, especially among young people, to know biblical and historical doctrines.  We believe that this opening interest is both a sovereign and merciful work of God. In answer to our prayers, God is opening a door for us to return to Chile for ministry.

In response to the trends that we see in Chile, we desire to plant a church in Valparaíso, my hometown, in which I can preach regularly and serve as the pastor. We want to evangelize the lost so that they may turn to Jesus Christ and then disciple the believers so that they grow in his Word and become like Christ.

I am a member of Grace Community Church and a graduate of The Master’s Seminary. I have taught and led Bible study groups during the time I served in this church. Currently, I work at Grace to You as a sermon editor and Internet coordinator. The knowledge and experience I have gained in these organizations have been vital to my spiritual and personal development. I thank God for giving me the privilege of being part of these ministries. We desire to return to Chile to put into practice all that God has taught us through godly men and women who have influenced our lives for good during all this time.

It brings tremendous joy to me that Sheila, my beloved wife, is entirely supportive of this new stage of our lives.  She speaks Spanish fluently since she learned the language during her time as a missionary in Chile for six years. She knows the Chilean culture and has an excellent relationship with my family who will be welcoming us back to my hometown.  The transition for her from living in the US back to Chile will be easier for her than for someone who has not lived in another country.  Our two boys, Ian (10) and Evan (7) are very excited about our move to Chile. They are eager to learn Spanish more fluently and get to know the culture and the popular places in Valparaíso and the rest of the country.  They are also happy to know that they will now have a deeper and closer relationship with their grandparents, uncles, and cousins.

I have been researching the ministry potential and the reasons for us to return to Chile for quite awhile.  Interviewing current pastors around Valparaíso has led me to some important conclusions. There are over three hundred thousand inhabitants but only a few biblical churches. What the region needs is a church committed to biblical preaching and the training of future church planters.

God has opened a relationship with a mission organization that has been supporting National Pastors since 1956. White Fields Ministry has the same purpose and convictions that we share—we are committed to establishing strong, self-sustaining national churches whose pastors live among the people providing an example of a biblical Christian in the context of the local community. The President of White Fields is a graduate of The Master’s Seminary and was previously a staff pastor at Grace Community Church. With their encouragement and assistance, we believe that we will be able to establish a faithful church that will become a training ground for future Bible preaching pastors.

We are writing to you to share that we need your help. First, we need you to pray for us. Pray that God will provide everything necessary to reach the goals that we are certain He has placed in our hearts.  You can join our prayer team by adding your name to our list to receive emails and read our latest news reports.  You can also visit our information on the website: 

Secondly, we are seeking to raise financial support. You can make your donations through White Fields in the best way that works for you. You can donate from your credit card or from your checking account online at the webpage, or you can mail a check with the enclosed giving slip in the envelope provided. You can give a one-time gift or prayerfully join us with automatic monthly donations.

Donate Today

We would also appreciate if you would help us share the news of our ministry goals. Your church mission committee might be interested in allowing us to share our plans with them to consider supporting us, or maybe you have some mission minded friends that you could give our brochure.  We trust that God will provide all that is necessary through the generosity of His people. The Apostle Paul shared, “I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always offering prayer with joy in my every prayer for you all, in view of your participation in the gospel from the first day until now.” Philippians 1:3-5 [NASB]

We are approaching the “first day” of our new ministry in Chile. We hope you will join us as partners in this gospel ministry. 

In Christ,

Rodrigo, Sheila, Ian, Evan & Susana


Meet our Team that will serve in Japan during the VBS (vacation Bible School) week in August 2019.

Some people are available to visit one of our churches and use the gifts God has granted them to assist and advance the cause of Christ. These trips require preparation and planning. We have several possible trips that you may be interested in participating in during the year 2019.

You are responsible for raising your funds to cover the costs of the trip. We require your testimony of how you became a believer in Jesus in the application form. You will also need to provide a recommendation from your pastor or a church leader stating that they believe you would be an excellent resource for our team. Travel can be exhausting, so you need to prepare for the adventure. You will meet new friends and have experiences that will expand your knowledge and test your faith.

Even if you are not able to go, you can support one of our teams to reach their financial goals. You may designate your gift by putting the name of the team member and the country in the “note” section of your check out.

Support a Trip

Japan Trip in August

One of the trips will be to Japan, a beautiful country that needs help with evangelism. A great way you can help is to be an American English speaker during a week-long VBS class for the local children. It will be helpful if you have trained at your local church to work with children. This trip will be approximately ten days long beginning on July 26th and returning on August 5th.

If you are interested in supporting the Japan team with supplies for art & crafts, storytellings props and or outside activities, please feel free to contact the office and ask for Blanca or send an email to We have also added a donate button where you can donate directly – please add Japan VBS on the notes.

You will lead a VBS for children during the week.

Be prepared for fun and new food

You will visit beautiful places and have new experiences

Support a Trip

Uganda Trip in Late July

The second trip we are planning this year is to Uganda. You will be living among impoverished people and will experience first-hand the conditions of poverty. The flights to Africa can be as long as twenty-nine hours, so be prepared for long travel. The expected cost for the trip will be $2,600.

The visit to Africa will change your life forever. The people are wonderful and God is working in a mighty way among our churches. There will be some long van rides to reach the ministry sites, but once you are there the interaction with the people will be rich and rewarding. We visit homes and each member of the team is able to participate in sharing their testimony and bringing a small gift to bless the family.

Visiting homes in the remote regions

You will experience church in a whole new way

You will have the opportunity to meet many new people

You will bring relief to the needy;
you might even make a brick!

Support a Trip

Take the First Step

For both of these trips – you must have a passport.
The trip to Uganda also requires a visa for entry.
You are also required to have a Yellow Fever Vaccine for entrance to Uganda. We will help prepare you for the rest of the travel including the visa application and medical preparation assistance. The best way to get started is to contact our office and fill out the initial application.

We can answer any other questions you may have. Call (760) 846-8610 or email –