Remember The Poor

There is a close connection between the veracity of the gospel and a ministry to the poor.  The relationship in Scripture between genuine faith and ministry to the poor is remarkable.  Paul informs the church in Galatia that after the Apostles in Jerusalem had confirmed the genuineness of the gospel presented by Paul and Barnabas–The Apostles requested that they remember the poor [Gal. 2:10].  The idea was clear that if you are preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ don’t keep the message just to wealthy able-bodied people. Preach it to the poor as well.  Paul expressed in that epistle to the church in Galatia that he was very eager to remember the poor.  In Luke’s Gospel Jesus justified His ministry giving hope to John the Baptist by appealing to the observation of his ministry preaching the good news to the poor [Luke 7:22]. We are very eager to remember the poor when we spread the gospel too. [See the update at the bottom of the page–July 3rd]

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Snatched From Death

God is amazing the way he diverts the plans of man. He intervenes and changes the intended course so that the events fit his plan. Like water flowing along, eroding the soft soil, but when God wants, He drops a stone in the path and the water changes course around the stone.

This directing plan is what God did in the life of our newest church planter in Rukungiri. Pastor Bosco was on course for death—a plan put in motion by his stepbrother. God had other plans.
Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand.  [Proverbs 19:21, ESV] You can read his testimony on his prayer page.
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Churches Grow Through Prayer

Answers to prayers are vital to the successful start of a church. We won’t have any answers if we don’t bring our requests before the Lord. We have such a tremendous privilege to intercede for the pastors starting churches in their communities.  Here are some highlights of the current prayer reports. We have updated the praises and requests on the prayer pages for each pastor.  Thank you for your support in prayer.

Argentina, Pastor Matias:
We worked in four neighborhoods: Villa Palito, San Justo, Los Pinos, and Merlo. From Sunday through Thursday we spread out in these places and shared God’s word.

On Tuesday, we had the entire group gather in La Palito. This area, in particular, has been blessed by God because we have seen most of our fruit come from here over the last several years. There are two small group adult meetings, two youth meetings, and one children’s meeting. At least 30 people come to our church from this neighborhood. [Read more about the expanding ministry]

Your Donations Allow National Pastors to Minister Full-Time

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