Resolved In Belief Part 2

Director Steve Wheeler guest hosts the David Spoon Experience on KPRZ 1210AM in San Diego, CA. In this second hour of the radio show, Steve shares about Pastor Ruat in Myanmar and Pastor Amjed and the adversity they face pastoring in those difficult places. He also interviews Dr. Jay Grimstead author of the new book Rebuilding Civilization On The Bible.

Resolved In Belief Part 1

Director Steve Wheeler guest hosts the David Spoon Experience on KPRZ 1210AM in San Diego, CA. The background of recent events echoes in the news, stories of NFL players taking a knee, the rhetoric of whether it’s right or wrong is commentated from every side. What is a believers response to the events around us? Steve takes us on a journey of examining and understanding the issues in the news and what true bravery looks like.

Upcoming Events in Canada & USA

You’re Invited!

Wonderful things are happening at White Fields, and we want to share them with you! In September, October, and November we will be hosting events in Lethbridge, Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna, Sacramento, and Woodland. Come and hear updated reports from Director Steve Wheeler, and view videos from recent trips to the mission field. Since you are a partner with White Fields supporting national pastors abroad, we hope you will invite friends and family members to see what the Lord has accomplished this year and how the Gospel message is going forth. [Read more…]

Step by Step

Our ministries around the world are making progress every day.  The national pastors we support apply hard work, faithful obedience, and diligent perseverance in their ministries. When combined with the prayers of our partners, then by the grace of God, people come to faith in Jesus Christ. Each step in the process builds upon the last step until total transformation takes place. Villages are turned upside down and people walk in a newness of life. [Read more…]

Real Hope Flickers

The smile of a destitute woman, unable to feed her small children, captures the emotion of hope breaking through the despair when servants of the Lord arrive with food.

A smile breaks through when this woman was told that help is on its way.

Total desperation is rarely felt in our daily lives here in North America. Even when one region of our community is hit with a fire or terrible storm, somewhere else nearby has supplies and is readily available to provide relief. Not so in Africa. Especially not among the poorest of the poor and outcast people of the rural villages.

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Independence Day Radio Part 2

Director Steve Wheeler guest hosts the David Spoon Experience on KPRZ this Independence Day week. On this second radio hour, Steve invites Trevor from Connect Africa into the studio discussing the Gospel, challenges, and solutions to local issues in Uganda. Listen and share!

Independence Day Radio Part 1

Director Steve Wheeler guest hosts the David Spoon Experience on KPRZ this Independence Day week. On this first radio hour, Steve discusses a Christians faith in the workplace as well as real estate with Sam Rasoul. Listen in!

Remember The Poor

There is a close connection between the veracity of the gospel and a ministry to the poor.  The relationship in Scripture between genuine faith and ministry to the poor is remarkable.  Paul informs the church in Galatia that after the Apostles in Jerusalem had confirmed the genuineness of the gospel presented by Paul and Barnabas–The Apostles requested that they remember the poor [Gal. 2:10].  The idea was clear that if you are preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ don’t keep the message just to wealthy able-bodied people. Preach it to the poor as well.  Paul expressed in that epistle to the church in Galatia that he was very eager to remember the poor.  In Luke’s Gospel Jesus justified His ministry giving hope to John the Baptist by appealing to the observation of his ministry preaching the good news to the poor [Luke 7:22]. We are very eager to remember the poor when we spread the gospel too. [See the update at the bottom of the page–July 3rd]

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David Spoon Radio Episode

On the air from KPRZ, David and Steve provide an update on new projects in Uganda. Steve shares how the microenterprise initiatives in Uganda are bringing about transformation within the village of Katobo. Included are stories of hope, witty banter, and foundational partnerships.

Emergency Relief

The destroyed homes of Daw Tun Buai, U Kyaw Po, and U Jonah in Chaung Wa Village.

We received these photos from Pastor David Joy, serving in Paletwa, Myanmar on June 13. On May 30 and 31, Cyclone Mora destroyed 9 houses in Paletwa township where Pastor David and Pastor Jacob are serving by the support of White Fields. Cyclone Mora delivered widespread damage and destroyed the houses of eight church members and one pastor. The affected church members are staying in tents, with utensils and household items in short supply. Pray fervently and consider donating so they can kickstart rebuilding their homes.

Please pray for them.

Online Donation is in US Dollars


Hundreds of thousands displaced as Cyclone Mora causes destruction across Myanmar.

Our Field Director, Pastor Thawng, will be gathering supplies from his own church and the network of White Fields churches in Myanmar. You can also help is provide reconstruction and relief support.
They need about $2,000.00 for re-construction by bamboo and wood. We will be sending relief. You can help these brothers and sister recover. pastor Thawng will oversee this project and get the funds into the hands of our pastors in Paletwa

You can donate by phone:
Call (760) 846-8610 to donate