Cross the Bridge

We proclaim the gospel everywhere we go. That is our highest priority in ministry. Since the very beginning of the church, the Apostles gave us the example to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to everyone we meet.

We proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man complete in Christ

Colossians 1:28

With the need to proclaim Christ always on our mind, this bridge has become a symbol that the people living on the other side need the gospel. They are living in the fringes of society cut off from frequent access to other people. We have now started a new church, just a short walk from the bridge.

The first step in our process to reach into the more remote villages was to establish a church near the trading center closest to the entrance into this area. We began during the year 2017 when a drought caused severe famine in the region. People were starving to death, and through the Poverty Solutions Ministry we teamed up with the members of our already established churches in Rukungiri to bring relief. Alongside the relief ministry, our team members preached the gospel, and people began to come to faith in Kikarara.

The remote village is a two-hour drive from our central area of ministry. To support our pastor in this new outreach, we built a house so Bryan and Elizabeth would have a secure place to live. Shortly after we began, Able and Brighton joined the team and came to support the ministry. This house was built as a duplex, so both families have a place to live. We also discovered that the people of the village were greatly encouraged by having a permanent house for the pastors. They told us, “This shows that the church will remain.” They were fearful that the young pastors would abandon the church, and these people were receiving much persecution for leaving their former religious practices and joining the Evangelical Church.

Transportation is a major issue in this area. The walk between Kikarara and the new church plant in Garuka is two hours. Pastor Able began making that walk every day so he could make home visits among the new believers. Thankfully, one of our partners saw that need and provided the funds to purchase a motorbike. Both pastors here have motorbikes so they can travel to Rukungiri on Mondays and meet with our entire team for encouragement and discipleship.

Pastor Bryan and his wife Elizabeth are serving in Kikarara. Now Pastor Able and his wife Brighton are serving in Garuka, a church near the bridge. Through your prayers and support, you can join them in the ministry of the gospel.

I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always offering prayer with joy in my every prayer for you all, in view of your participation in the gospel from the first day until now.

Philippians 1:5

We recently hosted an evangelistic outreach campaign on the new property purchased in Garuka. After a day of home visits, we gathered together and preached the gospel to several hundred people. Seven men and one woman came forward to repent of their sin and receive Jesus. Pastor Able will follow up and teach these new believers the Bible.

Pastor Bryan and Pastor Able are not alone. The team of all our pastors and church leaders supports them to reach this desolate place with the gospel.
Join them in the proclamation. God intended us to support the ministry of proclaiming the gospel with our prayers and support.